illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine IX – Part 1

Is this a god damn record for having a post up the same day of the show literally after everyone’s had dinner?! I think so… But also because I can’t really do anything except sit in front of the TV or computer anyway. I know, I know – some of you are all like “why does he have to talk about this for car show coverage?” and although it’s not something worth bragging about, it’s a good reason for explaining the future posts for the coverage of the show.

I got “snipped” on Thursday. 3 days before Sunday School. 4 days earlier than the doctor prescribed to be walking around taking pictures of all your cars. Did I plan it that way? No. Was I bummed about it? A little – ONLY because I take a lot of pride in getting good coverage for the show. I enjoy walking around and looking at all the hard work that you guys have to offer. Now, I could’ve just said “fuck it” and went and took pictures of all the cars by myself like I usually do but the direct result of that would be balls the size of melons and you guys sure as shit ain’t worth fucking melon balls. Instead – JC graciously offered to do the coverage for me with a 30 second tutorial of how to do it. I took the liberty of taking pics of whatever I could within walking distance, but once I remembered the words “melon balls”, I said NOPE and that was that. Anyway, maybe a little TMI but I just wanted to give a shout out to JC for doing that for me LOL!

Anyway, this post will be for the pre-show content  and a little of what I could get of roll-in. If you’re looking for your car here, you likely won’t find it unless I happened to capture you driving by… So, sorry I made you read a story of my balls first… I won’t get into details about the show until I start the coverage… Think of this as foreplay. I’ll try to get the first batch up tomorrow.

Met up with the gang at Spec R at 830AM to gather the things and roll out together. Parked next to Joe’s CTR.

Inside the shop was Daniel from Haute AG’s track-prepped M3 sitting front and center of the shop. I decided to snap some pics of it while the morning sun hit it… It’s been a long time since I last shot it – and it’s changed completely since I have.

The livery around the car is inspired by Yokohama/Advan and there are a plethora of “race car” mods on this but it comes together all so well.

Even the windows have the slider piece. A car that would be a real pain in the ass to drive daily…

Yokohama AD08R. Still the most aesthetically pleasing tire to look at IMO. Nice to see it on display.

Back to Daniel’s M3 – a headlight scoop for the engine bay…

However, the M3 is merely just a shell right now with no heart underneath… Not sure on the plans of it but I’m looking forward to whatever is next.

Out back, Joe and Trung were checking tire pressures on Trung’s Voltex S2000…

Sans Joe… lol

Signed Voltex canard by Mr. Voltex himself…

Trung switched over to Advan GT’s to be in the Yoko booth as well… As nice as the Advan GT/Yoko AD08R combo is – it’s hard to deny that the AD08R looks good on pretty much any wheel.

Some other gems in the shop… As it’s shared by Haute AG/Spec R/Alpine Autoworks. A rare Porsche 914…

I think this is Levi’s old EK but I’m not sure if it’s still his or if it’s sold… It’s my first time seeing it in person and I dig the colour!

Right beside it is an FC on mag blue TE37’s

Inside the EK… All gutted with a cross bar…

A work in progress…

Sitting on bronze Mugen MF10’s… Such a great combo.

Another Porsche hiding in the corner…


I can’t remember but I think this FC was LS-swapped the last time I saw it…

A very rare TRD widebody Supra…

Out front – both of Trung’s cars ready to roll…

Once we got there, the boys went to work on setting up the tents. I basically watched because… Well… Melon balls…

James from Yokohama taking out a display AD08R…

Yokohama welcome mat… I need this for the garage hahaha

As always, the team gets blessed with fantastic weather. There hasn’t been a year with bad weather once – in fact – it’s always super sunny with no wind so everyone just gets farmer tans and sun burns…

I enjoy this view in the early morning… It’s really serene and calming and the skyscrapers add a nice ambiance to it all…


Starting with the roll in shots now… Slammed Civic Si coupe. This gen was a pretty rare gen to see an Si coupe around here. The revision in the headlights are the selling point for me on this gen…

Only one of many lineups during roll-in today… I’d like to add as well that the guys have pretty much mastered the art of roll-in now. I recall in our first few years, there were still some trips and falls during roll-in but man, these guys have it down to the T. Walkie Talkies and everything… It was rare to see it backed up for longer than a few seconds.

STI hatch on Gram Lights

R32 Skyline with a few bolt-on flares, canards and what looks to be a Varis GT wing.

A clean example of a Genesis…

Blue-wrapped BMW 328i on ESR wheels…

See… That morning light though…

Pretty clean Nissan Cima… Don’t see these around too often…

Noel’s S14 from Drift Squad on Work VS-KF’s… Still looks great after all these years…

Part of the Legit Society crew rolling in… These guys are mainly made up of cars from Edmonton with a few here I believe, and they always come in with heavy hitters. I think I might have said this in previous posts but they are all literally Varis/Voltex’d out… Very good examples of strong and true JDM builds.

A new one that I don’t recall ever seeing from them was this Mugen Fit. I have a soft spot for this gen because Diana had one years ago on purple Meisters and Spoon springs and it was clean as fuck. Whenever I see a cleanly modded GE8, I can’t help but admire…

BTS… Does it mean what I think it means? Cause Aria would love the shit out of this car lol.

This bad ass car. I’m going to call it Mater because that’s what it reminds me of and I don’t know anything about trucks… And I’m honestly not trying to offend the owner cause I think it’s cool as hell.

@lsfodirty’s Mode Parfume LS430. I absolutely love how this looks – for a while – he was running stock aero and it looked great but the Mode Parfume just completely changed how it looks.

A little bit of a better shot – he’s also on Alfred’s old Weds Kranze Cerberus III’s that were on his Infiniti M35 years ago… It is truly an underrated wheel and I think because it’s got more ‘wild-styling’ that people tend not to go that route. That’s fair, but if you have the balls to cop ’em and rock ’em well, they are money. I believe he’s also static…

Also – I’m sorry if I don’t know some of your names – I do better by Instagram handles only because I’m exposed to it literally everyday hahaha. If I don’t know your name, I’ll try my best to at least use your username…

A pair of VIP GS300’s…

Ending the roll in with Jesse’s Supra from Lowcals…

I really wish I could’ve gotten more for roll-in, but between this and setting up cars and all the chaos that is roll-in, this was all I could get… Part 2 show coverage coming soon…

Cars x Bubbletea – August 2nd

Another awesome turnout for the 2nd Cars x Bubbletea meet! We pretty much doubled the turnout from last time which is awesome! I think by my picture count and rough estimate, we were easily at 120 cars. We ended up being in the other, smaller lot since that’s where some cars parked before we got there so we just went with it. Next time, we’ll park in the bigger lot beside it.

I missed at least 1/4 of the cars only cause they just kept on coming. I also hate shooting in the sunset like this hahaha – oh well. Enjoy!

Eric and his super clean S15.

Errol showed up in some new red TE37SL’s.

Barb and her S2000 on mag blue TE37’s

Rich and his CR-V this time but on DC2R wheels. Swapped out the Jeep wheels to get some better mileage due to the lighter weight…

Mike Salek’s Porsche – one of the cleanest and swirl-free black cars there…

R32 with carbon fenders/hood on Cosmis Racing wheels

Adrean’s IS300

Felix’s Silvia

A lot of different variety at the meet.

@YoungTokyo’s Echo

@kid.dynamo’s GX81 Mark II

Jon’s Mini Countryman

Jason Tang’s IS? Did he remove the wrap or is this someone else sporting the midnight legends banner?

Jay’s MK4 Jetta aired out

Carley’s bagged Tiguan R-line. Everything should be bagged lol

Funny – Jay and Carley never had bubbletea before this meet. Good to try something new! haha

Matte jade-wrapped R6

This thing brings back some memories. LS460 and it looks to be lowered on stock air suspension – perhaps using a controller? Just needs some big boy wheels…

AJ’s bagged F30

R34 Skyline

Golf R on some RE30’s. JDM x Euro mix.

Shawn’s Integra from Custom Decals

10th gen Civic with some aggressive livery

Lancer on TE37’s

More aggressive livery on this Focus ST

Ryan and Jackie came out too

Jackie’s Tundra on bronze TE37’s

Red Supra rolled in a little later…

And this Silvia on bronze TE37’s…

Rare to see Celica’s nowadays… Even just driving on the road…

Maybe they’re working towards the rusted hood look?

Jack’s Silvia with great fitment on those Nismos..

Danny’s bagged Allroad on a set of velvet red Rotiforms.

Probably my favourite car of the night was Rob’s bagged 740. This car has been put together so perfectly and has such a great presence. The paint is immaculate and the fitment of the Emitz is bang on. This is a very perfect example of how Euro VIP should be executed. The touch of the JDM work wheels is a nice cherry on top to his build. Absolute perfection.

I wish the length of this was easily depicted in the pics… This will have to do…

Even Dicken in his Evo showed up – don’t see this thing come out too often…

Type R gang

Jacobs’ M235i on Advan’s

Chelsea’s super clean Ultrasonic Blue 3IS lowered on RSR springs. I love this colour.

Howard’s super clean IS-F on Volk TE37’s

Jonathan’s 335i

Static GS rolling through…

Aria playing with Kona in the shade..

Showing off her bubbletea shirt that Diana made for her LOL. I drew the design quickly in Procreate and Diana cut it out on holographic vinyl. She was so stoked to wear this all day.

Even Tim in his EG rolled through. I see this thing once a year at the illmotion show and shine but I had the chance to see it before then… That’ll make it two times a year LOL

R35 GTR on bronze TE37’s. Classic look.

S2000 on TE37’s

Evo on bronze TE37’s and a Voltex wing out back. I liked this look.

Bagged STI on bronze ZE40’s. That fitment was TOIGHT. Looked real good.

Another Euro on RE30’s… Probably one of the only JDM wheels that look better on a Euro car than a JDM car… IMO…

Sonic Grey FK8.

Dicken’s Evo X.

Paul’s Accord wagon aired down on Superspeed RF03RR wheels. Such a good look for his car. Glad he was able to make it out despite not liking bubbletea XD

Had to get another shot of Rob’s 740… Phew…

Subie trio

Spencer’s WRX

Pat’s 1JZ IS300

Adrian and his K20 EJ Civic on bronze CE’s. I love shooting red cars…

Let this be known that whoever is in this picture is the one that popped your hood pins, Eric… I’m not going to name names but I heard he goes by ABG hunter…

Some crazy wrap on these wheels… As she was rolling through the sun, I swear the wheels were lighting up and flashing. hahaha

Black on black Tundra

Josh and Punit. I swear every time, at least one of these guys try to poke my OCD and do something I hate taking pictures of… Y u no straighten wheel, Josh?!

From this angle, you can’t tell Punit didn’t wash his car…

At least from this angle, the turned wheel works…

Bill came in his new S15 – still a work in progress – but good progress so far! I’m glad he was able to get his dream car finally.

Tim’s EG on black TE37’s with Spoon brakes peeking from behind…

Joe brought out his CTR this time over the Porsche…

Haider’s FRS on RPF1’s

That GTI from earlier where I thought the wheels were putting on a lightshow… Pretty clean!

Rin fell asleep for most of the meet with Diana…

Quick overhead shot of half of the lot…

The last shot on my camera was Jesse rolling in with his R32…

Great turnout! So good to see a nice, full meet again… See you guys in 2 weeks!

Yokohama x lifewithjson

Pretty excited to share this news with you guys – if you follow me on Instagram, then you would have already seen it but last week I had Yokohama Canada reach out to me and offered a sponsorship to me for supporting their brand. I had never been sponsored nor have I ever tried to get sponsored only because A) why does any big brand care about me and B) it screams “look at me, I’m too cheap to buy things myself so give me free things instead” to ask brands to sponsor you. (Also… Don’t do that).

Over the course of building the cars that I have, I’ve been approached by a few brands but have always declined. It was just never worth my time because the proposition would always be super exciting like “hey we want to sponsor you…” and then you’re like “well damn, sure! what’s in it for me?” and they’ll hit you with the “we’ll give you a 2% discount if you slap our decal on your car but you also have to pay for shipping and any conversion fees from USD! Excellent right?!”

No, mate. No it is not. That’s just like giving me free pennies for you to get free advertisement. No bueno. I also may have exaggerated the amount of discount – it was actually 5% (truly) which is still like saying “we give literally zero fucks about actually sponsoring you and just want you to rock our decal”. After a few of these types of approaches, you start to get this bitter taste in your mouth about sponsorships and think that there is no such thing as a good sponsor – so who gives a shit about them. I certainly didn’t.

Let me preface this by saying this didn’t actually start the way I’ve outlined it above. It all started with Kyle Ho from Spec R messaging me one morning asking if I’d like to be in the Yokohama booth for the illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine because Yokohama Canada saw my car and wanted it. “Sure”, I said. I don’t mind repping a sick brand for the show – and it just kind of ended there. A few weeks later, James from Yokohama Canada connected with me directly and we started talking a bit about the car and being with the booth. One thing lead to another and this is one of those situations where a brand decal is on my car for a better reason than just thinking it looks cool. We ended up meeting officially in person at our last Friday cars x bubbletea meet as he was in town and decided to come out. James is apparently also a follower of the blog so that’s super exciting for me LOL! It was nice to meet you James!

i’m still debating how and where to put the bigger Advan decal – I need the placement to be perfect. I think about it in my sleep sometimes… LOL

I will also say this – the pictures, the words, my actions – none of it is paid, because I know some of you are thinking that. They don’t pay me to rep Advan/Yokohama and they don’t pay me to say nice things about the brand. I think that’s the great thing about a company that truly wants to sponsor you. A saying that’s been with me for much of my real-world, corporate career has been “support those that support you” and it really translates to real world circumstances too. It’s tough to find that in the world of big corporate names and brands.

Support (cause that’s what this really is) is more about backing the ideal and the vision that another is working towards and less about trying to get freebies or discounts. A brand that’s willing to help you in your build is a brand worth supporting.

Anyway, I’m super stoked that Yokohama Canada chose me to back in this oh-so-large community of tuners and gear heads. Good things come to those who aren’t looking.  Thanks for listening/reading!

Cars x Bubbletea – July 26th

Everyone be sliding into my DM’s like “yo Jason where’s those Friday pics?” and I’m all like “yo guys, I have two kids to keep alive still – they be up when they up alright?!”. Just kidding – but also half serious LOL. I know some of you probably saw me either lugging around a car seat with Rin in it while snapping some photos or I had Aria running circles around me and photobombing my shots and if you didn’t know who that loser was, well now you know! It’s a new skill I have to master because squatting for every picture while holding a car seat isn’t exactly the easiest thing and making sure your toddler running around doesn’t get hit by a car while taking a picture isn’t exactly easy either hahaha.

Anyway – last Friday was a pretty good turnout! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came out – it was nice to see some cars you don’t normally see at regular meets (or shows for that matter). It was a beautiful Friday and the weather was perfect – I don’t know the exact count and I didn’t take pictures of every car that came through unfortunately cause we had to leave – but there was about 50-60 cars that came out and that’s pretty decent! Whether this turns into a weekly thing or not is still up for debate and I know it kind of crosses into a whole bunch of other weekly meets like the Beyond meet and Barlow meets and whatever else there is, but it’s a change of scenery if anything.

Things learned for next time:

  1. Maybe let Chatime know we’re rolling through because apparently we killed them on Friday LOL.

That’s it. I literally can’t think of anything else – the lot was great. Behaviour was great. Attendance was great. Damn – ya’ll just so good! Anyway, here are some pics that I could get… If anything, just check Instagram stories to see if there’s a meet each Friday. I’m sure it’ll be reposted and you’ll see it eventually!

The crew right at 7PM. LOL Not many of us at this time… Thought it was going to be a bust.

Yoseph’s supercharged Si sedan.

Jacob’s M235i on black Advan RS-DF’s. Love this combo

Jon’s Mini Countryman S.

Altezza on Gram Lights

Neal’s impeccably clean and mint VW rabbit. Like literally mint inside and out – it was good to finally see this in person.

On the polar opposite end of that is Brad’s VW Beetle – equally good to see. At one point, they were even hitting the car with keys… LOL

JC’s 3IS on some brand new shoes – Work Kiwami CR’s in bronze.

A closer look. Literally out of the box the day before haha

Trung’s CTR on CE28’s with a meaty 265. Pretty perfect fitment here.

Errol’s CTR on TE37’s

Southboy Corey’s S2000. Never see these guys anymore – we were surprised they actually came all the way from the South for this.

Southboy Ryan’s EP3 – should be no stranger to anyone by now but it sounded like he was burning 2018 fuel for this lol.

Southboy Jason’s CTR looking good. I think there were about 10 CTR’s in attendance that night or something crazy like that LOL.

From the rear you can see Jason’s new Greddy Supreme SP exhaust.

Rich’s IS300

Team white is back

CTR on CTR on CTR…

Rear shot of Brad’s beetle.

JC on baby duty watching Rin while I went out to take more pics lol.

Aria photobombing pics. Like literally every single one lol. Thought this one turned out good though hahahaha

Her hand got in the shot, but at least the car still looks good LOL!

Chris’s CTR on ZE40’s and KW V3’s – pretty crazy. The only one I know of that went the coilover route. Looks sick… Sorry Chris – Aria got in the way of this one too haha

Here’s a better shot I was able to snap while I asked her to move for like a millisecond.

Don’t see many of these around anymore… Hawkeye STI

Simple and clean BMW

Eric from Zokusha Tuning’s Sienna bagged out on Advan GT’s. Still my favourite local van. I wish I had the money to build this because this would be the only van I’d rock the hell out of haha


I still have a soft spot for 370z’s… One day I’ll have one.

A spin on what looks to be the Advan livery but in purple on this Miata.

Mustang. No bystanders were hurt at this meet. This one behaved…

Man… When was the last time I saw a Prelude at a meet? Looked like a work in progress maybe?

A pretty clean 240SX

Pat’s 1JZ swapped IS300. One of the cleanest (if not the cleanest) IS’s in town… Such a perfect look.

One of two FRS’s (I think) that came to the meet. The mems.

I remember when FRS/BRZ’s used to be rampant at meets… Looks like they all moved to CTR’s hahaha

Jack’s LS-swapped Silvia. Always awesome seeing his car…

Mustang on TE37’s. Enough said.

Stewie’s CTR on TE37’s

Gerald’s newly acquired CTR in black…

Another 370z…

WRX on Weds

James from Yokohama Canada showed up in his Genesis G90. This thing is a damn boat but so sick! LOL brings me back to my VIP days… I get the itch to build another once in a while… Would be sick to see this thing aired down on some Leon Hardiritt’s or Work Emitz…

Punit showed up in his Integra. Pretty sure he hasn’t cleaned it since Canada day but I’m not judging. I think he came just to pick up the hair gel I got him… lol

Justin’s S2000

Joe’s Cayman

Benny’s CTR – he also traded his FRS in for this lol

Clean Corolla Levin

Al’s BMW X5M. My fave gen for the X5

Steve’s M3 on TE37’s

Brandon’s RSX on bronze CE28’s. I think I liked the white TE37’s more but I’ve always been a fan of white on black. Can’t go wrong with bronze Volks though

Aria almost got in the shot for this LOL. Another CTR with TE37’s

Clean Type R on TE37’s

Sunny’s 3IS on Gram Lights

Aggressive S13… Don’t know the owner? Is this Felix?

Spencer’s WRX

Andrew’s IS-F on Leon Hardiritt Jager’s in a custom gold finish. Still such an underrated brand and wheel in the VIP scene. I wish there were more of these around.

Soaps’ S2000 on refinished TE37’s

Shawn’s Nismo 370Z with such a perfect ride height. So clean – this is what I want!

I think this was the only other FRS at the meet on Friday.  Haider just picked this up a few weeks ago.

A shot of the 3 rows of cars on one side

And kind of a terrible shot of the 2 rows on the other

Josh brought out his EG too! Haven’t seen this in a while – it’s becoming a unicorn…

Diana on mommy duty with Rin lol. It was like a family affair with us hahaha I think more of you need to have kids so we’re not the only ones…

Aria getting bored and entertaining herself with rocks LOL

The fam

Lanny came down too with his C-class on 20’s. Deeeep

Old and new

Another random shot of JC’s new wheels

And a nice one to finish it all off – good meet! Looking forward to the next one!