Here comes the Bride

…Only one of them.

Woke up this morning with not much to do except paint some feathers on my sisters wall since she just repainted it – I’ll post up later.

I expected it to take longer than a few hours, but it only took me about an hour before it was 10AM and I was bored. I messaged Ricky and suggested we install his seats. Since one was already at his house the other night from testing the Wedge Engineering rails/brackets, we could just do that for now and see how it went. I was over by 10:30 and we got started. We started with taking the stock seat out first to see what we were working with. A whole bunch of wires and connectors for random shit like lumbar support, heated seats, and the usual.

Boom. Seat out and all connectors removed.

A whole bunch of connectors. It kind of makes things more troublesome. The thing that surprised me was the lumbar connector – what would that even do? haha

The other thing that surprised me was how VW uses lame bolts that need special tools to remove. It’s definitely a little more intricate than all other cars I’ve worked on.

Brought the work inside and started assembling the bracket and rails to the seat itself. We removed the seat base and started bolting it up. Pretty straight forward. However, the design of the rail and the slider was not the smartest. It hits the bottom of the seat preventing the lever from allowing the seat to slide forward or back. We had to bend the lever so many times to get it to sit properly and actually work.

IN! Finally – the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Bolted it down and made sure everything was right and the sliders and such worked. Connected all the wires and turned the car on. The only thing is the airbag light which needs the resistor.

Unbolted it again, ziptied all the hanging wires up to the bracket and back in it went. Solid. It looks so damn good. Talk about JDM-fever in a Euro owner.

Took some random shots of the two outside. It hurts me to think about how much more Ricky’s GTI is going to be changing in the next month. New bumper, wheels, wing, sideskirts… Going to be crazy!

We finished that project earlier than we thought so we decided to polish up his new air tank for his set up. Before…

Polish on. It actually look super crazy in person. Like a gunmetal Ti or something. Hard to tell…

Boom done. Still some scratches from the previous owner, but 100x better than before.

Put in quickly as a mock up to see what it would look like. He’s trying to decide whether to plasti-dip the tank black or white or keep it as is. What do you think?

Done! What a wicked Saturday once again. #IMissSummer all over again.

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