illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 1

OK It’s time to kick the show coverage off. I’ll try to go through these as quick as I can so that you guys aren’t all antsy to see the next batch, but we’ll get there soon enough!

I said it in the last post, but this year had to be the best show so far and I hope that it just keeps growing. I know there were some issues with timing and scheduling with other shows that I won’t mention, but sometimes it can’t be helped. I’m glad that people are still able to come out to this one because this show is really more about reinforcing the fact that the Calgary scene isn’t dead, but in fact getting better. The quality is improving – people are seeing that and they’re making sure that what they bring out to a show like this is worth seeing. Of course, you’ll have your outliers but at the end of the day whether the quality is good or great, people are still into the scene and that’s what matters.

One of the things that really irks me for shows like this are the people that show up and then leave early. Don’t show up to a car show that you know runs from “X” time to “Y” time and then leave in between the show times. First of all – the gate is closed off and requires one of us to open it for you and then to close it again and you’re causing a scene by just driving around the damn lot making spectators move for you. Every year there is always a group that always leaves and honestly they are the cars nobody takes pictures of anyway so it’s not a loss to the show thankfully. It’s just a hassle to get a shitty car in and then to help a shitty car out. At the end of the day, your registration money did go towards the charity, so on behalf of illmotion – I’ll thank you for that. And on behalf of the other cars in the lot that got to enter because you left, I’ll thank you for that too.

Either way – I’m glad all the true diehard car guys stayed – the ones with the awesome builds that everybody loves to see. Thank you guys for staying right till the end. The support from shops like Zero Limit, Speed Options, Auto Dream, etc is what fosters the growth of the scene. Without you guys, we’d still be down and out.

OK let’s start part 1!

Nick’s GTR with new Varis lip on.

Philip Tan’s super clean (as always) AE86

Justin’s dumped TSX always looking good

Noel’s S14. Just fixed up the day before the show!

Ryan Venzon’s clean Legacy.

Ricky’s GTI also got a spot like I mentioned in the first post. Not on the BBS RS’s but still awesome on the SSR SP1’s

Adam’s low and wide EK

Reggie’s Rocket Bunny FR-S

Rich in the DJ booth for the first part of the morning

The line up at the illmotion tent. This went on pretty much all day – I loved seeing all that love. Gangster D was in the middle of photobombing this pic too hahahaha

Kyle Hugo’s clean EK sedan

And his Celica

Bill’s Grand Prix

Mario’s Ford Focus ST. This looks very nice in person. Super aggressive front and the fitment worked well too.

And Bill’s Ford Focus sedan looked super clean yesterday as well.

Bill also brought out a Ford Mustang 5.0 out as well.

I’ll end it here with Solomon’s 3-series.

I went up and down the aisles and it’s a lot more pictures than I thought so I’ll post it in that order… Or at least I’ll try to. Tough when the sun is coming down on you and you’re waiting around for people to move to snap a pic.

Part 2 tomorrow! Or if I’m feeling generous, maybe tonight! hahaha

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