More Editing Exploration… The Endless Journey

Decided to go out at sunset last night to try some different lighting for photos. I usually go out during the day which starts to make me feel a little complacent. Like I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been playing around with editing again rather than my usual. I’ve been shooting and editing the same way for the last 6 or 7 years and while I don’t have an issue with it, I just feel like it needs to evolve a bit more.

A big part of shooting and editing for me comes from the location and the subject. If one or the other or both are uninteresting to me, I just can’t find the inspiration to shoot. Luckily for me, the Type R still intrigues me enough as a subject that all I have to do lately is find a good location – which is also a tough thing to do LOL

Anyway, played around with a few different types of angles and colours/edits to see where it would take me… Quite happy with the end result on most of them. I think next time I’ll try going out when it’s totally dark out to see what I can do.

This was probably one of my favourite edits. Part of the editing process for me is deciding what tone I want to move forward with and then start weeding out the colours that don’t belong. In this particular example, I wanted to move towards the warmer side of the spectrum so lots of orange/yellow remains but with the weather also being a cooler day with some clouds, I left some of the complimentary colour (teal) in as well.

The sunset was perfect for this shot IMO.

For this one, I took the same approach except I took out the complimentary colour and went straight with a warm tone. Again, something I don’t always do because I like to keep my colours natural but I like the look here.

About the same edit as the one above. I left a little more teal in but orange/yellows still dominate the picture.

And the opposite of above – I took out more of the warmth and left more cool tones in only because the sunset was no longer directly in the photo.

I moved to a new location – similar to the one from my previous post – and I was just trying out different angles. I’m not much of a vertical shooter, but this one turned out decent. Works well as my phone background too 🙂

Another vertical shot with a little desaturation.


Gas station pic…

I spent a lot of time on this one believe it or not… Trying to get the colours and the feel of the photo right. I ended up playing with some custom smoke/fog brushes and added a bit here that you might be able to slightly see. Not sure how I feel about adding artificial effects yet… But we’ll see how I can learn to play with it more.

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