Hybrid Bags Part 2… And Some Rocket Bunny

During the weekend I had the chance to drop by Zero Limit to get an oil change for the LS and see how the progress is with Punit’s GS and the air install. There’s rumors that it should be done this weekend… We’ll see!

IMG_0347 copyGot VIP parking right next to this gem.

IMG_0350 copyPunit’s car on the hoist. A nostalgic view for me from last year… Also a nice surprise was Giuseppe’s Skyline sitting right under Punit’s car. Always a nice sight to see and I was surprised to see some new shoes! I love the look that Giuseppe is going for with the Skyline lately.

IMG_0353 copyOver in the corner was my old set of Meisters. I miss these so much but I’m glad to see it still around and used on some good cars…

IMG_0354 copyA shot of Giuseppe’s rear over fender and new wheels.

IMG_0356 copyAss shot. Love the Rocket Bunny addition…

IMG_0363 copyAnother shot of the SSR Sp3’s. Love that dish.

IMG_0359 copy

IMG_0360 copyUp close of the Rocket Bunny lip spoiler

IMG_0361 copyAn appropriate sticker.

IMG_0362 copyAnother familiar site to me. All the lines and wires hanging all over just waiting to be finished!

IMG_0370 copyAnother shot of the Skyline. Can’t get enough of this… Maybe we’ll go for a photoshoot this year!!

IMG_0371 copyA shot of Punit’s bags. There were a few set backs with his bags that delayed the install and ultimately the completion of it but I believe it’s all sorted and slated to be done by Saturday if all goes well!

IMG_0372 copyShortly after, the LS was put onto the rack for the oil change.

IMG_0375 copyIt’s not often that I have pics of the LS aired up. I don’t like looking at it any other way than aired down lol

IMG_0379 copy
And finally – Jackie doing his thing and taking care of the LS. Probably the only place I’ll be taking my cars from now on. As long as Zero Limit is open, Jackie will be getting my business!

Hybrid Bags. Coming Soon…

Well the time has come for Punit to get his bags installed. I’ve been bugging him ever since he got the car to bag it but he’s been going back and forth with his Integra and GS so it wasn’t a priority at the time. It’s going to be great to have another bagged VIP Lexus around the city. Now the only one left is JC *cough*.

Speaking of JC – he’s been gracious enough to send me these pics since he’s visiting Jackie at Zero Limit most days after work to chill and check out the progress. I’ve been busy as shit and barely have time to even do my own things after work so huge thanks to JC for providing me blog content 🙂

I know we’re all crossing our fingers that the GS is done soon and you all know a photoshoot will be in order as soon as it is. Weather has been great lately and it’s just getting better now. I already have a few cars I have in mind that I definitely want to shoot ASAP so just hold tight a little longer and the blog will be bangin’ again.

photo 1His bag set up…

photo 2A familiar site to me. The lines are all run…

photo 3Jackie sorting it all out.

photo 4The mock up

photo 1The planned layout… Lol

photo 2I hear Punit is doing a hidden layout… Should be interesting to see!

photo 3

photo 4The final picture I got from JC today. More progress pics to come soon!

Rain > Snow

Random shot I edited yesterday just because I felt like it. I’ve been thinking recently that if I can’t do anything to the car next year, I’d like to at least wrap it. Most likely not a matte colour, but a simple metallic… Although there have been quite a few bodykits popping up for super cheap, but I can’t cop those right now… Unless someone can convince Diana that a bodykit would be a good way to spend money.

The Christmas season is upon us! So I’m busier than ever lately… Christmas shopping, house stuff, wedding stuff. You know the deal by now.

And here’s my “rain > snow” pic because it seems fitting right now.

IMG_2967 copy