Adrian Perry’s Honda Civic Coupe

Alright time to go ahead with another one. It’s actually sad that I’m going through these now that the snow is on the ground… Mainly because there is no… well… snow on the ground in the pictures. I remember even complaining about how cold it was during these shoots and I take it back. I take everything back about it being cold and having to wear a sweater. If there is a God, I hope you’re listening because I hate winter. I hate it so much. It adds absolutely no good to life except the fact that we may be able to make snow angels, but I would happily give up snow angels for sweat and snowball fights for sun tanning and shorts. Mark my words – if I ever won some substantial amount of money, I would move to a place it never snowed and got below +10C. I would. I would also purposely post pictures of my feet up outside with the sun glaring into the camera every day.

In other news – Adrian’s car is up next.  Another absolutely mint car that just shines every time I get the chance to see it. He also recently switched over to Alex’s Volk CE28n’s from his other set that he’s been rocking for a while – Work RSZ-R’s. I personally liked both looks so I don’t think he can go wrong with either of the wheel choices, but these were looking mighty fine too. You’ll also notice that it also very simple aesthetically, but deep down – there’s a lot more going on (I’m also talking about the car, not Adrian LOL).

Fitment is perfect. Height is perfect. FMIC is drool.  Simplicity.

I love how the red looked in the sunset as well. The CE28’s compliment the car well. But when you think about it, there are very few cars that the epic and legendary wheels like CE28’s or TE37’s look bad on.

Side profile shot.

The rear of Adrian’s car is where it stands out from the rest. The piece in the bumper is a Golden Eagle rear diffuser – the main purpose of this is to allow air through the back of the bumper so it doesn’t hold air coming through and act like a parachute.

This looks deadly in the rearview mirror.

The bay is where all the magic happens in Adrian’s car. He’s pushing around 400whp at 20psi. No slug.

Everything is clean and minty as F.

Up close of the front set up. God, I love the colour of the CE’s.

JC’s car off in the distance. Looks good low and on stock wheels. Fact – cars look better lowered on stock wheels than lowered on fake wheels. Don’t fake the funk.

A cool shot outside of JC’s car as we were rolling down John Laurie.

One of the last shots of the night. When we shot this, it was actually pitch black outside and the only light coming through was from the two doors you see behind the car. It wasn’t even that much light either… so I decided to try out light painting again. The last time I did it was maybe 5 years ago during the winter with my Civic as well, so I quickly set up and since I had my tripod, this was possible. I got Adrian to draw a random shape and this is what we ended up with. It was actually surprising how perfect he got it, considering you can’t see the light trails when you’re actually doing them…

That’s a wrap for Adrian’s car! I “heard” that a few days after the shoot he was having some issues with the motor or something, so whether that’s true or not – I hope that it’s all fixed!

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