VIP Status: LS460L

With Driven just two days away, after I got the car back from getting an alignment from Jackie this afternoon, Diana and I went to town to detail the car as fast as we could because I have no time tomorrow and will be rolling into Driven right after work. Polished, waxed, interior all cleaned and conditioned, all the dust from the shop was cleaned up and gone. Would’ve taken me forever without Diana’s help though!

Went to take some quick snaps while she was still clean. I know it kind of ruins the surprise before the show but whatever! I couldn’t wait.

IMG_2394 copy

Lookin’ mean

IMG_2398 copy

Ass shot is the best shot for the LS

IMG_2401 copy

285’s out back.

IMG_2410 copy

Wheel shot. hewph.

IMG_2422 copy

This was my favourite shot. Each angle of the LS is nice. The only reason I say that is because with the STI – certain angles were really ugly and it bothered the shit out of me. Maybe that’s why I sold it LOL. I love a car that can work a camera…

IMG_2429 copy

A good shot of the stance. I’m going to try to play with it later in the summer to get it lower… but for now I’m happy as hell. See you guys at roll in tomorrow. And if not at roll in – during the show!

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