Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 – Part 3

Oh man! Sorry for the delay in part 3! Got caught up over the weekend trying to get a bunch of stuff in order for our trip in April. Nonetheless – there are still a bunch of photos to go through – Galen uploaded a “day 2” at TAS that isn’t part of my 4 part series. I’ll be uploading those shortly after, and then there is still the Stickydiljoe meet coverage that he also got some snaps of…
Without further ado…


An awesome K-Break widebody LS460. Although the LS460 was a regretful purchase, I still have a soft spot somewhere in my heart for them…


Hanging Motul F1 car


Sorry – no idea what this is. A concept car of some sort – looks like a mix of a CRZ with the S660 and Audi lol


Widebody Prius from Fledermaus. The new gen Prius’ are amazing with aero.


Some shots of the new Civic Type R


I loved it at first, but I’m not sure of some of the angles. It’s hit or miss. The rear is definitely amazing but the side profile reminds me of the GR-STI – nice but also slightly unpleasinging…


Epson GT NSX



VIP LS460 in the Weds booth sporting the Kranze wheel line


Imagine seeing this on the road…


New Aimgain widebody GT-R


Right beside the Aimgain GT widebody NSX




I dig. Except fro the red wheels… But I dig…



Also the new LS460 and Aimgain GT widebody kit.


I’m not a huge fan of Maserati’s other than the Gran Turismo, but the new Levante with a widebody and huge brakes is amazeballs.



Classic Ferrari F40


Pagani Huayra









Porsche 911 GT3 with a chassis-mounted wing and cargo box spanning across it and the roof.



Slammed Miata in the Lynx booth


S660 wearing similar livery and colours


Lexus IS in the Novel booth


Wild Mercedes GEL in the Hamann booth – all black everything.



Widebody GLA.


Of course there’s a mustang at TAS and of course it has front bumper lighting. Matches all the trucks and their lightbars…







Widebody R8… I dig the naked front grill.








There’s too much money…


Part 3 finish!

Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 – Part 2

Part 2! By the way, there are 4 total parts to this in case you’re wondering… Galen snapped 300-something pics so like always, I have to split them out so I don’t overload my homepage lol.

Let’s begin!


Decided to start part 2 off with the new Varis Kamikaze FRS that debuted at TAS.


I was excited when I saw Varis post their work in progress on the Kamikaze FRS but was very underwhelmed when I saw the completed result. Varis did a great job with the Kamikaze GTR and everything flowed well. On the FRS, it looks pieced together in a hurry. It essentially builds upon their existing widebody kit – no panels, fenders, bumpers have changed. Up front they’ve added on an aggressive splitter and canard combo extending it another 5-6 inches. The hood has been updated – although I much prefer their old design.


Out back, they’ve created an extremely aggressive carbon diffuser with a single center-exit exhaust. Again, it’s tacked on top of the existing rear bumper with the center portion cut out – essentially removing the 4th brake light in the middle. It’s very Time-Attack-esque but doesn’t feel well-rounded to me. I imagine any existing owner of the Varis kit would have to do some extra work to rid themselves of their old exhaust and find a new one to work with the diffuser – much like the Amuse S2000 rear bumper.


A better view of the rear diffuser set up. Nothing has changed on the sides.


The last addition to the Kamikaze FRS is the Kamikaze swan neck GT wing. The same one you see on the Kamikaze GTR and 370Z. Of all the GT wings, I think Varis produces my least favourite design. Again – it’s more track-style than street-style… But still a nice design.


BMW M2 on bronze TE37’s



Mazda CX-3 and Miata in the Knight Sports booth.


No comment.


Porsche 911 GT3 on awesome center lock Advan GT’s made specifically for the GT3 and a chassis-mounted GT wing. Lots of “GT” in that sentence…


Front shot…


Another beauty in the Advan booth was this RX7


Crazy looking GT wing with ‘devil’ ends and various supporting elements.



Up front and a better shot of the RS-DF’s



I think I’m falling in love with blue cars…


GTR on Advan GT’s in the Kansai Service booth


Another S660 in the Kansai Service booth. Maybe I am liking it…


A shot inside.


Another “no comment”.


Another M2 on Advan RS-DF’s


Porsche Cayman on Advan GT’s




Orange RB RX7


Over in the Pandem/Tra Kyoto booth for you wide body lovers… An M3 on TE37SL’s




Porsche Cayman fitted with the Pandem kit


With a crazy rear set up. I dig.


Pandem 240Z in red. I think I like red cars too now…


Front shot of the earlier M3




The new R32 Pandem kit which I believe debuted at TAS as well. It’s a fairly clean kit with minimal deviation from the stock body lines. The front fenders, doors, and rear quarters all line up nicely. I think this would look fantastic if it was molded in.



The front of the Cayman – also very aggressive and clean looking. I dig the canards.


And finally the new V3 Rocket Bunny FRS kit in white. Each RB kit gets more aggressive than the last… I wonder when V4 is coming out? lol


Cayman in the KW Suspension booth on BBS FI ($$$)









Wild FRS fitted with Rocket Bunny from RS-R.



Endless GTR   _dsc4062

The underside of a Cusco/Fujitsubo fitted FRS. I’m not going to lie, I want every Cusco piece for the FRS eventually but I question some of the bars that look to just be there because they found a spot they could connect something…





At the Vertex booth – lots of new additions to their wheel line up. This Fatlace collaboration in suede.


Lots of crazy designs now – lots has evolved from their 5/10 star designs.


I guess it coincides with their cars’ livery…

But, we end it here for part 2! I’ll be working on part 3 some time tomorrow so I hope to get that up for Friday. Stay tuned!

Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 – Part 1

Time to get started on TAS coverage from Galen! One of my favourite things about TAS is the uniqueness of it and how there is such an abundance of difference. It’s obviously something we won’t ever get here because there just isn’t enough brand awareness here for “local” shops. Most shops in North America are retailers for the big brands we get to see at TAS, and if there are original shops in North America, they are so few and far between that they wouldn’t be able to hold a massive show to showcase their creations.

TAS is huge for us because it showcases all the great, the weird, the outlandish, and the not-as-cool-as-I-thought ideas from everyone from the big hitters like Varis, Liberty Walk, and Volk/Rays to the displays of new concepts like the Civic Type R, F1 cars, and everything in-between. Things you’ll only see at either a car show put on by a vendor with public cars or at an auto show for the stock lovers. In a sense, TAS is the show that sets a new standard for our scene here by showcasing new ideas, we slowly learn to evolve to take it on… But that’s just me complaining a bit because I can’t go and I have to enjoy through Galen’s photos.  Let’s get started shall we…


In no particular order… Aston Martin Racing with a V12 Vantage


INGS+1 kitted FRS on TE37SL’s. I was fully expecting a GT wing on this…But I’m biased.


Honda S660 – something we don’t get here… But not sure if I would be interested personally.


FRS on bronze ZE40’s beside a GTR in the Wing Takeo booth



An aggressive S660 in the Top Fuel booth sitting on Advan RZII’s with an Endless BBK peeping through.


I have a soft spot in my hear for Toyota Crowns – mainly because we don’t get it and if I could do VIP all over again, it would be with this. I wish the hood was down on this one so you could see the front bumper better. It’s like they incorporated the new GS-F front in with the Lexus front fascia coming through. A nice combination of new gen and older gen.


More from the Aston Martin Racing booth. Crazy diffuser set up.




One of the crazier cars from the shots Galen took was this Liberty Walk C63 AMG on Airrex suspension.


The rear is not as crazy as the front with the splitter set up, but still very aggressive with the trunk lip.



Close up of the trunk lip.


Perfect fitment under the LB fender flares.


Awesome rear quarter shot of the whole car laying on the ground.




Close up of the 3SDM wheels in matte/gloss black





BMW M4 and M2 on display at the 3D design booth. I love the new M2’s a lot. The new BMW lineup almost looks practically the same from the 3 series, 5 series, and 7 series – it’s very subtle differences IMO. the only models that stand out a bit more is the 2 series and 6 series. I get that they want similar appearances, but come on BMW – it’s like you got lazy.


The new Bentley Bentayga in the Mansory booth. Not a huge fan… I mean, there are a ton of SUV’s a lot nicer than this one aesthetically, but what do I know, I’m just a peasant.


Crazy futuristic looking Audi TT – sort of looks like the Audi’s from Minority Report or i, Robot.



Gangster mobile – Mercedes G500. I think the rear could use some updating…


But I love the front end


Blast from the past! A fairly toned down AE86 Trueno sits in a sea of wild cars. Still an amazing car to look at though…


Wide bodied S15 from Super Made.


A view under the hood.


Some artwork from Rowen


Can’t imagine what this piece costs for the Ferrari 458 in titanium… More than you can afford pal, that’s for sure.


And a display of a Rowen quad tip exhaust system for the STI.


Red Bull/Formula Drift RX7 in the Gram Lights booth showcasing their new wheels – 57CR, I believe. I like these wheels – they’re eerily similar to Advan GT’s/TC’s but likely at a more attainable price.


Civic Type R – I’ll say it this one time – I don’t like a GT wing on this. lol


I love this gen Type R a lot – I would’ve gotten this over the FRS if this was available in NA…


Better angle. Nice colour combo 🙂


10th Gen Civic showcasing the underside





Blitz FRS


At first, I was really unsure about the Blitz widebody but now that i see it without livery and decals, it looks super aggressive and has decent lines. I’m surprised more people haven’t done this set up – it’s a lot better than Rocket Bunny… Or perhaps I’ve just seen too much RB…




The new NSX on display…



Another S660 in the Noblesse X Mirareed booth.


Another creation from Kuhl Racing – well known for their fully hand carved FRS and GTR’s in gold and silver. Now with a wild design on the hood of an R34


I love R34’s in this colour though – if I ever got a car with a colour, it’d be this blue.


And to add to that fully hand carved/etched theme – they’ve added an STI to the collection.


Super crazy, and I totally respect the work and hours gone into this but man, I don’t know if I’d ever be seen rocking it… _dsc4140

On the other side, you have – you guessed it – my favourite van of all time – the Toyota Vellfire also carved/etched out.


I’m telling you guys – if this ever came to NA, I’d own this van so fast. This and the Alphard are two vans that are such good designs both inside and out – I don’t know why they aren’t here. Likely due to the very aggressive styling and the worry it won’t catch on here… But look at the new Sienna – Toyota took the risk with a sportier and more aggressive look and it turned out to be a very popular design.


A better view from the side.


T/A RX7 in aggressive RE Amemiya aero


Perhaps aggressive is an understatement with this massive custom chassis-mounted Voltex wing.


Exedy Lotus on Volk ZE40’s. Every wheel Volk makes looks good on every car. Too awesome.


Varis FRS on copper wheels


A very clean example of a wide-bodied Integra on aggressive TE37v’s


Not overly wide, but aggressive enough IMO


A shot of the rears


Rear quarters remind me slightly of an R32. It kind of takes away from the clean body lines of the DC2, but it works.



Ending it here for today! More TAS coverage coming tomorrow! Sorry, it’s taking a while – write ups take some time between baby, work, and sleep LOL!

Live from Japan: Super Street Fresh Meet 3: Part 2

Here we go! It’s exciting having more than one post with actual content in a month around this time. Thank god for guys like Galen that go on trips AND take pics lol.


I can’t help but think of Jack and Eric when I see this duo together. Nearly the same except for the colour… Pretty dope!


An R33 on TE37’s – a rarer sight to see around here since it’s not as popular as the R32. It’s also difficult to find one nicely done if you do fine one. A Soarer and a Supra. Heavy line up…


A closer look at the Supra on Meisters



An R32 in Calsonic Livery/decals


A Spoon/J’s themed Fit/Jazz on some wide TE37v’s and fender flares


Up front  an aggressive splitter/rod combo.




Right behind that one was another… In a different theme altogether


Also sitting low on TE37’s


Also sporting a J’s Racing GT wing. I’m a softy for these…


The front is an aggressive carbon J’s Racing front and hood.




The duo together.



More of the RB BMW



All black FD RX7 on Meisters



How can you just walk by this people?!


Red Bull livery


Like I said… TE37’s on everything!


A duo of classics




C63 AMG on Work CR’s with the fender just barely touching


The rear quarter has seen better days I’m sure



Crazy. Breaking this guys neck in the back too.







A very nice example of a clean S13 on Work Meisters. The colour is perfect too.


Do I need to say it again?


Interesting parking set up lol.


Infiniti G37/Nissan Skyline V36 slammed to the ground




And we’ll end the Super Street meet with a very clean Supra on CE28’s. Tokyo Auto Salon content coming up!



Live from Japan: Super Street Fresh Meet 3 – Part 1

Great news – some awesome content for you guys! There is a group of us (likely the majority) that sit around and sulk on our phones/computers while TAS is going on in the JDM land and we’re left to dream what it would be like to walk the halls of the great brands that we often wait 3-6 months on for parts. The style and culture is something we likely will never see – it’s just not something as embraced by the North American culture like it is in Japan. We definitely try hard to mimic it, and to honour it the best we can by building cars that fit our vision of “JDM”, but it’ll never be the same. As is such, we’re often left with an imaginary taste of what it could be through pictures and social media.

But I digress… Galen ( has graciously offered to share some pics of his trip to Japan with me to post up. He pretty much ends up going each year and gets a lot of good photos of the stuff going down. Galen has an awesome network of friends including those in the level one group that give an insiders perspective on some of the things happening in and around the car scene there. I’m thankful he’s able to share – I think it’s worth being able to show people what’s going on from a different perspective. Every year I plan to go, something else comes up – I swear one day I’ll make it to TAS if it kills me. LOL!

The first two parts will be of the Super Street Fresh meet held in a parkade, TAS will be coming up shortly after, and then Stickydiljoe’s meet. As Galen shares, I’ll share 🙂


A shot of two level one cars – Kohei Miyata’s FC RX7 and Norifumi Kobayashi’s Accord TourerWagon with an R32 Skyline and FD RX7 in the distance.


Another shot of the pair.


A closer shot of the R32 on TE37SL’s


Wild widebody Supra on LXZ’s


Meanwhile… Outside the police were roaming…


Huge crowds outside. No racist, but I see more white people than Japanese people LOL.


A custom widebodied K-Break Prius on Work TR7 2pc wheels. _dsc3856

A wild GTR – not sure of the kit cause I probably can’t afford it, so I don’t ask. XP



An S15 in a colour you don’t see everyday with mild aero.


An EK on Bronze TE37’s and Toyota Crown dumped right next to it.


A Suzuki swift on bronze TE37’s over in the corner


R32 on CR’s beside an LS460. The memories…


Another R32 on OG TE37’s


A pair of Subaru Legacy wagons. One sitting low on Advan RG’s.


Sorry I don’t know what this is but it’s gangster as hell.


RB 350Z with a massive chassis-mounted GT wing with reinforcements and everything.

Side note – I remember way back when I had a J’s wing on my Civic, everyone said it was way too big. Looking back on it now, it was actually very small. Nowadays, people have wings wider and taller than it makes sense to have with reinforcement bars and crazy designs cut out of the stands and nobody bats an eye. *roll eyes*


A beautiful LB Maserati Gran Turismo. Great colour scheme – pays homage to Japan ironically enough.


Awesome vinyl work and placement IMO. Some inspiration for 2017 maybe…


One last shot. Lighting was awesome for it too.


G35/Skyline on TE37’s


More Skylines – but this time with an R34. The saying “TE37’s on everything!!!” goes well with this post.


That same G35/Skyline from the rear quarter


More shots of the widebody Supra on LXZ’s


I dig.


A beautiful R32 sitting nicely on Diamond Dark Gunmetal Volk ZE40’s.


An awesome red NSX witha Taitec front bumper on TE37’s.


All by its lonesome…


More of Norifumi’s Accord wagon and Kohei FC RX7 from level one.


Arcane Legend wheels with a set of Stoptech BBK’s peeping behind.



Perfect colour combo.


With a perfect engine bay to go with it!





I believe this BMW has the RB widened fenders as well.


New gen Miata absolutely dumped on massive wheels. Insane.


We’ll finish this post off with another NSX on matte black OG TE37’s. Love me a white NSX..


Part 2 tomorrow!