LS460 Air Install: Part IV (COMPLETE)

Finally. The day has come. The car has now been completed and is finally down on the ground with the new shoes and everything.

Here’s my second round of shout outs:

Huge huge huge thanks to Jackie Tong at Zero Limit and Brad Atkins for helping out with taking on this project. We knew it was a big task to take on, we just didn’t know it was going to be THAT big. The amount of work and time that the two of them put in over the last week is awesome. Fitting my car in during the day in between appointments and continuing to work after your own job is something I really appreciate. Each time a roadblock was passed, there was another one and another one and another one. Eventually it finished. I messaged Jackie last night telling him I was forever in his debt. I know he doesn’t want to see another Lexus or air suspension install again for a whole year.

Second thanks to everyone that came out during the week that the LS was on the hoist willing to lend a hand. Last night was a perfect example of a few of us working vigorously to get the car back together. The amount of parts and panels would’ve taken forever to put back alone. Thanks to Steve for rolling my rear fenders to get those rear wheels to fit! Just another roadblock…

I feel like this is the Grammy’s.

Finally, when I think about it – there’s been so many names and hands in this week long project that has helped along the way. From rides to the shop and back home because I had no car, to cutting, wrapping, and supplying materials and tools to get pieces of the car done. I love it.

Anyways – let’s move onto the pics. I saved the pics from Tuesday night to add into here because it wasn’t worth making a post. This is the finale.

IMG_2367 copy

Jackie working on finalizing the trunk board.

IMG_2369 copy

Brad sorting out the array of wires to get everything powered and working.

IMG_2370 copy

IMG_2371 copy

Something I wouldn’t have been able to tackle on my own, that’s for sure.

IMG_2373 copy

Still up…

IMG_2374 copy

Re-wrapped after the holes were drilled and mounted everything down.

IMG_2375 copy

This was last night. The sun was setting and we were all working on multiple parts of the car to get it done as fast as we could. Gopesh and Steve working on getting the fender liner in on the passenger side and Punit and Aldo working on the driver side.

IMG_2376 copy

Here they are. So many damn clips just for a fender liner. Peep those 285’s. I wish I could’ve done 295…

IMG_2377 copy

With the sway bars reconnected and the bags finally all set up correctly, we slapped the wheels on in anticipation of getting it on the ground.

IMG_2378 copy

Blue tape still on there. I was contemplating being asian and leaving them…

IMG_2379 copy

Outside – the party. Brad and Andrew.

IMG_2380 copy


IMG_2381 copy

Shitty blurry picture. Sorry guys. Steve, Aldo and Gopesh way in the back.

IMG_2382 copy

JC finally got his car back yesterday evening and it was nice to see. Even slapped on the Mode Luxe sticker. SICK.

IMG_2383 copy

Here, Jackie and Brad were finalizing the trunk once again since we had to take it out to clean up the wires.

IMG_2385 copy

IMG_2386 copy

And voila. Backed it out, pulled off the asian blue tape and dropped it. The rears can go lower, but at this point I think it’s best we leave it alone. I don’t want to deal with the car anymore and I don’t think anyone else does either. It’s show ready for the most part.

IMG_2387 copy

Front shot. Those on instagram probably saw this already and I posted this on FB as well. As Brad said – This picture doesn’t do it justice. With the roll in the back, the wheels just fit so perfectly.

IMG_2388 copy

Once I dropped it, everybody had their cameras out. hahahaha love this shot.

Anyways – thanks again to everyone who came and helped. This is what the car scene is about – hanging out and putting in work. It’s the last stretch before Driven and I know Punit still has work to do on his GS. Looking forward to seein that.

Tonight will be a full detail for tomorrow’s roll in. I’m still stressing… Anyways that’s it! Stay tuned for roll in pics!

4 thoughts on “LS460 Air Install: Part IV (COMPLETE)

    • Thanks!

      And Ha! I knew it would sink in…
      I don’t know how it would be on an Audi, but with my experience and recent research on bags – UAS paired with your choice of coils is the way to go IMO. There’s airrex as well, but it comes with it’s own management that is not as sophisticated as Accuair. No matter what you go with, try to pair it with Accuair.

      • The ride is stiffer than stock for sure and I dialed the dampers down to full soft as well. However it’s not a harsh ride or anything but I’m not picky. I’ve only driven on them for a total of probably 20 minutes lol. It’s getting an alignment right now.

        I went with e-level.

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