Redline Sorority – 3rd Annual Sorority Row Car Show

This past Sunday was Redline Sorority’s 3rd “Sorority Row” car show at the Max Bell Arena and it was a gahdamn scorcher. Not complaining (maybe a little) because when it’s winter, I hate it even more, but it’s always a good time to hang out with some cool cars and good people. This was my first time entering the show, and I went to spectate last year when it was at Hyatt Infiniti and the amount of cars probably about doubled what it was – so it’s nice to see it growing so quickly. The Redline girls have been making a bit of a different splash in the car world over here – not a bad one, but a welcomed one. Car groups have been largely male dominated, driven, and led by groups of well… Males. Once in a while you would see a female enthusiast trying to break through that glass ceiling but would often fall short. Not because the males didn’t let them or the females didn’t try hard enough. It’s like trying to make your voice heard in a crowd that has megaphones while you stand there without one – some people around you might hear you and acknowledge you, but the majority of the crowd likely won’t notice you. Again, not because they don’t want to, just simply because they can’t hear you.

Over the years, the Redline girls have really toughed it out and stuck through a lot of what I mentioned above and eventually they really started gaining some positive traction. They put on little meets and invited other female enthusiasts to come out to build that comradery, or sorority, in this case. And over time, we started to see more ladies bringing their cars and their projects to these once male-dominated meets and shows where they have made that aforementioned “splash” in an ocean where it’s really tough to stand out. This ocean has become so saturated with car groups and teams and brands and shops that it’s really hard to individualize oneself so uniquely that people want to be a part of your image. Not that anything is wrong with any of the above because it’s easier to get noticed as a group versus an individual – I get it. The one thing that the Redline girls have that many other groups don’t is some really focused and like-minded individuals. They bring a strong sense of pride with them and their cars and it shows through their social media, their products, and of course, their shows. It’s not easy putting on a show – it takes planning, teamwork, the understanding of the logistical pieces of putting one up from the time of registration to packing it all up at the end of the day. There are so many moving pieces and it is largely underestimated.

I’m going to be the one to say it here – because it’s the elephant in the room when we’re talking about it – but a large part of the car scene comes from how you build your car. I know, I know – there are memes about spending $30k on a car just for the clout or to stand beside it for 2 hours at a meet. But that $30k (or whatever it is) and how it’s used goes a long way if you want to really want to “hang with the big boys” or however you want to think about it. The Redline girls have very well-built cars and since we’re already on this topic – they’re better than a lot of cars some guys build. It shouldn’t be a topic of males vs females (I’m better than that, believe me) but had the Redline girls all owned base Civics and Altimas with some FAST wheels and Hello Kitty neck pillows (HARD stereotyping here for the sake of the example lol) – I’m not so sure that splash would have been made, know what I’m sayin’? Before anyone gets mad at me, the point is not that there’s anything wrong with the above (again), the point is that these girls have built quality cars with attention to detail in things that have earned the respect of others in the community. That’s what it comes down to. That’s what it’s always come down to – whether you’re a guy or a girl.

Anyway… The Redline girls have come a long way in really making these waves in the community that have never been made before and I’m here for it. When illmotion was first started in 2010, I remember the excitement and the passion that flowed through my veins. I remember the thrill of it all and I think that’s something that should be shared by everyone. So when these girls come in and are looking to make the same moves we did over a decade ago, it reignites the passion and excitement. Rich and JC know – there’s a fatigue that just comes after doing it for so long but when you see that same drive in another group that you once had, it makes you happy because you always wondered what’s going to happen next or what the next big thing is. Maybe Redline Sorority is the next big thing…

I blabber too much sometimes, so let’s just get on with it. About 130ish pics in this post. Usual disclaimer – I try to capture every car. If you don’t see it, well once again – people were in the way, you were chillin with your lawn chair right out front and I get performance anxiety, or you came or left after I was done the section. If it’s not here, I don’t have any other pictures. It was also duck buttery hot so I apologize as these were not my best photos… I was melting. LOL

PS- not too much jabber below. I just wanted to get the post up for you guys to see, as I’m sure that’s all you care about as well.

PPS – don’t @ me with the he, him, they, she, her, female, male shit. Not about to have that convo when this is just about cool cars LOL

Rich doing this thing all day. Props to this man for standing here playing music all day. Thanks for also playing Clarity and BTS.

Rich and his new wheels – just in time for the show. Looks real good now.

Had to turn the shadows up real high to get my wheels to show a little bit hahaha

JC on his new TE37 Sagas in mag blue. Dark wheels on white is a problem. lol

The Evo on the right there was pretty slick. Wrapped in almost pale army green with Voltex aero and some Infamous canards and a splitter.

Nicely built engine as well to boot

These two GTI’s were rad.

Something for everyone at the show.

Not much of a stranger anymore to our local shows but also a sight to see…

Vert S13

Xavier’s MercS220 bagged on OZ wheels

Jay’s bagged Jetta

Jon’s G37 looking great as usual. Just realized it’s wrapped – never noticed until yesterday. Super clean job!

Carley’s Tiguan – no longer on the light pink wheels sadly as I thought it was always a perfect fit. They’ve moved onto a new home on Alyssa’s RS5 and they look fantastic on there too.

Danny’s TT bagged on BBS’s looking clean as usual

Zak’s Acura Vigor on trispoke wheels

I understand this Genesis underwent quite the transformation weeks and/or days/hours leading up to the show and finishing in the wee hours of that same morning. Repainted, wetsanded and polished. Turned out great.

Toyota Crown – TONS of these at the show yesterday it was unbelievable. Didn’t know there were so many. Many of them were still fairly stock – understandably – probably harder to get some parts maybe? That’s the only thing holding me back on getting one too lol.

Chris’s wild F-450.

Still loving the details around this with the blossoms.

Brooke’s bagged Q60 looking mean.

Chris’s bagged RS6 wagon.

Alyssa’s bagged RS5. It debuted at Driven with the new purple wrap and pink wheels (from Carley’s Tiguan). Great combo.

Justine’s highlighter FRS. Glad to see she got her barrels cleaned even after getting her nails did.

The many raffle prizes that were available from their sponsors.

And the awards.

Yolanda’s Focus ST

Mel’s Fiesta ST. Engine in and all running now.

Maggie’s Golf R on RE30’s

This was a super clean FRS with RB flares. Love the headlights too. 🙂

This S15 went on to win the best JDM.

Bill’s S15 looking glossy.

Sue’s Focus hatch

My oh my did this one pop. The red…

The super clean wheels/barrels. Everyone knows the pain of owning white wheels. Bill pointed out that he even had the wheel weights painted white to match. That’s how you do it.

Mannnn… It’s like Preludes have gone extinct. Don’t remember the last time I’ve seen one with a Greddy lip. OG.

This BRZ went on to win Hyatt Infiniti’s choice award. Wrapped in a millenium jade with pale pink blossom wheels. I saw this in Edmonton last – I love this color combo.

Chrysler 300 with a massive reverse hoodscoop… I forgot to check if it was functional though…

Another Crown in Orange. SOMEONE PLEASE BAG ONE.

Jon’s Mini Countryman S – been a minute since I’ve seen this thing out!

ANOTHER Crown. This one more modded than the others.

Stageadaddy’s Nissan Stagea

Raf’s bagged STI

Roel’s Varis Type R. Can’t get a good picture with everything open bruh lol

Jon’s EK hatch looking real clean. Saw him putting in some late work on Instagram to get this thing together for the show.

Lots of polished and revitalized pieces he brought back from the dead here.

Clean LS400 – this thing is super mintyyy

Baby blue RC-F

Jeff’s S15 Spec R

Kelvin’s Varis FRS in the Tunerdecals booth, of course.

Gerald’s widebody WRX

Gelo’s Civic Si

Another shot of it with the wheels

And an upclose of the honeycomb carbon in white/silver. Pretty cool

Gem’s WRX – also taking home an award yesterday.

TIL this was called a Blit. I literally had no idea hahaha

Thanks JC

This thing was pretty unique. Corolla XRS which was boosted. Not sure how much power this was putting down, but super cool to see.

Up close of the engine…

A rear quarter shot of that Evo from earlier. Check that dish though…

So gooooood

This GTI was another favourite with the crazy fitment on the BBS’s

Peep the new design for the Redline girls I (Jtooned) drew up for them a while ago. Was pretty stoked on this one – glad to see another one on a shirt!

The three old geezers…

Figured this was an appropriate shot to end the post. Award time with a few of the RS girls in the shot. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to the RS girls for putting on a pretty dope show. Hopefully you just keep growing from here! Good job!

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