Enter: Tony Dinh’s Lexus IS350 – Teaser

Today marked my first official photoshoot of the year and I’m glad to say that Tony’s slammed and static IS350 is first to grace the blog for 2014. I remember when I saw him post his car up on Instagram with his TE37’s, I immediately knew I wanted to shoot it. Most that go for this look are bagged, but I think it’s sick and crazy that he’s doing this all on coils.

The weather was awesome, and the rain held out (it said it was going to rain but it didn’t anyway) and we got some good locations for the shots. Thanks again to JC for being the chase car and Diana even joined us for the fun.

I wanted to post the teaser first and post the next three parts a day after each other. This shot happened to be just what I needed for this post…

Stay tuned for tomorrow! The first set goes up!

IMG_0664 copy

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