Diana’s Baby Shower!

The day has finally come and gone! It’s like we were waiting for this for so long and our first baby shower has flashed by. We had to split it up into three different parties because we didn’t have enough room in one house for friends and all our families and we didn’t want to rent a hall either. It’s nice to get together in smaller groups so we can spend time talking to everyone.

My sister, Julee has been spending a TON of time working and planning these baby showers over the last few months. She went to Europe for three weeks and got back 3 days before this first party and immediately got to work. Thank you a million times for putting this together for us – it couldn’t have gone any better!

Anyway – I took as many pics I could throughout the day… Thought I’d post it up and share with everyone. Almost 7 weeks to go! Time sure flies!

IMG_8027 copy

Some pics of the decorations Julee put together…

IMG_8029 copy

Julee and Thy painstakingly cut every shirt out and taped them to  string so perfectly. I definitely wouldn’t have had the patience to do this…

IMG_8030 copy

They even cut out napkins and tied cutlery into each one perfectly.

IMG_8032 copy

To the side was a treat and gift table with tons of cool stuff.

IMG_8033 copy

Some mini cupcakes from Pretty Sweet Co – she made the same cupcakes for us during the gender reveal. Three flavours this time – red velvet, coconut and marble. Delicious and highly recommended if you ever need some sweets!

IMG_8034 copy

Everyone had the option of choosing a take-away. Either a box of candies or some cool seedlings of several different types of purple flowers Julee put together.

IMG_8035 copy

The boxes

IMG_8036 copy

And all the flower seedlings

IMG_8038 copy

IMG_8040 copy

IMG_8041 copy

IMG_8042 copy

Rice Krispy Donuts!

IMG_8043 copy

Diana baked her infamous chocolate chip cookies and chocolatey brownies.

IMG_8046 copy

Awesome banners put together by Julee.

IMG_8048 copy

At the front of the house, some extra things set up…

IMG_8049 copy

Everyone could choose to sign their name on a wooden heart to drop within a 3D box or write some advice on a piece of paper to hang on a ring.

IMG_8051 copy

IMG_8050 copy

IMG_8052 copy

One of the games of the day was to have 3 pins once you came in. Every time someone caught another saying the word “baby”, they took their pin. The winner was the one who collected the most pins at the end of the party.

IMG_8055 copy

Kris putting some decorations up

IMG_8056 copy

Julee putting the finishing touches on

IMG_8059 copy

Setting up the infamous poop smelling game… With chocolate of course:)

IMG_8061 copy

Berry Punch and Peach juice.

IMG_8062 copy

Smushing the chocolate in there good…

IMG_8070 copy

LOL nasty…

IMG_8073 copy

The gang chillin

IMG_8075 copy

The gifts and treats!

IMG_8076 copy

IMG_8078 copy

We headed outside to start some games. Luckily for us, the weather held out for us and we actually got some blue skies and a little bit of sunshine. It was perfect to play on the new lawn too!

IMG_8084 copy

Diana playing with Emily. She’s still wondering who this lady is… LOL

IMG_8085 copy

Everyone getting into position for the first game…

IMG_8086 copy

Emily and Diana watching from up top

IMG_8087 copy

3 teams go head to head…

IMG_8089 copy

The point of the game was to put a balloon in your shirt as if you were pregnant, place a quarter in-between your knees, walk across the yard and drop the quarter into the container as quick as you can. Run back and let the next person go!

IMG_8090 copy

Starting off slow…

IMG_8092 copy

Aldo got right into it, hopped the whole way there and popped his belly at the same time

IMG_8094 copy

Soon, everyone caught on and used the hopping method. Team 2 lost some time because their quarter dropped somewhere…

IMG_8097 copy

Back at it… Punit taking it easy

IMG_8098 copy

The rest of the team looking on anxiously…

IMG_8106 copy

Unfortunately team 3 was the last to go… Gopesh taking the walk of shame for the team… He also unfortunately missed the container too LOL

IMG_8109 copy

Next game! Each team has 1  minute to create the best diaper they could with toilet paper.

IMG_8111 copy

Everyone rushing to make diapers.

IMG_8112 copy

Not sure what was going on with JC but we’ll see…

IMG_8113 copy

Aldo getting something…

IMG_8114 copy

It looked like they were trying to create some sort of shorts for JC rather than a diaper…

IMG_8115 copy

Aldo still somewhere in between a diaper and a dress.

IMG_8116 copy

Chloe getting a pretty good looking diaper of the three teams…

IMG_8118 copy

Next person was up and Gopesh seemed to want a Sumo-type crotch band-aid…

IMG_8119 copy

Aldo having some sort of bungee harness-looking diaper LOL

IMG_8122 copy

They finally moved onto the next person…

IMG_8124 copy

Here is the comparison of the teams…

IMG_8125 copy

Aldo was pretty damn proud showing off his diaper

IMG_8126 copy

Gopesh and Chloe ended up redeeming themselves with near perfect diapers – possibly even functional!

IMG_8127 copy

The behind also showed attention to detail… Although Chloe may have some leakage LOL

IMG_8128 copy

Cleaning up…

IMG_8129 copy

Meanwhile, Emily chillin in her outdoor highchair minding her own business.

IMG_8133 copy

Next game – diaper smelling! Punit somehow trying to guess the smell on the outside of the diaper. Nat is trying hard not to call him out on it…

IMG_8134 copy

Oh, Punit seemed to realize he needed to open the diaper LOL

IMG_8137 copy

Emily doesn’t care – she’s just relaxing

IMG_8140 copy

While the gang was smelling poopy diapers, Diana and Julee were up top measuring out the guesses everyone had of the circumference of Diana’s belly. I hung all the losers out for shaming…

IMG_8141 copy

The winner ended up being Chelsea! It was actually PERFECT to the millimeter. Crazy.

IMG_8144 copy

Checking the answers…

IMG_8146 copy

Still analyzing the poop

IMG_8148 copy

Gift opening! I won’t caption it all… but I will say that it’s weird to see myself on the other side of the lens lol. Thanks to JT for taking pictures while we opened gifts!

IMG_8149 copy

IMG_8151 copy

IMG_8153 copy

IMG_8156 copy

IMG_8161 copy

IMG_8167 copy

IMG_8168 copy

IMG_8170 copy

IMG_8182 copy

IMG_8198 copy

IMG_8205 copy

Chelsea knitted this awesome blanket for us over the last two months in Diana’s favourite colour. It took her almost 50 hours to complete this for us – amazing.

IMG_8212 copy

IMG_8241 copy

JC’s awesome tri-story wrapping. It was almost too nice to open!

IMG_8243 copy

IMG_8178 copy

IMG_8257 copy

And a final pic of the haul… We spent the next few hours after everyone left just unpacking things and putting it all away. All awesome additions for baby! Thank you again to everyone for coming and spending the afternoon with us and spoiling baby! She will love all the gifts! Love you all!

Happy Canada Day!

Man, it feels like I haven’t been on here forever… And I really haven’t! I apologize in every post for not posting, but I seriously never have time lately. Adulting is hard and I have no motivation to shoot anything lately. I need something amazing to spark that flame of inspiration in me again and I just haven’t seen or found it yet.

It’s been a while since Diana and I have hung with the guys so we decided to make some time today to go have some lunch and ice cream in Cochrane. It’s Canada Day today so it’s a nice break from work and the usual weekend errands that otherwise take up time before another week of work starts up.

I decided to bring my camera along to take some pics – nothing fancy – but something to get some car stuff back here.

IMG_7949 copy

I never really posted it, but we bought a new car a few weeks ago and picked it up last week! Can anyone guess what it is?

IMG_7950 copy

Maybe this will be helpful?

IMG_7964 copy

A 2017 Rav4 Hybrid! I’m actually so stoked over this car, it’s a little ridiculous. It’s the first time that Toyota has introduced the Hybrid technology in the Rav4, but Toyota is no newcomer to the Hybrid game. It’s just fun to drive for some reason and I didn’t think I’d be stoked over an SUV, but this is new and exciting to me. The mileage is amazing… We’ve driven everywhere in this thing and have racked up 450km on it and still have about 300km to go. Too rad.

IMG_7951 copy

While sitting inside the garage, I admired the FRS from afar.

IMG_7954 copy

And the neglected one now… The Corolla still does the job but it’ll likely be my winter car now.

IMG_7960 copy


IMG_7969 copy

IMG_7971 copy

Everyone showed up shortly and Gopesh introduced us to his new buddy – Shogun – an American Bulldog. 4 months old – too cool.

IMG_7975 copy

Back to back with Punit’s GS450h. So shiny.

IMG_7976 copy

We arrived in Cochrane about 25 minutes later. We took the scenic route but didn’t get a chance to stop anywhere for pictures.

IMG_7978 copy

IMG_7980 copy

They look too good!

IMG_7982 copy

IMG_7988 copy

IMG_7990 copy

IMG_7992 copy

IMG_7995 copy

IMG_7997 copy

Some shots on the way up back to Calgary.

IMG_8000 copy

IMG_8001 copy

IMG_8003 copy

Shogun being shy and not wanting to come out…

IMG_8007 copy

IMG_8008 copy

IMG_8009 copy

IMG_8010 copy

IMG_8012 copy

Nice view, nice weather. Thankfully it didn’t rain!

IMG_8013 copy

Ending it here with Shogun! Thank you to everyone still sticking around! Hopefully I have time to do more car stuff soon!

27 Week Maternity Photoshoot… More Practice!

I almost forgot I had this as a draft! Last weekend we went out to do another test photoshoot and I think it turned out better than the last time. I realized that it was my shitty polarizer that was causing focusing issues and it resulted in a bunch of blurry pictures.

Yesterday, Diana officially hit the 3rd trimester mark – we are on the home stretch now! I’m hoping (for Diana’s sake) that the 3rd trimester isn’t as bad as everyone says it is. I know the first one was rough with the sickness and nausea, but the second one has been a breeze so far and I hope that carries over until the end!

Anyway, we took a drive around Airdrie and found some surprisingly close and awesome spots to shoot. Who would’ve known!

IMG_7701 copy

Nice skies that weekend and less wind. The last time it, was gloomy and windy.

IMG_7700 copy

IMG_7732 copy

IMG_7735 copy

IMG_7840 copy

IMG_7737 copy

One of my favourite shots. The sky looked great

IMG_7749 copy

I liked this shot with the reflection in the water.

IMG_7851 copy

Untitled_Panorama1 copy

And once again, my attempt at the Brenizer method again. I think it looks better than last time, but I think my mistake is that I’m shooting too wide and not tall enough. It results in a horizontally long picture. I would prefer a more square photo, but now I know for next time.

Untitled_Panorama2 copy

Another one I thought was cool because of the scenery. Not as much depth of field in this one, but still cool nonetheless.

I also apologize for the lack of car content I’ve had lately. I know I was big on cars the last few years but it seems my priorities have naturally shifted elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I still love cars – I just devote less time to it now. Being an adult is hard.

Sunday Funday: Guns, ‘Murica, and Turbo Diesels

Decided I’d throw up a few pics from this weekend where I channeled my inner Call of Duty side and a bit of whatever kind of nature-type personality I had in me. My neighbour has been asking if I wanted to shoot guns with him for a while but I was also too busy to come. I finally had the day yesterday to go out and do some shootin!

I really wish I had brought my camera for better pics, but I didn’t wanna look like a loser lugging my camera around while we were shooting guns LOL… So you’ll have to just enjoy iPhone pics. Nothing too special, I just thought it was cool to be able to do something like this outside of a shooting range…

On the way out… He has a sick lifted turbo Cummins Diesel.  We headed out about 1 hour out of Airdrie.

When we finally got up to the spot, it was up a small hill and out of the way of anyone that might be hanging out. Beautiful view.

A better shot of his truck. I like.

2 of his 7 guns he brought out yesterday. He had 2 shot guns and 5 rifles. The rifle on the right – (the SKS – the only one I remember the name of LOL) was my favourite.

Bullets and more guns.

My first few shots about 100 ft away. Decent…

With some more practice, I started to get the feel of the guns and how to aim down the iron sights. It’s not as hard as it sounds, but it’s not as easy as it looks either… I guess Call of Duty does not count as supplemental training for real life…

The set up for the day.

An update on the targets after a few more shots and different guns. The big hole you see was from one of the shotguns with a slug and it just went straight through the target and tree behind it. I was able to get a few bulls-eyes through the scope about 150 ft away… No American Sniper magic, but decent enough for my first time.

We laid out in his truck bed to do some shooting. The heat yesterday was crazy…

Another of the many rifles… This one had the most kick to it since the bullets were pretty big with metal jackets.

It got a little too hot so we camped under the truck with plenty of room and lots of shade. The 10 minutes I spent under that truck was the one of many firsts for me… One, to be staring down the sights at targets about 200 ft away and holding my breath to keep the movement minimal; two, my elbows anchored in the ground into rocks and dirt trying to maintain stable; and three, big ass bees buzzing around my head literally inches away and not being able to flinch. If anyone knows me, they know I’ll run from bees if I even hear them, let alone get close to me. LOL

Another shot of Max’s truck. Love this thing.

Another target that we shot a bunch of shit into. All the smaller pellets are from the other shotgun. Imagine being hit with all of those… Jesus.

And one quick video of some of the shooting! Fun times!!

Project Backyard: COMPLETED

Backyard update!!!

Well, you might have remembered from a few weeks ago when my backyard looked like the dumping grounds for the rest of the community below…

IMG_6406 copy

It was sad, barren, dry and lonely. Nothing but beige and brown and the hints of green weed accents that nobody wants to ever see. It was like this for the last 2 1/2 years before we finally got around to putting something together. Like I mentioned in my previous post for my backyard – I just didn’t have the time nor the idea to start anything and I hate to start something without a vision.

IMG_6455 copy

Shortly after, we made huge progress. The pergola was up, I still had about 200 lbs or more of rocks, weeds, and other debris that needed to go as you can see…

Well, fast forward to a few weeks and it’s finally complete! Yard work is a no joke – it looks easy – I mean, dig 4 holes, put the posts in, drill some other boards together and voila! Negative… It is back breaking, it is sweat-inducing and it is tiresome, but it’s all worth it in the end.

IMG_7501[1] copy

Here is the finished product… Well like 99%. The last 1% is waiting for the grass seams to grow in and for it to root properly into the ground and turn green!

Laying the 1650 sq ft of grass was no easy feat either. The task itself is simple, but doing the work is brutal. Getting the grass, hauling it off the truck, bringing it 70 ft to the backyard, then rolling it out. Repeat.

I want to spend a few minutes just giving a huge thanks to Punit for spending his weekends and every ounce of physical strength he had in helping me put the pergola together, and laying the grass. There was no way in hell I could have finished any of this without the help of Punit. From using a two-man auger for the first time, to carrying roll after roll of sod to the back while he was sick – he never once complained and we kept chugging along. Thanks to Gopesh for lending another helping hand and for helping to carry a total of over 6000 lbs of sod in his truck to the house and for working like it’s also your damn yard. Thanks to JC for coming and completing all the small details and helping us get the little things that seem like they don’t matter – but actually play a big part in the big picture…

Anyway, I just want to share a few pics of how it all looks… It’s almost time to reap the benefits once the grass settles in!

IMG_7510[1] copy

The awesome pergola – we also decided to put up a hammock on one side for more relaxation space…

IMG_7511[1] copy

A shot of pergola set up. I’m thinking of one more swinging hammock… but this will do for now.

IMG_7493[1] copy

One of our favourite additions were these solar LED mini lanterns. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to source these the way I wanted them. I literally only wanted white lantern balls made of weatherproof nylon, a solar panel, and LED bulbs – is that too much to ask?! I guess so because after searching every corner of the internet, the one place that had it was IKEA surprisingly. The bulbs themselves were literally almost sold out at the store and the lanterns were back ordered so we waited about 3 weeks for them. After about a month – we got them up and they look awesome.

IMG_7509[1] copy

One last shot of the yard. We added stepping stones from the house to the pergola with some LED solar lights to illuminate the path. Near the back, we have a mini 7 gallon pink spire tree that eventually grows to an awesome looking cherry blossom tree with some red and silver shrubs in the other corner.

All in all – lots of sweat went into this and it all came together with the help of friends and family. FINALLY!!!