J-Tooned: Car Toon-Up Specialist – Another Chapter

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts again… I’ve been pretty busy with doing a bunch of toons for you guys over on Instagram and I basically never have any time to do much else. I’m either tooning or spending time with the family and then getting like an hour of game time (Genshin Impact FTW) in per day and that’s pretty much it before the gas tank runs on fumes.

In the last few weeks, I put myself on a hiatus on the custom car toons to try and give myself a break but of course, my mind goes elsewhere and before I know it, I’m doing something else when I should just be chillin.

Anyway, I just want to go wayyyy back to the start of all this. The reason I got an iPad in the first place was so I could create stuff – I didn’t know what I wanted to create (which is a problem in and of itself) – and so I ended up spending a lot of time going through ideas that just never got to become anything. Over the last few years (YES, years), I went through stages of motivation and discouragement… Picking it up again to create and putting it down again because nothing came of it. Art block.

In the last 9ish months in “quarantine” or “COVID lockdown”, I’ve had a little more time to really just spend on developing my skills and trying to get to a place of inspiration. By accident one day, I decided to toon my own car just to see what I could do. One thing led to another and here I am today – tooning the world’s coolest cars (your cars) and creating what I’ve been longing to create for a long freaking ass time. When you’re on this journey of trying to find your style, you never really know when you’re going to get there until you’re actually there.

Anyway, here is what I’ve been (unknowingly) working towards these last few months. Huge thanks to JC – he’s literally been like my creative director whenever I come to an art block and he helps me come out of it with no effort at all. I asked him for a new name for my new venture and within a few minutes, this is what he came up with. So I take no credit for this except for the design! I know he knows the pain I’ve been going through the last few years because I’ve brought this up to him many times…

Technically I could have just kept it linked to lifewithjson but I felt like it deserved something fresh. So with that, I introduce you to “J-Tooned: Car Toon-up Specialist” – a new chapter of lifewithjson. I don’t know where it’ll go and I don’t know exactly what I’m doing but I’ll let it evolve into whatever it decides to – much like lifewithjson 12 years ago.

One of the first things coming down the pipe are some peeker stickers. I’m not going to show all of them cause I want them to be a surprise at launch but I’ve been working tirelessly to try and get these ready for the new year. I think you guys will really like these – whether for use on your cars, laptops, or wherever you wanna slap them.

I really wanted to create something that was iconic and recognizable and I think this hits the mark.

I will be releasing 4 sets of different automotive-themed peeker stickers. Each set will include 4 distinctive cars that have either gone down in history as some of our most sought-after vehicles, some that have become tuner favourites, and others that have become a newly created icon that has broken the chains of being stuck as a cookie cutter build. In total, 16 cars will be released. 2 of the 16 are pictured above. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen previews of other designs but that’s the most I’ll be posting :).

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be working on setting up the online shop, putting finishing details on the sets and then be ready for orders ASAP. Thank you guys so far for the crazy overwhelming support over the last few months. Without the work you’ve given me, I wouldn’t have been able to hone my skills to get to this point. I’m super excited and I hope you are too!

Watch for the drop!

DEBORJA: FK8 Photoshoot

I totally forgot I had this in my drafts to post! This was from a few months back just before it started getting cold and I had posted my set up below but never got around to sharing David’s!

I mentioned before, but David has been one of my favourite local photographers in the last little bit. He really tries to challenge himself and try new things with his photos which is a challenging thing to do. It’s really tough to move away from what you’re comfortable with and his sets of different cars always have a different feel to it but you know he shot it.

Anyway, not a lot of talking – just enjoy the pics!

My Digital Art Journey and More Car Toons!

I’ve been pretty busy again with tooning all your cars so I decided to just share a few here if you don’t follow me on Instagram. I had stopped for a little bit because we were busy with moving and now that we’re finally all settled in, I opened up commissions again.

I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone so far that’s reached out and supported me with these toons. I started this with a few people’s cars randomly because they knew I could draw and I thought I’d give it a shot. I never really tooned cars before and prior to all of this, cars were really difficult for me to draw because of proportions and making them look like the actual car they’re supposed to look like.

So I ended up giving it a shot a few times and I honestly stumbled upon this style accidentally. It’s such a weird and awesome coincidence for me because for short time that I was dabbling in digital art, I was really struggling to find my “style”. Lots of times, I was struggling to hide my style by masking it and copying someone else’s but it never really satisfied me because it wasn’t truly “mine”. There’s a big difference when you can create art from scratch and not from “stealing” if that makes sense.

I think if you are into digital art, you’ve probably come across the same predicament that I’ve mentioned above. All while trying to be original – it’s a really frustrating black hole to be in, to be honest.

Anyway – after just testing my tooning with a few friends’ cars, I just eventually developed a style that I vibed with and I just ran with it. I think that was kind of my turning point in digital art and it may not be much, but it was super refreshing for me because I was able to start creating something from scratch that was appealing. I know a lot of people have sent me DM’s on how to do this or where to start and I don’t know if I can honestly tell you – like me, you just gotta keep at it and eventually you’ll find what you like and are good at. Whether you know how to draw already or not – everyone starts somewhere… You just gotta start.

So, I’ve been busy tooning a bunch of cars and sometimes I get to a point where I’ve got such a huge backlog that it stresses me out but at the same time, I’m super grateful for all the work. Thank you everyone again for the support! I really love all the unique cars and challenges coming through.



AIMGAIN x Lexus: Andrew Kwong’s IS-F

Another lowkey car around town is Andrew’s IS-F. He just recently got a full makeover with the full Aimgain bodykit and it’s looking hella fantastic. Andrew has been working on putting this car together over the last few years and I don’t blame him – VIP parts are expensive AF. Every little thing seems to have some premium price so you gotta pay to play. That’s the one good thing about the VIP scene though – if you cheap out, EVERYONE will know you cheaped out. Whereas you could probably get away with cheaping out on a ricer build or something and not catch too much attention.

We went out last week to see if we could capture what we have of Fall since we never really get it around here. This time last year, it was snowing and there was a huge snowfall that would’ve made it impossible for shots like this. It was super easy for us to meet up too since he lives like 2 minutes away from my parents. I rarely see this thing come out either so it was nice to spend some quality time shooting it.

I think the final step in completing this build is for him to go on air which I believe he’s planning on doing… Once that’s done, this thing will look absolutely killer.

It’s also super nice to shoot a black care that has been meticulously maintained. No swirls, no scratches, just some nice slick black WAP. (LOL)

As I mentioned in my previous post with Tiegan, I enjoy the foreground/background usage. Fall colours make it better.

That rear though…

I always say it and I’ll say it again – these Leon Hardiritts are still some of the best VIP wheels out there. I don’t know another person in this city that has LH wheels. Come to think of it, I don’t know anyone in Canada that has LH wheels… Not that I know a lot of people, but you know…

The one thing about shooting black in the middle of the day is all the god damn glare. Doesn’t help that his car is shiny AF LOL. Turned out great though

Not a front end you see too often these days…

Just to the left of this picture was this big ass house surrounded by big ass trees and nature. They were just sitting around a fire and watching. I yelled out “we’re just taking some shots” and they were like “oh yeah, go ahead!”. Rich people can be nice sometimes.

Now imagine this slammed to the ground. Can’t wait to see that

Up close of that awesome color

We positioned quickly together as Andrew set up to get some drone shots…

Way up high… I’m scared of heights so just seeing this thing all the way up there made my palms sweaty. Just the thought of it falling… LOL anyone else? No? OK.

There it is…

Andrew working the magic

And one last parting shot before this thing is probably put away for the year. Hopefully some big changes to come next year!