First Drive of 2020!

So far, I’m sure most of us can agree that 2020 is probably one of the worst years that we’ve been around for – it certainly is for me lol. Mainly because of the huge shift in routine that we’re all experiencing… I’m the type of person that goes stir crazy if I can’t go out to do something or even walk the mall for an hour. So staying home all day everyday was painful for me to get used to. I think I’m pretty much used to it now that I’ve become lazy… When I have to go out to do grocery runs, I get all grumpy cause I just want to stay home LOL.

Anyway… The family is safe, all is good since my last post when this COVID-19 stuff really started ramping up and we were waiting for Diana to get back from Mexico. If you told me that this would be our new normal 5 weeks ago, I wouldn’t have believed you and here I am, working from home with the whole family around at all times. Every meal is at home, we haven’t hung out or seen anyone in what seems like forever. The sad thing about it all is that we haven’t even seen our parents – everyone is just at home, isolating and playing it safe. I hope this starts to dwindle down in the coming weeks because it’s not only boring… It’s just starting to get eerie and weird to me. Going out in public feels like a crime and being around strangers just feels criminal. Super odd.

With that said, this week is finally where we start to see the change in weather and Spring is finally here. Today, we’re set to hit +19C which is insane because we’ve had snow almost every week since like September last year. It sucks. And with that, I finally put the RX away for summer and pulled the Type R out again and boy, does it feel good to finally be back in this thing.

I went out really quick to take some quick photos because it’s been a minute since I picked up the camera to take actual photos. I also just wanted to play around with some new edits and try to experiment with different looks and feels. My editing “style” has always been kind of a natural look with a hint of vibrant colours and natural lighting. I never really played with hues and saturation mainly because I always felt it took away from how I always edited… I’m too stubborn. BUT it’s time to change that – now that I have all the time in the world, it’s time to come out of my shell and try something new and experiment…

I went with a warm feel with some toned down whites and colours to give it a moody look. When I look at it, I think there may be a little too much vignetting (I’m not a huge fan of it – and I know a lot of first-timers like to slide that vignetting bar to the right a little too much – I know, because I did a long time ago LOL).

I felt that this edit helped bring out the Umber Bronze of the Advan GT’s nicely. It’s hard to get a nice shot where the colour is portrayed well especially with the contrast of Champ White.

Admittedly, I’m also lost on location because my bro JC usually figures all that stuff out. Without him, I’m just shooting in random parking lots and shit. LAME-O.

What do you think? Too much? Back to regular? I’ll keep playing with it… We’ll see how I feel about it after sitting on it for a few days…

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