Throwback: Honda Days

Whoa – been MIA for a long time… Been crazy busy lately. There’s one month left until Diana and I move into the new house and so that also means making sure all our bases are covered – insurance, utilities, services, change of address, etc… It sounds pretty simple, but it can take a long time to contact places and get quoted then decide what you want to do. So that’s been on my plate and mind for the last few weeks while Diana is busy trying to book all the stuff we need for the wedding. It’s hard to find free time as of late… And when we do get free time, it’s to just try and relax because of all the rushing around.

Anyways, it’s also about another month until we get some nice weather finally and cars are going to start coming out slowly. I have literally run out of anything to post because I’ve posted every single behind the scenes shot and unedited shots over this winter. We’re coming up on photoshoot weather again so hopefully I’ll be back up and running with shoots. It also looks like we’re coming into one more week (hopefully) of cold weather and we should be in the clear – this weekend is showing a low of -25C.

Other than that, I happened to stumble upon these pics of when I first got the TE’s on the Civic and I had pretty much converted back to a simpler state – coilovers to springs, basic lip kit… AKA boring.

The day I got the new Toyo T1R’s on… Super sticky and at 245 up front, it was kicking up rocks all over the place.

Did a TE37 photoshoot with Arif that day.

Look at that 4×4 height. T_T

When I sucked at rolling shots…

This was when I decided to put coilovers back in and got it a bit lower…

And finally again a year later – when I got the Meisters, J’s wing and Spoon diffuser.

Loved this look even today.

Alas – that’s my throwback Thursday post for today. Hopefully I’ll get the new Mode Luxe pinstripe decals from Bill this weekend and I can post up!

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