8th Annual illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine – Part 5

Finally ending the show coverage with part 5 – a little bit of behind the scenes, a little bit of extra content from a slightly different perspective, and a little bit of talking. It’s been a crazy heavy content week, so thanks for sticking around!

I just wanted to conclude this post with a few closing remarks just so that everyone who does get a chance to read this is all on the same page. For the 8th year in a row, a small groups of friends get together months in advance to plan this big day – that includes looking for a venue that works for the date in mind, organizing what the marketing will look like, setting up the details for registration and plotting out the number of cars that can fit (this is key), getting merchandise and awards planned and created… The list goes on. There’s also other key factors like – which charity will donations be going to this year? What is most important to the group at the time where they feel a difference can be made? One thing I’d like to be clear on – because there seems to be some misconception every year on this – is that the money the guys make from your registrations, merch sales and wherever else the money is coming from does not go into their pockets. I repeat – they do not pocket your money to build their cars or to do anything personal with it – not a single penny. The money collected is used for two things: 1 – to donate to the charity of their choice that year and 2 – to put on the next greatest freaking car show the city has ever had the next year. That’s it folks.

And the last thing is the awards. The honour roll awards – these awards are just the judges/groups top picks of the day. These are not based on a set class or category, there was never such a thing in the last 8 years that this show has been going on. No best wrap, no best paint, no cleanest wheels, no most eligible bachelor… Nada. If you had a car that stood out and it got the collective thumbs up, then it got an award. Please keep in mind – there were 15 awards that day and over 500 cars in attendance. Believe me that if the guys could have made it possible to make as many awards as there were cars in attendance, every one would have got one on the way out. Unfortunately, it comes down to two things – they don’t have unlimited resources and the awards should be viewed as something rewarding, not as some gift bag hand out. And yes, some of you are reading this and you’re thinking “I still should’ve got an award” and yes, your car probably did deserve one but it goes back to my points above. Come back next year with the same enthusiasm and pride in your car and you might just take it away. We all know what it’s like to feel like you had something in the bag only to have it taken by someone else – but that doesn’t mean the show sucks or the judges are biased – not here. If you’re building your car to walk away with a trophy every time you show up to one of these, you’ve lost the love of the game.

Anyway, I just wanted to level the playing field because it’s been a little uneven since Sunday’s show. This isn’t a competition – it’s a easy-going and fun-filled day put together by this small group of friends for you guys to enjoy. The awards are just a little token of recognition – it’s not the purpose of the show. Let’s wrap it up!

Inside the tent – a bunch of us taking a break. Remember that GS450h that I said is for sale? This is Punit. See what he’s holding in his hand? Chai.

I know, I know… You’re all hot and bothered – feel free to excuse yourself before continuing the blog. I apologize for making this the first picture.

Some of the new slaps for sale that day. I really loved the new black and gold ones. So good!

I went around with my 35mm for one last run around to get some shots at a different perspective. Some of the shots would be of cars that you’ve already seen in previous posts, some might not be because I missed them…

Here’s a shot of Tommy’s R34 Sedan with bronze TE37’s

Ryan Dandurand’s F355

A shot of the F355 heart.

Rob’s static and low STI hatch

Aldo and Trung’s S2000’s both on TE37’s

On the inside of Trung’s car, he was displaying the new shirt Import Bible has teamed up with Voltex to make. That would be his car on the back there…

And a shot of the inside of Trung’s car with his new EVS carbon door cars they just installed like the day before. Looks great!

Eric’s S15 and SSR’s

I don’t always turn my camera vertically, but when I do it’s to take shots of sick fitment for your phones wallpaper.

A clear shot of Josh’s K20 EG

Nick Chow’s 911 GT3 sitting pretty

Derrick’s immaculate boosted DC2

The F20 powered AE86 from earlier. Super clean engine bay set up – always awesome to see.

Another wallpaper for you guyz

The RB 240SX – one of my favourites if I didn’t mention this earlier. I don’t know who the owner is but well done once again.

The interior looks just as clean as the exterior.

Aggressive rear to match the front.

Flared STI on the white ZE40’s. I really like this combo.

David’s 2JZ RB S15

Yo Jackie you missed a spot on your wheels but I appreciate the effort. Speaking of effort – is your car always breaking down? Does it need an alignment all the time because you keep hitting the curb or miss dodging those potholes? Are you constantly being told to buy blinker fluid and can never find any in stock anywhere? Ladies, look no further – Jackie can do this all for you. Just swing on by Balance Auto Garage and let him know lifewithjson sent you. If you’re with Jackie, you won’t need to put in effort anymore because Jackie’s middle name is Jackie Effort Tong.

@action_balser’s laid out 7-series. God damn it, I need another VIP car in my life.

Arnold Wong’s CTR on bronze TE37’s. The dude just got these TE37’s and he is already having trouble cleaning them. Dude’s just don’t know how to wash dishes these days or what?!

The theme of the day seemed to be whether people’s wheels were dirty or clean that day and Arif was having this conflict with himself on whether he would have clean enough wheels that he was losing sleep the night before the show. I guess he was torn between clean and dirty that he left the inner lug portions dirty but cleaned everything else. Some people I tell ya…

Aside from the dirty wheels – Arif’s car looked great that day and he just finished his K20 swap as well which is not shown here, but it’s been a long time coming for him and I’m glad it’s finally done.

Now that he’s done his K20 swap, he’s got more time for attention and Arif here is one of the many bachelors for you to choose from. Whether you want some Jina-spec dishes with quality that matches that of Michelin star restaurants every night without the price tag or some late night philosophical chats about life and love under a starry night sky on the hood of his EK – you can have it all. Again, go to Country Hills Toyota, ask for Arif and tell him lifewithjson sent you. He’ll take care of you like he takes care of me.

Lanny’s S4 tank set up. Although this is a simple set up, the hypebeast in me loves this tank design.

Another shot of Carlo’s Varis VA Widebody WRX

The details!! Varis kills it with their kits lately. I really want this crazy fender garnish set up on my FRS somehow…


The back of the VW cab with a wheel display

The rears of the Toyota’s on TE37’s line up.

Remember that pink Civic from roll in? Here it is! I’ve been hearing a lot of hate on this car and I totally understand why. But there’s something about it that drew me to it throughout the show and I wasn’t the only one. For one, it was a completely new build/look/car at the show – I’ve never seen it before. Two – although it’s not a colour everyone would choose, it’s not on the ever famous TE37’s, and it doesn’t have big Japanese brand names all over it like we’re all used to – it’s still put together fairly… Dare I say… Clean?

I’m not even sure where the fender flares are from – they look like they were made of sheet metal by the owner judging from the cuts on them. The bodywork of fitting the lip and skirts onto the car were exceptionally well done compared to a lot of others I’ve seen and the fitment of the wheels was really well and arguably better than a lot of other “stance” cars out there.

The one thing I liked the most of the car was the play on the Liberty Walk decal “Imagine all the people living in peace”. You can guess by the flag and the beverage of choice where the owner is from but I thought this was witty enough to gain points in my book. Also note the wrap job and the fitment of the body pieces – still very clean and lined up.

Out back, the rear spoiler looked to have custom cut end plates as well for better or for worse but it added character. Not something I would’ve done, but there was some effort.

Overall – was it a car that would’ve taken an honour roll? Probably not. Was it a car worth talking about? I think so – whether it’s something good or bad to say, I think the owners were fully expecting it based on how it was put together. Either way, I kind of liked it.

Just a few cars over was this Miata. I was all sorts of confused with this one – was he lowered? Was he stock height? Was the lip on or off? Ahhhhhh

I mean, I really liked the colour and where he was going with it. I just feel like there’s a little too much going on to make it feel pulled together properly. Work in progress, I suppose…

More questions. Why was the backpack sitting there the whole show?! Was he hiding a bad wheel?! I don’t know!!!! Ahhhh

Some more detail shots of Binh’s Datsun. Notice the titanium details on the underside of his bumper holding the fins down that redirect air to the engine.

ITB goodness

Jake’s Silvia again

And a closer shot at the LS swap underneath

Should Punit get a sticker that says “Chaiboyz”?

A few more shots of my absolute favourite at the show – the RB Boss Silvia

That front bumper set up thoughhhhh

LS swapped

Simon Chan’s FRS from the back and a Battle Aero swan neck

Steven’s Varis widebody STI

More of Landon’s RB 240SX

Giuseppe’s S15

Jeevs’ Porsche

One car I missed getting shots of was Benny’s AE86. Not much has changed on this…

… Except for the new Bride KING seats.

Back at the booth. This Punit guy being the body guard back there. Listen dude, I was just trying to snap some content coverage. Relax.

A shot of what the honour roll awards looked like this year. I WANT ONE SO BAD.

All 15 ready to go to a new home…

I love this crowd. Thank you for being such a great group of car peeps!

Live on Instagram… Kind of a weird but creepy feature I never used. Lol I felt like I had to be entertaining in some way…

This was the second I was mind blown that the blue Civic was Terence’s. Godddd

Diana being Asian…

One last shot of the beautiful scenery we had at the venue.

And roll out commences… I didn’t get any shots of that as we were cleaning up and getting ready to clear the lot as we had to be out by a certain time…

Thanks for sticking around for the whole 5-part series! Can’t wait for next year!

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