Derrick’s Full Integra Make-Over: Part 2

Let’s take a small intermission from the illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine posts and take a detour over to Derrick’s progress…

I’m happy to report that Derrick’s car is coming along extremely nicely. When I had swung by, I wanted to see how he was doing and if he needed a hand. The car had just got back from the paint booth a few days ago and he’s been waiting on letting it cure before getting down and dirty to wetsand. Generally, the longer you wait to let it harden, the less headache you’ll run into because you don’t want it to start messing up halfway into sanding.

The car has come a long way and the long and grueling task of wet sanding is just about complete. Anybody who says that painting and body work is quick and easy is a liar. It’s not difficult by any means, but it’s time consuming and tedious. Lots of sanding then wiping then checking your work and repeat. You gotta make sure that you’re taking away enough of the orange peel to make it smooth like glass but you also want to make sure you aren’t going so far so that you end up burning through the clearcoat – which would be a bad, bad thing.

Derrick did an excellent job laying down the paint and clearcoat for his first time and after a few passes of wet sanding, you start to see the beautiful paint underneath… Lots of detail pics below!

For those that are lazy – here’s the first post I made when I stopped by and he was just priming the car.

Derrick’s Full Integra Make-Over

As I arrived, Derrick was just getting ready to get started. It looks great from afar…

The bumpers and sideskirts. The plastics are right below.

You can see the CCW mocked up to see what it would look like.

However, upon closer inspection – you’ll see a lot of surface imperfections.

This is the hood. The only way to describe it – as per Derrick – is that it feels like pavement and it really did. It isn’t dust or anything – it’s just because he laid a bunch of clear down to be safe. The hood was by far the worst victim of this “rough” feeling.

Another shot of the hood. When I first saw it I was a bit scared for Derrick to be honest. I personally was extremely anxious to help him out with the wet sanding process because I’m a stickler for the way my paint looks too. Minor imperfections in paint bug the shit out of me. I have some clear coat missing on the LS bumper and door and I have to bite my tongue every time I see it – I should really get it fixed… But I digress…

Here’s a shot of the door and part of the rear quarter. It’s not as bad as the hood in the least bit, but it does require a fair bit of work.

Another lower angle.

A little further back on the rear quarter panel.

Here’s the edge of the front of the hood. No part of the hood was spared for the pavement feel, so we made sure each and every inch was taken care of and looked at.

Random shot of his brakes.

Shot of the LS out in the sun. I love it when it’s clean…

Derrick working on the hood.

Here’s a shot of the first pass of 1000 grit on one of the fenders. A lot better, but still a bit of orange peel to address.

One half of the hood after going over it with 1000 grit followed by 2000 grit for a good 45 minutes.

After wiping it up, you can still see the dotty pattern in the clear that needs to be sanding over again. This is what I mean by sanding, wiping, checking and repeating.


A shot of the hood after polishing it to get a better feel of how much more work needs to be done.

Here’s a shot with the light reflecting off of the hood. As you can see, this is a HUGE improvement from the first few shots. At this point, we started getting super excited with how it was starting to turn out. The hood was the worst and now it was just like glass. There is a little bit of orange peel left but that is something that we’ll have to tackle as we move forward.

Derrick working on the door.

Derrick got a shot of my dark and burned ass working on the other side.

A shot of the rear quarter. Another important part of a car for me is the rear quarter since a lot of the reflections bounce off of the rear quarters. Made sure to spend extra time on there to make sure it turned out perfect.

Moving on to the hatch…

The hatch also ended up turning out very nice.

You can see the edge of the hatch – it shines right through.

Shot of the rear quarter and door. A lot of that rough texture is now out and all that we have to focus on is getting rid of the orange peel that’s left and smooth everything out.

Shot of the back edge of the rear quarter.

A few of the many sand paper sheets we went through.

The sun started to come through and finally started to hit the hood on the inside of the garage. Derrick’s paint selection is definitely something you have to see in person – pictures do no justice. The gold flake just sparkles in the sun. Makes me even more excited to see the whole car out and finished.

Diana stopped by a little later and helped out a bit too.

Here’s an upclose shot of the hood. This is my favourite shot because this is as close as I can get to capturing the awesome colour. As Derrick said: “It’s like Rihanna says… It shine’s bright like a diamond”. hahahahaha

Derrick finally working on the bumpers while Diana and I worked on polishing the rest of the body.

I did another pass after polishing and marked spots that needed more sanding. I told Derrick that at this point, I refuse to let this car go out until we get the paint as perfect as we can get it.

Some on the other side.

And I’ll end it here. Soon enough, Derrick’s car will be out on the road and looking super fresh. I’m stoked for him to finally get this thing down and driving around again after all the long hours and sleepless nights. I’m glad that I was able to help put some time into helping complete this car. It’ll be one of the nicest in Calgary for sure!

I’ll get more updates soon!

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