Slow Weekend…

Yesterday was pretty shitty. I think I had a serious case of food poisoning and felt nauseous, dizzy, and tired all day so I ended up spending all day chained to the bed while Diana took care of my sorry ass. Also had a sleepless night last night so I’m running on empty and I have to go to work tomorrow. Brutal.

Anyways, the weather is getting a lot nicer which is awesome. I decided to pull the LS out and take a few good pics since I haven’t even done that. Upon further inspection in good light and a cleaned up car, maybe I’m just picky but I need to do a repaint on the bumper and doors. Not sure if I want to do that now or wait until next year when I probably get a kit. We’ll see…

But – when the car is not in the garage, it looks gangster. It’s actually super long and it looks wicked when it’s dumped down, even on stock wheels. When the SSR’s come in, it’ll look even better. For now, I can only stare at it for a few more months before I can drive this beast.

IMG_0391 copy


IMG_0393 copy

19’s FTL.


IMG_0394 copy

Dat ass. Even at idle, the V8 sounds wicked. Looking at picking up the Joe Z axle back to get some more growl out of the muffled V8.

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