Scott’s Honda S2000 – Batmobile: Work In Progress

Finally!! I can’t believe the last post was on September 19th… I feel like I just posted that yesterday.

Been a crazy few weeks trying to get stuff done… It’s always around month end where things get hectic and there’s always a bunch of errands to run. I was up in Edmonton this past week for work and I wanted to shoot someone’s car while I was there. I really want to try and get out to shoot cars in different places because it doesn’t happen often. In particular, I want to head out to Vancouver and Toronto to shoot their local talent – which IMO is far superior than ours. I may be biased though because I’m so used to what our city has to offer or I just never see it enough.

I’ll be blunt – Edmonton is bland. There’s nothing to do except go to West Edmonton Mall, eat, or drive on their shitty roads. However, there are a few tuners there that pop their head out once in a while… I’ve been following Scott and his S2000 project for a while, and even before that, he was working on his GE8 Fit. Scott’s project appeals to me simply because it is different – it isn’t going in the same direction as a lot of the S2000 builds you see lately – no stance to make her dance, no “low as you can go” deal, not that I hate it or anything, but it’s cool to shoot something different.

Right now Scott is kind of in the awkward stage of his build – where he’s waiting for some key parts but he still wants to drive it. It happens sometimes and you just love the car so much that you don’t care that it’s missing it, you just want to drive it. Fortunately enough for the sake of me shooting his car, he’s missing his front fenders which coincidentally make it look quite aggressive given the amount of tire he’s rolling on. That’s what I like about Scott’s car – it looks different, not by design, but because of function and the lack of parts needed to complete it.

IMG_5505 copy

We’ll start off with this roller as the sun set…

IMG_5181 copy

A view from the hotel room – which isn’t all that special. Where we stayed it was mostly industrial-type areas, so this is pretty much all you get for as far as you can see

IMG_5184 copy

Chillin’ watching The Big Bang Theory waiting for Scott…

That was the catch for a photoshoot – I needed to be picked up from the hotel and if they wanted rolling shots, they needed to bring a friend. Scott was happy enough to do both so he got both haha

IMG_5190 copy

Wasted no time and we were on our way.

IMG_5200 copy

Now for some detail shots of his S2000…

IMG_5207 copy

Up close. You can see all the tire and it’s “actually” touching the ground.

IMG_5203 copy

IMG_5211 copy

335’s out back with CG rear over fenders. I love wide tires.

IMG_5217 copy

A shot from the side sans front fenders… It gives it quite an aggressive look which is what appealed to me the most.

IMG_5227 copy

IMG_5233 copy

From the back you can see there is very minimal camber and a lot of contact patch. Just looks so aggressive.

IMG_5237 copy

The CCW’s in full black are also quite a rare sight to see… You usually only see the classics in full polish.

IMG_5240 copy

IMG_5242 copy

IMG_5248 copy

His front end is pretty track-inspired as well with the splitter, brake cooling ducts in the bumper…

IMG_5250 copy

Scott also created vents in his hood on his own which turned out quite nicely as well.

IMG_5252 copy

Another shot of his vents – you can take a peak underneath too

IMG_5256 copy

All that gloss.

IMG_5262 copy

IMG_5270 copy

IMG_5283 copy

A shot of the rear. He’s actually on stock suspension with springs – it ends up working quite well because of how meaty his tire is…. The ride is quite comfortable.

IMG_5288 copy

IMG_5294 copy

Sun flare pictures!!

IMG_5324 copy

IMG_5326 copy

IMG_5301 copy

Another from the back. My favourite view.

IMG_5308 copy

IMG_5316 copy

IMG_5366 copy

A little blurry, but I still liked it…

IMG_5383 copy

IMG_5465 copy

IMG_5508 copy

IMG_5516 copy


Thanks again to Scott for giving me the opportunity to shoot this and say I’ve shot a car in Edmonton… My camera hasn’t really been anywhere else to shoot cars but I’m hoping to do more of it soon…

I got a couple more shoots coming up shortly so the blog won’t be so stale in a few days… Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Scott’s Honda S2000 – Batmobile: Work In Progress

  1. Hi do you know what happened to this car? I used to follow him but he seems to have disappeared from all social medias now. Any followup would be nice.

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