Detail Shots

Think of this as a filler post. Mainly because I didn’t have much time to do any shoots this weekend and I haven’t really taken any shots of my trunk set up and the new Junction Produce Fusa haha.

It’s been one hell of a week with all the rain so there hasn’t been much to do, and when it is nice out, the last thing I want to do lately is shoot cars. Dunno why – kind of uninspired lately… Or maybe it’s all this rain haha.

Thought of the day: Care less about what people think of you.

IMG_2999 copy

Junction Produce Tsuna + Fusa. After putting this in, all I can think about is how asian it makes me look. LOLIMG_3003 copy

Junk in the trunkIMG_3004 copy

Accuair e-level remote and rear seat controls.IMG_3005 copy

Up close.

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