JC Tenchavez’s Lexus CT200h

I know you guys have seen JC’s car many times on here before but you’ve really only seen it as an accompanying car or the chase car for roller shots. I’ve never really done a full shoot dedicated to his car before – he’s kind of in the same situation as me – the both of us are always teaming up to do photoshoots of OTHER cars but never of our own cars.

I met JC a few years ago at one of the Beyond meets, but to be honest I don’t remember exactly how. I knew him since the days of his Corolla and the progression that it went through and with him now onto the CT200h, not much has changed in terms of his modification tastes. I knew he loved that Corolla and he was proud of what he had accomplished, but that one cold and snowy morning that we made a visit to Lexus of Calgary – he made a pretty big decision.

I wasn’t expecting the deal to go through that day but after a test drive, some chit chat and jokes about getting an LFA for his Corolla, and before I knew it – he had already agreed on the trade-in for the Corolla and we were in an office and he signed the papers to pick it up a few days later. This was just a month or so after I picked up my LS and Punit was in search of his GS.

The CT200h is a fairly new platform to modify and the first new chassis from Lexus to receive that new front fascia makeover. JC wouldn’t leave without getting the white CT without the tech package. LED low beams with 25 LED’s in each projector, totaling 100 LED’s for the low beams. The LED DRL strip running along the bottom of the headlights are also a head turner.

JC quickly added most of the accessories that carried over from the Corolla like the Junction Produce Tsuna, Junction Produce neck pads and the WORK VSXX’s. Thankfully for JC, the wheels were a perfect transfer and required no changes.

JC’s car in the sunlight looks great. The lines of the CT200h are great for a hatchback.

Wheels so clean you could eat off of them.

The rear of the CT200h is another unique look and it looks even better with the chrome lips of the VSXX’s peeking out.

JC fitted his fogs with high powered LED bulbs as well which compliment the overall look of all the other LED’s that sit nicely up front.

A nice look at the LED projector lowbeams.


Ending it here with his car sitting pretty at sundown. JC is still in search for a kit, and possibly a change of wheels or colour to help spruce things up a bit for next year!Ending it here with a shot of JC and Rich’s car outside my place after the shoot. That only means one thing – Rich’s shoot is up next!

Stay tuned!

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