Merry Xmas to Me! 3 of 3

And finally! The third and final Christmas present to myself – Joe Z/PTS Exhaust for the LS. UPS delivered a Christmas miracle yesterday – kind of a rare case… While I usually hate on UPS for always being dicks, this time I can make an exception. The driver was exceptionally jolly considering he said he’s been working 13 hour days for the last few weeks and was a super nice dude. Faith in humanity (or UPS) is restored for now!

Anyways – super frustrating story that’s linked to the purchase of this exhaust. A few weeks ago I had convinced Diana to let me get a body kit for the LS – which I was super stoked about because that would be like half the cherry on top. The other half would’ve been a big brake kit, but beggars can’t be choosers. So upon convincing her, I saw that two kits were for sale on Club Lexus – a Job Design kit (which I had talked about a long time ago) and a INGS+1 front/rear lip paired with WALD side skirts. The latter choice had been called for so that was out of the question, and I had PM’d the guy for the Job Design kit. Days went by and there was no reply… It was about 3 days later that this Joe Z exhaust popped up and I had also been looking for one, but it was always out of stock or shipping was something stupid like $300 to Canada – I’m not dealing with that shit.

So, I immediately PM the guy and he replies back and we sort it out fairly quickly and with the help of Punit, we were able to get this shipped out to me within a few days. Here’s the kicker…

Literally 3 HOURS after I purchased the exhaust, the guy with the Job Design kit messages me back and says “Sure, let’s do this. Let me know how you want to proceed”. I almost kicked someones face out. I just want to be clear that I wasn’t necessarily upset at the guy for not replying for 3 days, but I was pretty heart broken that the timing had to be like that. I “could have” had the kit, but I guess it just wasn’t written in the books this time…

The good news is that I have an exhaust and now the LS V8 is going to sound mean as fudge. I can’t wait to get this thing on… However it’ll be sitting here until March or April before it even gets to be used. Something to look forward to I guess.

The exhaust was in pristine condition. It had only been used for about 3000 miles and there were no dings or dents or any sign of rust or use, really. It also came in a nice J’s Racing box which kind of made the Honda fanboy in me excited to see haha

Shot of one of the mufflers

A shot of their logo

It was a bit dirty, but nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t remove…

More dirt shots

After about 20 minutes with Mother’s mag & aluminum polish, I brought it back to life. It actually looks brand new again!

Shot of the muffler again – mirror finish. God, shiny stainless steel makes my panties wet.

And a shot of both the piping sections that I took a pic above where it looked stained.

Anyways – that’s it for my self-bought Christmas presents! I’m lucky and happy all of them came on time. Today is Christmas Eve so I hope you all get fat with Turkey and lots of presents!

Merry Christmas!

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