New Legs for the FR-S

Just in time for my birthday and/or Christmas! The FRS gets some new and improved legs.

Want to thank Jimmy over at VEX Performance for hooking me up with these and giving nothing but awesome service. My plan was originally to get KW V3’s and I had spoken to Jimmy about potentially getting them for a Christmas present to myself. The first thing he asked was if I really needed them – well… Yeah I needed them. They were all the rage, right? Before I go any further, I just want to say that my goal is to build this car with quality parts from top to bottom. Because I have to build the FRS fairly slowly, it forces me to have the patience to get the right parts.

But I digress… Jimmy mentioned that unless the car was seeing some serious track time, the features of the KW V3’s will most likely go to waste. Instead, he suggested the ST’s – which is actually KW’s kid brother company – same quality, half the price tag. Initially, I was hesitant because my sights were set on the V3’s for months and I didn’t want to stray from that path. I did more research and more discussing with Jimmy – the ST’s are essentially KW V1’s but with a zinc plated body vs the stainless steel body of the V1’s. I could go on but I’m not here to sell them, I’m just here to show.

IMG_6678 copy

One other thing I want to mention is that when the first set came in, the box was pretty damaged and there was a piece missing. It’s unfortunate because many other ST owners reported that the boxing of the suspension was shitty. Jimmy went out of his way to get another set overnight and we made sure the second set was good to go – although out of his power, I appreciate making it right.

IMG_6679 copy

The coils in all their glory… Itching to go on.

IMG_6680 copy

A close up of the spring.

IMG_6682 copy

A shot of the collar with a hex key lock vs the dual collar lock.

IMG_6683 copy

Some gibberish in German.

IMG_6685 copy

The top mounts – just like KW, will be using the stock mounts.

IMG_6686 copy

A full shot of the front coil.

IMG_6688 copy

And a full shot of the rear coils.

I’m super stoked to getting these on even though I won’t be able to try them for months… The parts are rolling in slowly!

Again, huge thanks to Jimmy for hooking it up big time!

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