Install Day: JC’s New Coilovers

Today was the day we got together to install JC’s new coils. It’s been probably about 4-5 years since we last installed the original BC coils in his car and it was due for a replacement. He drives his CT daily so it takes the beating of the harsh winter too so when we took them out, they weren’t a pretty sight to see.

I’d have to say that coilovers are generally a pretty easy installation. A few bolts here and there, swap out and put new ones in, tighten and you’re done. BUT, after several years of being on the car and the combination of them being beat to hell by winter – a simple thing like a seized bolt can make an easy installation a pain in the ass. I think every corner of JC’s car proved to be a bitch today and it took us 6 hours to get ‘er done. I didn’t even get a chance to get a finished product pic because we finished so late and we were in a hurry to go out for mother’s day dinner. They weren’t fully settled anyway – so the picture wouldn’t have been a fair representation of what it would look like in a few days.

Anyway – let’s get to it!

Start of the day… 10AM – fresh faces, good attitude, ready to tackle anything.

Sitting pretty outside

Punit brought the soccer mom-mobile

Team meeting I guess…

Here was our first obstacle. The two strut bolts on the driver side were seized completely. I don’t think we’ve ever had strut bolts that were on this bad. We took multiple turns at it with breaker bars on both sides with no budging. We even sprayed it with penetrating oil several times and let it sit – still nada after all of us gave it a go.

While waiting for the fronts again and to catch our breaths, Punit and Gopesh were having some troubles of their own on the rear…

One of them being Aldo from behind…

While Gopesh and Punit were frustrated with the rear – Gopesh and Aldo took a stab at the fronts. We ended up snapping one of the breaker bars right off…

Voila. Guess what – it still didn’t break loose.

Next, we decided to go ahead and torch it. I heated it up for a few minutes and then we bring in the big guns. Punit on the right pushing down – Gopesh on the left pulling up.

Right after this shot, it ended up breaking loose. This must have been at least the 10th time we went at it full force. Finally…

A shot of the nuts off…

Meanwhile, JC and Aldo brought some refreshments. It was a beautiful day today but a frustrating one in the garage lol.

A shot of new vs old…

As I mentioned – the old ones were not in the greatest shape…

Here’s a shot of the passenger side front all in. We had similar issues on this side, but not nearly to the same degree of difficulty as the drivers side.

The rears caused issues as one of the endlinks that JC wanted to replace was seized up. The bolt also ended up getting stripped as well. The only way to get it off at this point was to cut it off. Easy right?

A shot of the rear

Just some of the weapons used today…

The rear spring out. Same condition as the fronts.

New vs old rear struts

Hovercraft CT

It was somewhere around this point that we realized cutting that bolt off wasn’t so easy. All of us took a go at it and we spent nearly 3 hours trying to get it cut off.

Dat ass doe… Shameless plug.

Another shot of us trying to cut it off…

Finally after cutting it from two sides, we were able to stick the end of the hammer in and pry it off. What a bitch.

One of four blades we went through to cut it off.

My last shot is a happy one. All the new equipment in and ready to go. I’ll try and get some new shots of JC’s stance after vacation – but I’m happy to say that despite all the difficulty we had today, we still finished. Nice teamwork from everyone today!

New Legs for the FR-S

Just in time for my birthday and/or Christmas! The FRS gets some new and improved legs.

Want to thank Jimmy over at VEX Performance for hooking me up with these and giving nothing but awesome service. My plan was originally to get KW V3’s and I had spoken to Jimmy about potentially getting them for a Christmas present to myself. The first thing he asked was if I really needed them – well… Yeah I needed them. They were all the rage, right? Before I go any further, I just want to say that my goal is to build this car with quality parts from top to bottom. Because I have to build the FRS fairly slowly, it forces me to have the patience to get the right parts.

But I digress… Jimmy mentioned that unless the car was seeing some serious track time, the features of the KW V3’s will most likely go to waste. Instead, he suggested the ST’s – which is actually KW’s kid brother company – same quality, half the price tag. Initially, I was hesitant because my sights were set on the V3’s for months and I didn’t want to stray from that path. I did more research and more discussing with Jimmy – the ST’s are essentially KW V1’s but with a zinc plated body vs the stainless steel body of the V1’s. I could go on but I’m not here to sell them, I’m just here to show.

IMG_6678 copy

One other thing I want to mention is that when the first set came in, the box was pretty damaged and there was a piece missing. It’s unfortunate because many other ST owners reported that the boxing of the suspension was shitty. Jimmy went out of his way to get another set overnight and we made sure the second set was good to go – although out of his power, I appreciate making it right.

IMG_6679 copy

The coils in all their glory… Itching to go on.

IMG_6680 copy

A close up of the spring.

IMG_6682 copy

A shot of the collar with a hex key lock vs the dual collar lock.

IMG_6683 copy

Some gibberish in German.

IMG_6685 copy

The top mounts – just like KW, will be using the stock mounts.

IMG_6686 copy

A full shot of the front coil.

IMG_6688 copy

And a full shot of the rear coils.

I’m super stoked to getting these on even though I won’t be able to try them for months… The parts are rolling in slowly!

Again, huge thanks to Jimmy for hooking it up big time!

Lexus Garage Day

All week we were looking forward to today because it was supposed to be +12C and a sunny ass day. Last week we planned to install JC’s coils and just have a good time – all went as planned except the weather was shitty. The one thing you can’t trust is the weatherman in Calgary. The only time they are right is when they are telling you what the temperature was yesterday – they aren’t even right about what the temperature is presently.

Anyways, started nice and early at 10AM and it was still pretty chilly at -3C or something but that doesn’t usually stop us from working on our cars. If anything, that’s a nice day to us LOL! Tons of stuff going on today and it’s really starting to feel like deja vu from last year when I was blogging around this time. It’s depressing because you still see the ice/snow on the ground and all the nice cars out haha

Let’s just move on to the install and all the other shenanigans…

IMG_0756 copy

Nice and clean!

IMG_0759 copy

JC’s coils

IMG_0760 copy

Brand spankin’ new

IMG_0761 copy

I decided to pull up on the driveway cause I wanted to be in the shot haha

IMG_0762 copy

IMG_0764 copy

The all mighty hybrid engine

IMG_0766 copy

Another shot. Love it dumped – even on stock wheels it looks gangster.

IMG_0767 copy

Alright let’s get started. Jacked up the front – check out that droop.

IMG_0768 copy

What we had to work with. Very similar to JC’s Corolla set up so it wasn’t difficult. The only pain is the link but nothing big.

IMG_0771 copy

Out! Took all but 15 minutes.

IMG_0773 copy

New vs Old

IMG_0775 copy

BTW – anyone who is using coils needs to get fluid film. It’s a lubricant that you can spray on metal that will basically protect it from rust and shit for months, if not years. I had them on my Buddy Club’s for the Civic all summer and when I removed them again, they were still so easy to turn.

IMG_0776 copy

A shot of the rear droop lol

IMG_0778 copy

Test fitting…

IMG_0779 copy

JC putting the wheels on before a test drive.

IMG_0782 copy

Pulling out… Looks good

IMG_0783 copy

It ended up being good so we tightened everything up and move on to the rears.

IMG_0784 copy

Gopesh bringing the rears up

IMG_0785 copy

The rear suspension. I called it when we started that the rears would be a bitch. I hate doing rears on every car for some reason… Always something that’s a pain. My side was fine, but the right side ended up taking a little longer because the spring wouldn’t go in.

IMG_0786 copy

JC getting the strut loose

IMG_0787 copy

IMG_0790 copy

Just checking the dampening knob lol

IMG_0791 copy

Left side in and good to go. BTW – all around, there was only about 3 threads left. The rear shocks were turned all the way into the cup.

IMG_0793 copy

Look who decided to show up too… First time out all year.

IMG_0794 copy

Missed seeing this.

IMG_0795 copy

Prashant’s winter beater C63 AMG.

IMG_0796 copy

Group shot. You’ll be seeing lots of these this year.

IMG_0798 copy

A pipe to bring the rear arm down…

IMG_0799 copy

We thought we’d leave it there as an extra aftermarket exhaust. Looks legit.

IMG_0801 copy

Rears were finally done and JC went out and tested again.

IMG_0802 copy

Looks sick

IMG_0806 copy

JC back with all smiles. Love how the wheels accent the interior too.

IMG_0807 copy

Took a quick drive and the strut was moving a bit in the rear so we brought it back in to make some quick adjustments.

IMG_0808 copy

IMG_0809 copy

Good to go. The sun was peaking out a bit, but still nothing that we expected. It was still freezing – our hands were cold and numb haha but still a good day overall. Loved this shot.

IMG_0810 copy

Front quarter shot.

IMG_0812 copy

Nice color mix now lol. Before it used to be black and white and then Punit. LOL

IMG_0814 copy

IMG_0815 copy

Looks better on the CT than the Corolla IMO.

IMG_0818 copy

We went to go grab some Subway cause it was a long day and on our way back, Nick came by in his GTR to say hi. So sick.

IMG_0819 copy

The most money that has ever been in the hood in one place.

IMG_0821 copy

Nice rear.

IMG_0824 copy

Sat and chatted with Lynna for a bit and soaked up the interior haha

IMG_0825 copy

All the leg room……

IMG_0828 copy

Profile shot. So clean in white.

A few more things happened later that afternoon – I’ll save it for another post! Ended up being a great Saturday!

Slamming B’s TSX

After a long morning at the dyno with Sunny – we headed over to Rich’s to install Barb’s coilovers on her TSX that she had been waiting for. Rich got started earlier, JC, Punit and B went a little later and pretty much finished up by the time Ricky and I got there. It was so god damn cold I was pretty much unproductive. The heat gun and the heat fan were my best friends for the hour or two that we were there.

Now all she needs is her wheels to come in and it’ll be sitting pretty. All I did was put to bolts in that held the bolster – which I’m pretty sure could have just been left out LOL.

Quick snaps – cause my fingers and every part of my body was cold and sore from shivering all damn day.

Rich doing some final adjustments on the fronts to get it sitting right.

JC finishing up the driver side.

Look at that rear wheel. No droop = No suck!

Ricky, B and I would take turns in front of the heater.

Punit trying to keep warm with the heat gun hahaha

Down on the ground.. look at the rear wheel tuck. So crazy.

Boom. My turn lol. I’ll admit I pretty much hogged this spot for the most part.

First roll out.

illmotion X hello kitty !

Looks sick.

As you can tell we are very color-less. LOL

Final shot before we headed out – JC took this one.

Until next time!