DIY: Mugen FK8 Wing Install

Well, I’m happy to be able to post this sooner than I had originally thought. The main fact being that I was having trouble finding someone that could paint the wing ASAP so I could get it installed. In talking to Jason Divina, he got a bunch of his Mugen recently painted in Boost Blue so I was able to get  a spot this week to get it painted! Hoo-rah!

I’m TOO stoked on the outcome of this – honestly, I never thought I’d really ever own the Mugen wing mainly because of the cost. It’s worth noting that at the time this wing was announced, only the carbon version was released and that was a hefty $11,000. Yes, eleven thousand dollars. I can spend $1k on a wing, $2k on a wing, hell I’ll spend $4k on a wing but I can’t justify $11,000 lol. The most expensive wing that I had bought was the swan neck Voltex wing for the FRS. Anyway, shortly after the release of the carbon version – Mugen released the FRP version – which btw is still no cheap option – but is definitely more affordable. I decided early on in the year (January) to bite the bullet and just do it otherwise it would just eat at me forever. So fast forward and here we are – the part has landed, it’s been painted and now we install…

Beautifully painted in Champ White.

The stock wing was off already because I was prepared to install when it landed but when I realized it wasn’t actually painted, it just sat there lol. Anyway, first step was to remove the two plugs (already out in this pic) and then Mugen supplied small foam stickers to place over the holes where the new bolts would be used.

The wing brackets mounted onto the trunk. Two bolts and two nuts right underneath the trunk. Super easy.

Upon having the brackets installed, you install the side legs on the inner portion of the brackets. 3 bolts, 3 washers, 3 nuts. Easy.

I also want to add again – Mugen fitment is basically OEM. Just perfect.

Look at how it lines up with the trunk. Made me wet my pants tbh. I love when fitment is perfect and Mugen never fails to deliver.

Once the wing stands are on, mount up the foil with two bolts. Note that it’s adjustable but I just opted for a simple and straight mount to keep things clean and simple. Lets be real, this ain’t hitting the track and needing downforce anytime soon LOL

Next up was to put on the side covers to cover up the brackets. I would like to make a special request to Mugen. Please do not put the responsibility of cutting and putting on the 3M tape in the hands of the customer. LOL I hated doing this part because I didn’t want to mess it up. It ended up perfect but still! Mugen tells you exactly where to put them btw.

Also, badge of authenticity… I’ve been seeing a lot of fake ass Mugen showing up lately and it makes me cringe. Don’t fake the funk please… There are only a HANDFUL of people that actually have the carbon version and everyone pretty much knows who they are. There are people out there rocking a “carbon” one and we all know you didn’t pay $10k for that wing when the rest of your car is made up of APR and has homemade splitter rods, bruv.

The super cool thing is that Mugen provides new trunk bumpers to use. Probably because when you remove the original ones, they pretty much just wreck themselves on the way out. They’re still useable but they become wobbly. So shout out to Mugen for including these!

Some shots now of the side piece now on.

A+ fitment.

Awesome lines in the wing. Took a while to grow on me – much like the whole Mugen kit – but now I’m absolutely in love.

How much are these worth? $2k? Cause I was scared AF to mess this up LOL

As expected – Mugen also tells you exactly how to put on the decals with measurements and such. Talk about the pressure. Got me busting out the ruler and marking and making sure it was exact Mugen-spec LOL.

I held my breath hella long to do this LOL

But success! Looks MF-ing SICK!

So damn clean.

Kind of the best side profile shot I could get. The car isn’t really ready for a photoshoot yet – I’m still waiting to get my lip back from paint so until I get that, no photos. It’ll just sit in the corner looking pretty lol.

And one last shot to leave you with. Yes, I know there are a few more Mugen pieces but I’m still unsure about them. I don’t think I’ll be doing the front Mugen covers but I think the last piece I’ll do is the carbon mirrors and I’m calling it quits on the FK8 and just enjoy it.

DIY: CARPRO SiC on the J’s Racing Fit

So I’ve been pretty anxious to finally get this all done since buying the car but I just haven’t had time to dedicate until recently. It’s been killing me driving around a car I haven’t personally cleaned inside and out – I don’t know why – just an OCD thing or something…

Anyway, over the last week I’ve been tackling bit by bit on the Fit to at least bring it up to the level that I think is “clean”. It doesn’t matter who owned it before – even if it was a dude that was OCD like me, I’d probably end up redoing it again anyway LOL. Last week I did a full interior shampoo on everything – seats, carpet, doorsill fabric – anything that was able to be shampooed was indeed shampooed. I then steamed and cleaned up all crevices inside and in the door/trunk jams to get out the gunk that’s been sitting there for who knows how long. The good thing about going through the car is you get to clean everything… The bad thing is that you start to notice certain imperfections or things that you need to change or fix. On the interior, there are a few things that I’d like to tackle over time – IE., replacing the interior carpet with a new one, replacing some seals and adding in missing bolts that for whatever reason weren’t there to begin with…

The interior is boring so I never really took pics. The most exciting part is really just prepping and finally getting the coating on. This time, I opted for CARPRO SiC over the classic UK 3.0 + Gliss combo. SiC is still fairly new and there really isn’t much out there in terms of longevity but I wanted to take the chance on this one. Apparently it’s basically UK 3.0 + Gliss in one with the protection and slickness in one. I guess we’ll see over time, but I’ll talk about the process throughout the post.

The Fit in all its glory. Unwashed, unpolished, uncoated. Looks good from afar and not too shabby up close but not the best.

The first hand wash in the new garage too. Excuse the ugly flooring – new flooring doesn’t go in until mid-September.

The resident BI can’t wash the car without making sure his own barrels/wheels aren’t clean LOL

One of my favourite steps in the process is actually using an Iron filling cleaner like IronX. It could totally just be a psychological thing with the color changing effect but it does feel like it gets a lot of things that you can’t with a simple wash mitt or claybar.

The affected area was behind the door handles which I soaked a lot longer. You could even start to see the contaminants along the edge of the handle.

Upon soaking, you could see so much of that red leaking out and immediately start clearing up.

Other parts of the car that are often neglected are the pieces right up against black like near your grill and those little crevices. You can see a bit here which required some claybarring to remove.

Even after just IronX and a claybar, the car seems to shine even more…

One of the other things I’ll end up doing maybe over the winter is repainting certain pieces to all match. It’s not terrible but you can see that the bumper is slightly off compared to the rest of the front. It’s definitely not in your face noticeable but it bugs me…

I ended up claybarring the door sills and jams as there was a bunch of build up there…

All clean…

The side mirrors also had a bunch of build up which IronX and claybarring helped remove easily…

Always funny to see Champ White next to any other white cause then it just looks yellow hahaha

Done for the day. I let it just sit and dry over night because I hate polishing the car when there’s water drips just coming out from little crevices…

The next day, I started the polish. The paint was in fairly good condition already so I didn’t need much. I did a simple stage 1 polish with CARPRO Fixer and an orange pad.

Cleaned up the headlights nice


Side results…

Looking good on this side too…

The rear end was nice to polish as well. Got the tail lights all shined up as well as the rear hatch. Often times the hatch or rear of a car is super contaminated from all the kick up on the road. Gotta take care of the ass…

Got some of the swirls out of the wing too. Smooth carbon is the best carbon.

And the much anticipated SiC. I initially wanted to try a graphite coating but I’m just too invested and sold on the CARPRO ecosystem and lineup so I just decided to try SiC instead. Most of the thoughts on this have been fairly positive – the most notable feature of this being the slickness that it brings…

I will say that SiC is definitely slicker than UK 3.0 + Gliss right off the bat. It’s extremely nice and satisfying. It is also significantly easier to apply than UK 3.0. When I was doing it, the ambient temperature in the garage was about +20C and the cure time was anywhere between 1-10 minutes. I found that even after about 8-9 minutes, that was my sweet spot. It wasn’t hard to take off at all and it didn’t grab like UK 3.0 did when it flashed.

You might notice that the results produced a much deeper and strong gloss and shine. Even just on the headlight, I was thoroughly impressed with the deepness it created in a clear lens.

The hood produced a very nice shine and gloss as well.

I would say on dark colours, SiC seemed to really create a dark and deep gloss that is actually super noticeable. The wing and carbon weave here is a good example.

I thought it looked great after the polish but upon wiping off SiC, I didn’t think would’ve looked this good.

Gloss on the rear quarter… Beautiful

Tail lights just shining like a diamond

More gloss on the carbon canards…


And that’s that! Unfortunately, sometimes gloss can be a little understated on white but it does look great in person. The most important thing is now it’s protected – which is all I really wanted.

Bada bing bada boom! Stoked on finally being done. I opted not to coat the wheels yet – I’m going to probably take off all the wheels over winter and clean them up properly and then work on replacing other things like bolts and getting the fenders and sideskirts repainted and reinstalled a little better as well. Little things but in the end, it’s the small things that matter!

Mugen FK8 Wing has Landed (Not Installed)

Just in time for #MugenMonday! (Sorry, I’m writing this one day late but it did show up yesterday LOL)

This is just a quick post because I was too excited about it only to be extremely disappointed – only because I had set my expectations too high lol. But before we get to that, I just want to say that 9 months is the longest I’ve ever waited for a car part and it is excruciating. I know others that have waited over a year, which at that point, I feel like I’d just probably not care for it anymore LOL. Prior to this, I had waited almost exactly 6 months for my Voltex swan neck wing for the FRS a few years ago. This Mugen wing was delayed 2 times before it finally got here. Now summer is pretty much over and I have the Fit and I’m not sure I’ll have much time to enjoy it now lol.

Anyway, back to the part where I disappointed myself. For some reason I thought that when it showed in pictures and that it came in FRP, I thought that it was at least painted in a gloss black (and I don’t know why I thought that…) but instead it came basically sanded and READY for paint. So here I was, I uninstalled the stock wing and had it sitting and ready to be installed and as I opened the box, I sat there in silence as I RIP’d my feelings. I guess it doesn’t really matter either because I still have to pick up my Mugen lip from paint, so it’s not really complete even if it did come painted.

A lot more boxes/pieces than I was expecting – I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with Mugen at this point. It’s pretty much like receiving OEM parts.

Decals for the side of the wing.

And the wing stands – the one I pulled out before realizing I wasn’t going to be able to put it on yesterday LOL. UGH

Well hopefully I can get it in for paint in the next week and install it shortly after. Stay tuned! Sorry for the anti-climactic post – I was too excited to at least show you the wing stand and decals LOL

1st Annual Village Honda Show & Shine

Doing something a little with this post – you’ll get some pics from myself and from David (@Deborja) from Village Honda. So a few different perspectives to the show as well as a ton of extra pictures than just the ones I take.

Originally I was supposed to be able to bring one or both of my cars to this but we had something scheduled and so I had to drop last minute. However, I did have an hour to sneak away to come grab some pictures shortly before the show started while roll-in was still happening so I’m glad I was able to stop by quickly.

This is Village Honda’s first car show that they’ve put on and it turned out to be pretty good! It was kept to a “Honda-only” show and they sought to bring out some of the cleanest and best Honda builds locally – some even came down from Edmonton for the show. The show definitely brought out some of the cleanest builds you don’t typically see at the weekly evening meets so it was nice to see them out at this one. The hope is that this show establishes a solid foundation for future shows and draws more attention to the Honda and car-fanatics alike to come out and participate – even if you don’t own a Honda!

As I go through the pics, I decided to just organize by car rather than show all my pics and then have you go through them all again to see David’s. Enjoy!

The scene is set. It was a nice start to the day with blue skies and warm weather.

During roll-in, I captured some cars coming in if I was around. This clean EK on TE37’s and Spoon brakes came through…

A full Spoon-kitted FK8 with full cage/Recaro interior. The only thing replaced was the Spoon swan neck for a Voltex wing instead. Good call… I’m still not sold on the Spoon wing – it looks a tad too small for the FK8 body.

Corey O’Hara in his S2000 and Adrian Perry in his EJ. AKA the South Boys – never really see these guys anymore.

Ryan in his EP3… This is for sale btw! $13.5K firm – one of the cleanest EP3’s you’ll find… These are a dime a dozen lately…

David got some wider group shots of the show…

Lots of doggos came to chill with the Honda’s…

Integra lineup…

NSX Lineup…

EG/EJ lineup…

FK8 lineup…

S2000 lineup…

Josh and his EG – one of the cleanest EG builds I’ve seen locally. He’s put a lot of work into this with a lot of attention to detail here. Hard to deny it’s presence…

Civic Si coupe with an HFP kit, I believe and additional undertray aero…

Stewie’s Spoon-front FK8 on TE37’s and a V-mount Voltex wing. He just recently mounted up the new carbon splitter to it as well. A really clean build.

Blue EG on RPF1’s

Civic Si on Gramlights 57CR with a Brembo BBK upgrade and a carbon kevlar front lip.

Red chrome-wrapped FK8

Roel’s full Varis FK8

Pauls’ Accord Wagon – always a pleasure to see. I love that it’s always clean lol

Slammed accord on Works.

If you needed another view of that sunshade… lol

SUppppppppperrrr clean Prelude

Si dumped on VS-KF’s… You might recall this (and likely a few others) from my Driven coverage.

Adrian’s EJ. That red always be poppin’. As soon as I came by, he insisted his barrels were clean and allowed me to do a BI check. LOL can confirm they were so clean you could eat off of them

Derrick’s JDM converted CSX. Boosted and he just recently lowered it as well.

Christian’s Mugen FK8 on CE28’s. I think he might have been the only one that made the trip from Edmonton…

He also asked for a BI check LOL! I love how you guys are so into cleaning your wheels now. It’s been an extremely under-cleaned area haha

JDM RSX/Integra

Brandon’s track-ready RSX

Thought he was trying to ball out at the show with these bronze CE’s just chillin in the back

Bride driver and Status passenger

I commend Brandon for at least trying to clean his wheels. For using and abusing them at the track, they were pretty decent LOL

CR-V!!! So sick haha

Another super clean example of a pristine 90’s Civic. That paint is drippin

Corey’s S2000. I saw the Volk Racing sticker that you power washed off… LOL jk

Jory’s S2000

Rocking that Asimo holo sticker. You da man!!

OEM+ Honda S2000 with a Mugen lip/wing and Spoon mirrors.

Yellow JDM ITR on Advan’s.

I haven’t yet been sold on Odyssey’s, especially when you compare them to Sienna’s but this one bagged and kitted looks TOO good.

This thing was SO sick. Full Mugen and SO clean

Love me some clean headlights…

Mugen grill

Mugen wheels + centercap

Interior cleaner than most cars that just drove off the lot lol

Alex’s old Civic coupe – he sold it – I just don’t who owns it now. But still in great condition.

Titanium goodies galore

Jeev’s EG that has been recently restored

Jeevs’ EK Civic on Mugen MF10’s also restored

Pretty simple NSX on Advan RZ’s

And another on BBS’s… It still amazes me how timeless NSX’s are even today.

Ed’s extremely mint ’91 CRX. He bought this brand new and I think the first time I saw this was at Sunday School in 2019.

It’s so rare to find original owned cars these days – especially in this condition.

Another CRX in black right beside Ed’s – this one with a few Mugen goodies! Can’t argue that either!

Ryan’s EP3 I snapped a shot at roll-in. Those concave ZE40’s up front!


The lineup of some really clean ITR’s/Integras starting off with this JDM champ white one.

Alex’s fully restored, painted and minty yellow ITR. It’s pretty much as if he rolled it out of the showroom recently.

Cleaner than most engine bays…

A baby blue Integra – probably the most modified of the lineup…

And ending off that lineup – a USDM ITR in champ white…

Music entertainment for the day…

Monster energy came out and had some of their new lineup as samples…

I grabbed the peach tea one – I love the non-carbonated ones. So much more enjoyable to drink lol.

I missed this when I was going around as it hadn’t been brought out yet but the new NSX in yellow came out to park by the other two NSX’s up front…

Lots of different Honda’s/Acura’s that day… This Integra had a bunch of stuff going on…

Civic EG…

A pretty mint black CR-V. This one was clean!

Civic Sedan dressed in black

CRX in a much loved condition.

Another CRX! Honestly probably the first time in a long while that I’ve seen this many CRX’s in one place…

Civic Si Sedan in red…

Civic Si (FK) black on black… These things look really good even without the wider flares that the FK8 has. I always have to take a second look at them lol

I don’t know about you guys but the 9th gen coupes look good to me. I know there are many that argue that all the odd gens of Honda Civics are no bueno and I don’t disagree, but this one is an exception for me. The headlights look like they took some styling cues from the CSX and there were a lot of really sharp and aggressive lines in this as you can see from the front bumper, sides and quarter panels.

And of course, the 8th gen Si coupe. Always a soft spot in my heart…

A JDM Accord Euro R. SO clean. I’m sad I missed this but glad David got a pic of it!

And just to end the post – the three awards for the day…

Josh was awarded the best modified Honda. Well-deserved sir!

The best classic went to the Honda Prelude! Later on in the day, it ended up raining, so he got a nice shot with the water beading 🙂

And the last award was awarded to Roel for the best in Show with his Varis FK8.

That is it! Thanks to Village Honda for the great show!

Looking forward to the future shows!