This is a bit of an overdue post but better late than never. I spent most of the day yesterday on a plane all the way to the other side of Canada for work and every time I tried to connect to the internet, there was either no wifi or I had no time. I’m just sitting here relaxing now and with the 3 hour time difference, it’s almost time for me to go to sleep while everyone back home is just having dinner.

But most importantly, I wanted to give a big huge thanks to Diana, my sister Julee, the Mean Girls – JC, Punit, and Gopesh for the awesome birthday gift. I find that the older I get, the less I care about other people remembering my birthday – in fact, I have to remind myself that it’s my birthday for the last few years because it’s just not that big a deal. What’s more important to me is knowing that I have people in my life that remember when I really don’t and care enough to do so. The only thing better than that is car parts as a gift, of course! Real friends know the way to your heart and do exactly that…

They were able to pick up a Vertex KING of VERTEX steering wheel for me that I’ve been scoping for years now. Yes, years. Ever since I had the STI, I’ve been wanting a Vertex wheel but it just never made the cut for parts for me to get because I always found something else. Now that I have a steering wheel… Looks like I need seats… šŸ™‚

IMG_6704 copy

Just some quick pics…

IMG_6707 copy

It’s one thing looking at this wheel in pics, but it’s definitely way nicer in person (like most parts). This wheel always stood out to me because it was super simple up front with black stitch details and the subtle yellow/gold stitching until you turn the wheel around…

IMG_6709 copy

IMG_6710 copy

Those holes are begging for Ti bolts…

IMG_6713 copy

The gold stitch is also awesome. Adds a nice touch to the interior.

IMG_6716 copy

The best part of the wheel is the leather. In the past, the suede Nardi wheels I’ve had were nice but they only stay nice as long as you don’t use them – which is no fun! I always said that my next wheel was going to be leather – VOILA

IMG_6718 copy

Finally – the cherry on top – the horn button!

Once again – thanks to you guys for getting this for me. I absolutely LOVE it!

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