illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 2

Continuing on with Sunday School coverage part 2! Nice and early for you guys to get your fix. Still a long way to go!

No chit chat this time…

Kevin Chow’s super clean STI hatch on Meister S1R’s. Loved the look of this.

The guys from Edmonton joined us and as always, Daniel’s Del Sol looking nice and clean.

Clean RSX

A very nice Camaro. Love the look the owner went with this – Nice and low with a great wheel choice.

Jules from Edmonton also came down in her clean Ford Focus on Rotiforms.

Clean Jetta on Ricky’s old CCW’s. Still in good condition!

Zach’s Volvosaur also in the Edmonton crew

Loved these wheels. Not sure what they are though but they were clean and shiny as f.

Moved over to this Evo X because as you can see – the owner was all up in his hood for the longest time. Anyway – I’m not even sure if this is Dicken’s Evo or not? It looks like every single mod is the same as Dicken’s but there’s no cage?

Finally got a half assed shot of the AE86 and it was fairly clean. I just wish I got a better shot… But every time I came around (which was probably 4 times throughout the day), the owner was either standing there, sitting inside his car, sitting on the door sill or just doing something preventing a good shot. I’m not sure why that was needed or maybe I just had bad timing, but that was annoying not being able to get a shot.

Kind of a confused looking STI. The paint was in good condition, given it is Subaru paint… but the fluorescent wheels were a bit much but the zip ties were kind of too “drift-style” and the wording on the tires were just kind of written on and kind of missed the mark if he was going for the RAUH-WELT/IDLERS look…

Daniel’s super clean BMW M3 in a “street’ mode. No big wing this time. The red just shimmers.

Steph’s GS on Meister S1r’s

Jimmy’s LS430 sitting nice and low.

Another clean LS430. All black everything.

Derek Karl’s very clean and freshly painted Celsior with a very rare widebody.

My LS looking as clean as it’s ever looked since Driven. Prior to this, I hadn’t washed it for maybe 4 weeks? Brutal… But man I love when it looks deep and wet like that. (That’s what she said)

JC’s CT. But it’s always clean compared to mine… So this is nothing new to me. I wish I had a car wash I could access everyday…

Punit’s GS also looking super clean. Look at that paint color!

Ryan’s EP3 still immaculate. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this thing dirty.

Corey’s new S2000 on new shoes – black TE37’s.

Rich’s WRX with all the mods all done for this year. You can see his headlights just refinished with red.

I’ll end this part with Prashant’s C63 AMG. More to come soon!

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