I Am Titaniummmmm

Finally got around to picking up a titanium shift knob for the FRS… I hated the stock knob so much but maybe it’s because I hate all things stock LOL.

Ever since I had the STI and bought the WC Lathewerks Titanium shift knob, I’ve never liked any other titanium shift knob on the market. Sounds weird but they are either too small or not heavy enough. The WC Latherwerks Titanium knob is the perfect size with a 2″ diameter and a perfect weight (IMO) at 270g. It doesn’t sit high like a lot of the aftermarket shift knobs out there for the reverse lockout.

The best part about it all is that you can customize how you want the knob to look – whether you want the classic blue to bronzed finish like this one, or a blue to purple like on my STI, or full blue… Whatever your heart desires. Chris even adds the option of allowing you to engrave whatever you want on the top. Just a nice, small addition to the interior.

IMG_6662 copy

A good shot of the fade. All hand burnt by Chris.

IMG_6666 copy

A recessed hole for the reverse lockout and to also allow it to sit lower.

IMG_6674 copy

And Voila! 10000000000000x better than the stock one.

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