Danny’s STI Edits

Another before and after edit of Danny’s STI we shot yesterday. It’s nice when you get a really sharp rolling shot and when the light works perfectly.

I personally like to get rolling shots downtown – nice light reflecting off of all the buildings, you save yourself the glare that you’d normally get if you’re on an open road in the bright sun, and it’s a nice change of scenery.

The before shot was pretty good to begin with. The car was fairly sharp, the light was good and most importantly – the wheels are spinning.

And the after shot. I bumped up the exposure a bit, and darkened up the car to contrast it. I was debating on what to do with the color because Danny’s STI has a blue tint to the paint and it’s a nice color, but I wanted to stay with the warm tone so I ended up getting rid of blue altogether and making the overall effect more orange and yellow to get a summery look. I also decided to render a little bit of a lens flare since the sun was barely coming through anyway. Other than that, a bit of unsharp mask, and burning and dodging in small areas got the paint looking a little more “wet”. Finally, I fixed the bit of curb rash on his lip to clean it up!

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