Sasa’s TSX – Favourites

My shoot Sasa’s TSX is now up on illmotion!

Peep the feature here:

For the short amount of time that I’ve known Sasa, all of his cars have been clean and simple. I think he’s a perfect example of executing a simple and clean build but has come to appreciate all types of builds himself. I think that’s something we need a little more of around here – more creativity and motivation to build cars with higher standards. I use the term “higher standards” loosely because I don’t mean you need to empty your wallet to do it. Enter Sasa’s TSX…

Sasa’s car is undoubtedly very well put together and well thought out, and you notice it seconds after looking at his car. There isn’t really a corner unturned and his TSX is flawless. The one thing that people get a lot of slack for is of course replica parts. The one thing that I’ve really believed in and still stand by since I’ve started modding cars is that as long as the car looks good, then that’s all that matters. Far too often will you see a beat up car on of course, replica parts. And far too often, you start to associate replica parts with shitty builds. Then you hate these shitty builds and associate them with the replica parts that made them. Shitty builds is a topic for another day…

However, on the flip side – not often enough will you see a great car put together complimented with replica parts. I use the word “complimented” because that’s what parts do – ultimately they should help in making the car look better – whether it broke the bank or not. At the end of the day, they aren’t our cars and while we may not like what a car looks like, we have no right to tell people how they should build it. JC put it nicely in the write up – we don’t need people to justify the parts they’ve used – just as long as we can appreciate it and motivate each other to move in the same direction.


Fitment on point.7974601584_c0e18daef7_b

Loved the Indigo color. Rare to see.7974601585_0bd296d61b_b

Of course the roller.7974601971_52bbaa64c1_b

One of my favourite shots from the shoot. Once again the indigo just glows in the sun. Another reason I was excited to shoot it was because of the immaculate condition his paint was in. I’m a picky son of a b*tch when it comes to paint and I hate even the slightest swirls. I remember polishing the Civic up so often because even the smallest swirl killed me. In short – paint swirls turn me off. LOL!

Sasa’s car was swirl free and you can tell in the pictures how much the paint just gleams. It’s too bad it’s often overlooked on a car when it’s the most important aspect…7974602648_eda7062166_b

Side profile shot. Sitting pretty.7974602845_089ce34f67_b


Another favourite shot of mine. Also another overlooked aspect on a car is the headlights. Swirled, pitted, and hazed headlights = no sexy time.

When you can see the spectrum in the headlights – perfecto.7974603118_c82313b39f_b

I liked the buildings we shot the TSX at – the colors of the windows helped bring out the color nicely as well.7974718878_db7f7c945e_b

I thought this was a nice touch too. Love the Crown Royal boot.

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