Rollers are Best

Ricky decided to drop by quick. Lucky too because I was itching to do some rolling shots, and I initially wanted to wait for my kit to arrive, but oh well. I’ll hold off on pictures of the outside of the car when it’s complete till it goes up on illmotion or something. Until then, I’ll whore it out.

Grabbed my sister to be the pilot car and we went out quick before the sun went down and it got too dark. I hate taking pics with high ISO if I don’t have to. Luckily we JUST made it.

As nice as sunset is, it’s tough to get nice pics. Especially down a street or highway going 80km/h. You get a mix of a whole bunch of colors which begin to clash. You have a white car, blue sky, yellow street lights… It ends up being messy and it’s almost like your eyes get all confused. Maybe it’s just me though since I like things to be pretty simple and balanced. Not to mention, I was shooting at ISO1200 too. Surprisingly, the 7D handles noise so well. Such a huge step up compared to the 40D.

On to the pics… enjoy. Maybe I’ll try to get better ones on the weekend.

Off to Stoney to get some nice rolling shots on a clear, clean highway.

This was is kind of… mysterious LOL

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