Civic Type R

Man, I’ve been off the ball lately with my posts. I was on a roll for a bit with updates almost everyday. Everyone had new stuff coming in so quick and the weather was having a nice streak and then all of the sudden – nothing. It almost seemed like it was never ending with the amount of installs – big or small.

And now with Driven coming up, there’s a lot of things to get ready for and new stuff coming down the pipe with illmotion, so you guys should look forward to that. It’s less than a month till Driven and everybody is getting last minute preparations. I can’t wait – I think we’re going to absolutely KILL it this year.
Anyways – here’s a shot from when we were in Edmonton of the Civic Type R that showed up late to the game. I’m glad I made the walk all the way back to snap some shots of it. So damn clean and perfect. My favourite car there that night. ❤

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