Fujitsubo Details…

Just another small update cause we obviously have nothing else to do at home…

When I got the exhaust, there were two small metallic “Fujitsubo” decals included (as always when you buy parts) and the ricer in me immediately thought “where can I put these?” It wasn’t long before I realized that no matter where I put it, it would be too much so I just left them aside as a keepsake.

Yesterday as I was browsing the Fujitsubo website, I saw that the proper placement for the decals was on the outer parts of the carbon fiber exhaust tips! Needless to say, after I found that out – I ran out and put them on pretty damn quick. Now I can say that it is the perfect spot for them. I kind of thought the exhaust was a little plain but now it’s finished!

The perfect home.


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