Rainy Days

It’s going to be wet for the next few days so I thought I’d take advantage of it. It’s a little harder to take pics in the rain cause you can’t just take your time or else you’ll just get soaked. I didn’t bring an umbrella either… haha

When I was out, I thought I had some good shots but only a few turned out OK. Not particularly happy with them, probably because of the locations, but it’s better than nothing. Hoping to do a shoot with JC and Punit this weekend in the rain. Hoping that turns out good.

Anyways, happy Friday!

IMG_2959 copy

Realized I never really took shots of the rear cause the front looked so good. But after yesterday, I also liked how the rear looked haha. Dat ass.IMG_2962 copy

Looks like the car has a rake cause the pavement is uneven.. but oh well.


IMG_2980 copy

Rear quarter… IMG_2983 copy

IMG_2984 copy

The first time these wheels have been dirty. Sad day.

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