Photoshoppin’ Dreams

Yesterday I was all depressed because I found out that the Cockpit LS in the post below this had a one off kit. So far – two of the kits that I’ve loved and wanted to get have been one off which is a total bummer because it seems like I’ll never come across the right kit. Not that I’m in a hurry to get one or anything because it won’t be for a while, but I’d still like to know that there’s something that I can look forward to. Back to the drawing board for me…

And at the drawing board, I spent a little time chopping some more things together. It’s a little weird because it does piece together a bunch of different brands together, but I tried to make it look as close to the Cockpit LS as I could. It sort of works but not sure how I feel about it.


The Black Pearl-1 bumper with custom fogs (from the Cockpit LS), Aimgain fender ducts, and Wald grill/sideskirts. Don’t mind the backwards Lexus logo – I flipped the original image to work with my picture and was too lazy to flip the emblem too lol.nofogs_zpscd5bd969And another with the exact same things except no Cockpit fogs – instead I kept the Black Pearl-1 LED fogs instead. Both look pretty damn cool.

It has a nice aggressive look to the front and it slowly gets more subtle as you move to the rear. That’s something that I want in a kit – but the lines of the LS460 make it difficult to find a kit that works well since it’s so curvy. Oh well – I’ll keep dreaming and looking.

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