Mode Luxe Bumper Stickers

This just in! Literally.

JC messaged me the photo of the flowers and said it’d be sick to see a bumper sticker with Mode Luxe on it. I replied with “great idea! I’ll put something together after dinner!”. He sent me shots of a few pictures we saw a while back of girls in stockings with Louis Vuitton print and said I should try it with them too.

10 minutes later and this is the result. I’m speaking for JC here too but we are so stoked on these and we’re trying hard to get these printed soon. We are still debating on whether it’s worth it to have these available to sell or not… Don’t get me wrong, the last thing we are trying to do is make a buck off of anyone but we feel that this is almost too good to keep to ourselves this time.

Mode Luxe was originally something that we came up with for ourselves that started in the VIP scene and it just seemed fitting. That’s the main reason we didn’t intend to sell anything related to it when we were asked. I’ve mentioned that before, but I’d like to hear feedback on what you guys think! Should we sell? Who is interested?

The first LV Mode Luxe sticker

Floral Mode Luxe

In The Sheets Mode Luxe

3 thoughts on “Mode Luxe Bumper Stickers

  1. Hey Jason these look awesome!

    In my opinion, it would be best to keep these exclusive within a small group. Next thing you know after you start selling them is a bunch of knockoffs would be produced (ex. Level One LOL, even though they’re just exclusive).

    It’d be cool to make a limited batch though but these are more meant for VIP’d cars. I’d buy some but not to put on my Honda, maybe my macbook or to hang around 🙂

    • Thanks Jimmy!
      I think that’s the path that we are going to follow. We will keep it exclusive as much as we want to share it.

      We’ll see!!

      Appreciate your comment!

  2. I’d totally buy one or a couple for whatever I need it for, defs not on my current car, maybe on my parents Benz though.

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