Sunset Shenanigans

A few days ago, Mike messaged me and said he wanted to do some video. I’d be crazy to turn down the opportunity to get my car shot – mainly because I’m tired of shooting my own car and I’m always the one doing the shooting…

But of course, as soon as Mike started shooting that night, I couldn’t help but bust my camera out and start shooting too LOL. I just ended up getting some behind the scenes shots and random shots here and there for some content… We still have another session planned for more video so hopefully we’ll start to see some video teasers sooner or later. He had the stills he took from his drone done the same night – that’s my kind of man. Puts in work and works quick!

Anyway – when Mike is done the video, I’ll be posting it up here for sure! I know Ricky is also working on video footage of my car so I’ll have 2 videos in 1 year! I have cool friends.

We headed out to the industrial area in Balzac again because that was one of the areas where Mike could fly his drone and not be in the ‘no fly zone’.

Mike working his magic with the gimbal. I want one so bad after seeing him use his…

We were chatting most of the time about how he puts it to use but I was turned off by the idea that something like that was over $1000 LOL. I just want it for rollers!!!

While Mike was setting up for other angles, I took some quick snaps…

I just find myself so unmotivated lately – especially when I look at my car through the lens. Don’t get me wrong, I love my car… I’m just tired of taking pictures of it and I can’t seem to find an angle that I haven’t shot before or one that I haven’t seen…

Mike busted out his skateboard as well for some shots… lol cool

Just more random shots of Mike taking random shots LOL

By the time we ended, the sun had gone down a fair bit in a short amount of time, but on the way out – there was a nice spot next to a  big body of water that looked amazing with this light. The water reflecting off the water made for a great backdrop.

Too much vignetting? Maybe. I’m trying different things… Oh well…

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