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  1. Hi.

    Jian Pai was the only cure for my daughter’s eczema. We have tried countless creams, ointments, and the likes and even brought her to the Sick Kids hospital in downtown Toronto but no doctor will assure you or can say to you that they can treat eczema. I believe that a pharmaceutical company or some of them are behind this.

    I wrote to you because I was trying to order it online but found this shocking advisory and that it is already illegal for Jian Pai to be sold in Canada. We are buying a tube every other month or when we run out. It’s just for maintenance purposes for some itch that our daughter may have. Her eczema was totally gone just after the third application – without using the entire content of the tube! That was 3-4 years ago.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • Hi Gene,

      We were in the same boat as you. I was recently informed about the recall on it due to the two unlisted ingredients in the product. We are still on our first tube and we bought a second just in case.

      We also used it only for maintenance and for little flare ups. Lately, we barely reach for the tube anymore… I’m just thankful it was around when we needed it. Thanks for writing!

      • Curious how one can still obtain Jian Pai. I have eczema flare ups too and was wondering if I should give this a try

      • The store that is local to me still sells it surprisingly. Not sure if you can get it online anymore though. You might be able to find some asian herb and medicine store that stocks it still.

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