J’s Racing Honda Fit Joins the Battle!

Some of you probably all saw my long ass adventure that I had last weekend… I hadn’t really said anything because with my luck, I would’ve jinxed it and something would’ve messed up, so I just waited until it was official.

Some back story – over the last few months I’ve been searching for a clean stock GD Fit and never really found anything worth starting a project on. It’s particularly tough in Alberta because most Fits have been used and abused (I mean, not to blame them – it’s a Fit) and they were either rusted or damaged in some sort of way… And when I came close to finding a clean one, it was either too high in mileage or in a color I didn’t want. I almost settled on Silver… Not that there is anything wrong with Silver but it’s just not for me.

Reggie (NRI) had posted his Fit for sale twice in the time I was looking. The first time, I passed it up because I was confident I would’ve been able to find a clean base and never came close. The second time, I messaged him and we ended up talking about it and came to a reasonable deal. With the approval from Diana, I  had my plane ticket booked and the rest is basically history.

Reggie had built the Fit pretty much the way I had wanted it – some of the items I would’ve gone a different route like the wheels and wing but overall – it was a very well-rounded build with a nice J’s theme going on. To buy a stock Fit and then all these parts to and labour/paint would’ve cost me more than to just buy Reggie’s. Maybe I’m getting old but I’m not big into waiting for parts and getting them all installed or going through the bodywork process and everything else in between. There’s a certain sense of joy that comes with an already-built car that you just take the keys to and enjoy and this is it.

I just took a few shots in the garage before I do a complete detail on it inside and out. It definitely needs some love and a few extra fixings (in my eyes) to really bring it together. As a package, the car is pretty much take it and drive but the OCD in me can’t leave it as is… Here are some pics with bug guts and all…

The front end is probably my favourite. The J’s front is (IMO) the best looking front end for the GD platform.

TE37 CR Sonics. Guess I’m back with TE37’s… If Advan ever made GT’s in 15’s, I’d trade instantly lol. Maybe one day!

J’s Racing carbon duct and canards as well. Makes the slow car look fast.

J’s racing painted carbon hood. Also one of the better hoods for the GD platform… IMO…

The JDM headlights are also super clean. The USDM headlights that are color matched to the body are barf ugly lol. One day I might retrofit these but I’m digging the reflector look right now.

MOMO Monte Carlo steering wheel…

J’s Racing titanium knob and a Hybrid racing short shifter. Super solid and short shifts with this one.

And a J’s Racing carbon GT wing. It works because of the whole J’s theme going on so I dig it. I think I would’ve went with a Mugen wing but we’ll go with the full on race car theme. It’s growing on me.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be detailing the entire car and eventually coating it with Carpro SiC this time. I was going to use UK 3.0 with Gliss overtop but I thought this would be a good opportunity to try something new. Over time, I will be replacing certain seals and bolts to make it look a little more fresh. I’ll be shampooing the entire interior and I want to eventually replace the interior carpet if I can source one.

More pics of that when I start!

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