Jason Hoang

I am an automotive photographer and have been shooting cars for the past 10 years. My passion is building cars. I have too many wants and not enough money.

I’ve been blogging for almost just as long as I’ve been shooting. I love creating a space that I can use as an outlet for my hobby. My website is an extension of myself and essentially my life. Over the years, I’ve developed this site to document everything that I do that’s worth taking a picture of. Thank you to those that have been following along since the beginning, and for those of you just joining – I hope you stay for the ride.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions or comments: jayhoang87@gmail.com

Check me out on Instagram @jayhoang

5 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you man! I currently use a Canon 7D.

      Nice review! I agree with every point – it’s a car that gets underestimated quite often but once you drive one or have been driven around in one spiritedly, your mind can change quick.

      Appreciate the kind words!

  1. I just got here doing searches for an S2000 I just picked up. Good blog and beautiful photos! I’m looking forward to what you snap next!

  2. I gotta say, your shots are incredible. But I have a couple questions.

    1. What camera do you recommend using?

    2. Do you do online courses or is it just blog posts?

    • Hi Corbin, thank you! I appreciate the comments!

      1) It’s hard to recommend one particular camera – it really comes down to what you like and prefer when holding one and take a few shots. I’m biased though towards Canon and Sony – only cause those are the only two brands that I’ve used. Although ever since jumping ship to Sony, I haven’t looked back. Take a read of my article on my switch here:
      If I had to give a definitive answer, I would say try giving a Sony mirrorless body a try. Either the Sony A6500 to start or if budget allows – Sony A7ii or A7iii. All fantastic bodies and really hard to go wrong IMO. It’s a nice change from having a mirror body.

      2) I just do blog posts – no online courses unfortunately. I am free to answer questions and guide people through – I’ve had plenty of people email me and ask questions about particular things so don’t hesitate to do so!

      Thanks again!

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