CT & LS Photoshoot

T’was a lazy Sunday Funday today but it was just JC and I today. All good though cause we got some good shots in – better than I thought they would turn out actually. On my way home I was thinking how I didn’t get many great pics, but it was a nice surprise! Missing Punit and his GS but we’ll get to that shoot another day…

Until then, peep these. I was hoping it was going to rain to get some nice shots in but it never ended up raining. Calgary forecasts are never right and now they aren’t even right for the current weather. Lame.

IMG_2865 copy

Rooftop stuntin’IMG_2867 copy

Slammed down.IMG_2879 copy

Profile shot looking clean.IMG_2880 copy

JC’s CT looking clean.IMG_2889 copy

Artistic shit hahaIMG_2892 copy

Down low.IMG_2902 copy

Alley shots.IMG_2904 copy

IMG_2923 copy

Lights.IMG_2927 copy

Mean mugging.IMG_2935 copyThere’s the quick post for Sunday! Have a good long weekend everyone!

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