T1R Front & Overpipe!

After a few months, the gifts the guys, Diana and my sister got for my birthday finally all made it in to AJ-R and I got the shipment earlier this week. Last year, they got me the T1R Power Header to open up the exhaust system a little more, and now to fully complete it, they got the T1R front pipe and over pipe. Now I just have to find some time to bring it to Jackie at Balance Auto to install. I don’t think I want to get under the car and do it myself after the header install LOL. It’s likely an easier install but I’m not in the mood – nor can I figure a way to get my jack under the car with the sideskirts lol. I need to find a better way to jack my car up on my own…

While I was at it, I asked Ben to throw in a AJRC Type-O diffuser as well to spruce the rear up a bit more and balance the wing out. I was debating for months on whether to get a Valenti 4th light or just screw it and get a cage. I still don’t know what I want to do… But I’ll have to decide before the car comes out of hibernation finally. It’s been a long ass winter mainly cause the weather has been pretty shitty.

It’s always exciting to have some parts laying around waiting to be installed!




The diffuser. Plain Jane for now – mainly cause there isn’t a diffuser that I “love”. Hopefully one day something cool comes out.. *Cough* Voltex


Until I have time, they sit on my desk collecting dust…

The Chronicles: Tokyo Night Meet

A little late to the game – but some shots Galen took at the Tokyo Night Meet by Stickydiljoe. Most of you probably already all know now but there was a lot of drama and the meet didn’t go as planned due to some that came too early and got security’s attention. Anyway, most of that write up is on Stickydiljoe.com for those that are interested. I just wanted to post the rest up of what Galen took that night.


Level One NSX on Bronze CE28’s. Can never go wrong with bronze on black.








Cambergang BRZ sitting super low





More shots of the NSX up close. Great fitment on the CE’s





I didn’t like the new Miata’s much but they’re starting to grow on me…



I don’t know what that character is in this R34 but I hope it’s Sephiroth. Because then I approve. LOL







Crazy. It’s like something you’d see over here in NA.






























Line up of Bimmers



Toyota Crown with a outlandish hood graphic




A beautiful white NSX on black TE37’s.






_dsc4851 _dsc4850 _dsc4849 _dsc4847 _dsc4846

*Not TE37’s






More shots of the Level one cars











If only it were paint matched…



_dsc4825 _dsc4823 _dsc4821 _dsc4820   _dsc4817 _dsc4816 _dsc4815 _dsc4814 _dsc4813 _dsc4812 _dsc4811  _dsc4809 _dsc4808 _dsc4807 _dsc4806  _dsc4804 _dsc4803 _dsc4802  _dsc4800 _dsc4799 _dsc4798 _dsc4797 _dsc4796 _dsc4795 _dsc4794 _dsc4793  _dsc4791

And just to end it off here – that same orange Fit from the Super Fresh Meet. Gutted interior and caged.






Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 – Part 4

Lots of goodies in part 4 for Galen’s first day at TAS… PS – still got another few sets to go!


I need me one of the new Corvettes…


Quad tip on a SARD-fitted FRS




A wicked GT Lexus LC500 with a large carbon print pattern all over.









Lexus, you win.


beside it – the Lexus RC-F GT


Toyota Crown in the Work Wheels booth with classic Emitz



Much VIP…



S-Class coupe



Pikachu Lambo… Of course…



Custom widebody/matte Datsun with a chassis-mounted wing


I love the look of the Datsun 240’s. Classic body but still holds a very modern presence.









Real JDM parking only. lol Varis Kamikaze GTR with a mini-me beside it





BN Sports RX7



Right beside a BN Sports GTR


The duo in red look mighty fine together…



The Old & New 911 Slant-nose facelifted Porsche was there too…





Personally not a huge fan but super innovative to bring oldschool and newschool together. My main gripe is the removal of some awesome headlights and replacing them with big foglights.


Me no like. Looks like a frog… bumper is too plain…



Slammed Merc A180 in the T-Demand booth…



And one of my favourites from T-Demand is this GS350.


Outfitted with full T-Demand suspension and BBK. Absolutely amazing. Those of you that are familiar with the VIP scene in particular already know the high level of quality of T-Demand products and the price tag that comes along with it. Many of their cars are static, but they also provide air suspension options – with an equally amazing controller/remote that they’ve  recently developed.

When I had the LS460, I was looking into possible control arm options and T-Demand was one of an extremely select few (I believe there was only one other option at the time) that provided an option, but with a $2k price tag on arms alone…




Crazy aero on this Advan/Yokohama S15 GT


Better shot of the sides




That splitter…


Top Secret GTR








A shot of the front portion of the Top Fuel S2000 on aggressive Advan GT’s




_dsc3878 _dsc3875 _dsc3874

Chargespeed GTR



Not a huge fan of Chargespeed design but I suppose there are more terrible options…


That’s a wrap for part 4 of TAS! I’ll go through the rest of Galen’s photos shortly and get the pics that haven’t been posted put up… Keep checking in!

Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 – Part 3

Oh man! Sorry for the delay in part 3! Got caught up over the weekend trying to get a bunch of stuff in order for our trip in April. Nonetheless – there are still a bunch of photos to go through – Galen uploaded a “day 2” at TAS that isn’t part of my 4 part series. I’ll be uploading those shortly after, and then there is still the Stickydiljoe meet coverage that he also got some snaps of…
Without further ado…


An awesome K-Break widebody LS460. Although the LS460 was a regretful purchase, I still have a soft spot somewhere in my heart for them…


Hanging Motul F1 car


Sorry – no idea what this is. A concept car of some sort – looks like a mix of a CRZ with the S660 and Audi lol


Widebody Prius from Fledermaus. The new gen Prius’ are amazing with aero.


Some shots of the new Civic Type R


I loved it at first, but I’m not sure of some of the angles. It’s hit or miss. The rear is definitely amazing but the side profile reminds me of the GR-STI – nice but also slightly unpleasinging…


Epson GT NSX



VIP LS460 in the Weds booth sporting the Kranze wheel line


Imagine seeing this on the road…


New Aimgain widebody GT-R


Right beside the Aimgain GT widebody NSX




I dig. Except fro the red wheels… But I dig…



Also the new LS460 and Aimgain GT widebody kit.


I’m not a huge fan of Maserati’s other than the Gran Turismo, but the new Levante with a widebody and huge brakes is amazeballs.



Classic Ferrari F40


Pagani Huayra









Porsche 911 GT3 with a chassis-mounted wing and cargo box spanning across it and the roof.



Slammed Miata in the Lynx booth


S660 wearing similar livery and colours


Lexus IS in the Novel booth


Wild Mercedes GEL in the Hamann booth – all black everything.



Widebody GLA.


Of course there’s a mustang at TAS and of course it has front bumper lighting. Matches all the trucks and their lightbars…







Widebody R8… I dig the naked front grill.








There’s too much money…


Part 3 finish!

Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 – Part 2

Part 2! By the way, there are 4 total parts to this in case you’re wondering… Galen snapped 300-something pics so like always, I have to split them out so I don’t overload my homepage lol.

Let’s begin!


Decided to start part 2 off with the new Varis Kamikaze FRS that debuted at TAS.


I was excited when I saw Varis post their work in progress on the Kamikaze FRS but was very underwhelmed when I saw the completed result. Varis did a great job with the Kamikaze GTR and everything flowed well. On the FRS, it looks pieced together in a hurry. It essentially builds upon their existing widebody kit – no panels, fenders, bumpers have changed. Up front they’ve added on an aggressive splitter and canard combo extending it another 5-6 inches. The hood has been updated – although I much prefer their old design.


Out back, they’ve created an extremely aggressive carbon diffuser with a single center-exit exhaust. Again, it’s tacked on top of the existing rear bumper with the center portion cut out – essentially removing the 4th brake light in the middle. It’s very Time-Attack-esque but doesn’t feel well-rounded to me. I imagine any existing owner of the Varis kit would have to do some extra work to rid themselves of their old exhaust and find a new one to work with the diffuser – much like the Amuse S2000 rear bumper.


A better view of the rear diffuser set up. Nothing has changed on the sides.


The last addition to the Kamikaze FRS is the Kamikaze swan neck GT wing. The same one you see on the Kamikaze GTR and 370Z. Of all the GT wings, I think Varis produces my least favourite design. Again – it’s more track-style than street-style… But still a nice design.


BMW M2 on bronze TE37’s



Mazda CX-3 and Miata in the Knight Sports booth.


No comment.


Porsche 911 GT3 on awesome center lock Advan GT’s made specifically for the GT3 and a chassis-mounted GT wing. Lots of “GT” in that sentence…


Front shot…


Another beauty in the Advan booth was this RX7


Crazy looking GT wing with ‘devil’ ends and various supporting elements.



Up front and a better shot of the RS-DF’s



I think I’m falling in love with blue cars…


GTR on Advan GT’s in the Kansai Service booth


Another S660 in the Kansai Service booth. Maybe I am liking it…


A shot inside.


Another “no comment”.


Another M2 on Advan RS-DF’s


Porsche Cayman on Advan GT’s




Orange RB RX7


Over in the Pandem/Tra Kyoto booth for you wide body lovers… An M3 on TE37SL’s




Porsche Cayman fitted with the Pandem kit


With a crazy rear set up. I dig.


Pandem 240Z in red. I think I like red cars too now…


Front shot of the earlier M3




The new R32 Pandem kit which I believe debuted at TAS as well. It’s a fairly clean kit with minimal deviation from the stock body lines. The front fenders, doors, and rear quarters all line up nicely. I think this would look fantastic if it was molded in.



The front of the Cayman – also very aggressive and clean looking. I dig the canards.


And finally the new V3 Rocket Bunny FRS kit in white. Each RB kit gets more aggressive than the last… I wonder when V4 is coming out? lol


Cayman in the KW Suspension booth on BBS FI ($$$)









Wild FRS fitted with Rocket Bunny from RS-R.



Endless GTR   _dsc4062

The underside of a Cusco/Fujitsubo fitted FRS. I’m not going to lie, I want every Cusco piece for the FRS eventually but I question some of the bars that look to just be there because they found a spot they could connect something…





At the Vertex booth – lots of new additions to their wheel line up. This Fatlace collaboration in suede.


Lots of crazy designs now – lots has evolved from their 5/10 star designs.


I guess it coincides with their cars’ livery…

But, we end it here for part 2! I’ll be working on part 3 some time tomorrow so I hope to get that up for Friday. Stay tuned!