Install: GT86 Headlights

Today ended up being a perfect day for an install – the weather was awesome, everything went smoothly, and I’m glad to say the FR-S is now fitted with some fresh new eyes.

I’ll be honest, I’m not technically inclined enough to tackle any electrical work myself, and the whole blue wire, white wire, rainbow wire thing confuses the hell out of me. That’s the reason I asked Derrick to help me out! LOL! This kind of stuff comes naturally to him so I left it all to him. Because of that, I’m not going to make this write up like a DIY – I’ll include details, but most of the wiring and stuff was all Derrick. So thank you, Derrick for helping me out!

Derrick came by around noon so we got started pretty quickly…

IMG_7058 copy

Preparing to take the bumper off

IMG_7059 copy

A shot of the stock headlights before they go away forever.

IMG_7061 copy

Derrick taking off the clips underneath

IMG_7062 copy

In the meantime, I took off the side markers. A bunch of people said it was difficult, but if you pry it off on the right corner, it pops off easy.

IMG_7063 copy

Other side off.

IMG_7064 copy

Bumper off. We’ll just rest it on top of the car…

IMG_7066 copy

Bumper off! Ready to go.

IMG_7069 copy

The headlights came off super easy. Just 4 bolts in total and they pop right off.

IMG_7070 copy


IMG_7072 copy

Derrick working his magic on the stock harnesses.

IMG_7073 copy

A comparison of the stock harness and the new headlight harness.

IMG_7074 copy

IMG_7075 copy

Before I knew it, Derrick re-pinned the harnesses, plugged them in and they were lit up!
IMG_7077 copy

One in!

IMG_7079 copy

Derrick removing the stock resistor piece

IMG_7080 copy

Unplugged and off. The reason for removing this is so that you don’t fry the new LED’s on the headlights. Because the new headlights are powered through one plug rather than two like the stock headlights, these aren’t needed anymore.

IMG_7081 copy

A comparison shot of the stock headlight on the left and the GT86 headlight on the right.

IMG_7083 copy

IMG_7086 copy

A shot of Derrick removing one of the wires to tap into the LED’s

IMG_7089 copy

Here’s a shot of the two. The main plug is for the low beams, the pink piece is a wire that has been removed from the main harness so that we could tap into the resistor wires to power the LED DRL’s.

IMG_7090 copy

Derrick is running the DRL wire over to the resistor wires on the passenger side.

IMG_7092 copy

Here you can see where the resistor was plugged in.

IMG_7093 copy

Testing that the DRL works before putting it all on

IMG_7094 copy

A shot of the other headlight and Derrick getting ready to re-pin.

IMG_7095 copy

So shiny!

IMG_7100 copy

A shot of the DRL wires hooked up to the resistor wires.

IMG_7103 copy

Both in. The DRL’s are on… Tough to see since it was pretty bright outside.

IMG_7104 copy

Derrick putting the clips under the bumper back on

IMG_7109 copy

An underexposed shot to show the LED’s

IMG_7118 copy

The HID’s! A nice upgrade for sure

IMG_7120 copy

A view of the cut off. I’ll be upgrading the bulbs soon so these won’t be in for too much longer

IMG_7132 copy

A shot of the LED’s

IMG_7127 copy

Another with the LED’s on.

IMG_7129 copy

Last one!

I’ll try to get a few more shots at night of the LED’s and HID’s on. Thanks again to Derrick for helping out with this! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without ya!

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