Overnight Parts from Japan

Overnight parts from Japan is the best thing since… Well, nothing. Nothing is better than overnight parts from Japan – especially when you’ve been waiting months for it.

The title of the shipment pretty much gives it away, but it left Osaka this morning and is scheduled to be at my door tomorrow if all goes well. Can’t wait! That’s all I have in updates, but I’m sure I’ll have better pics once it’s here :)


CLCTVE.US x lifewithjson – VERSION.II

Sorry my dudes… It’s been stagnant as hell over here. I’ve pretty much lost my life in CoD the last week and that’s pretty much all I do during my free time… Which is whenever I’m not at work LOL. I got absolutely nothing to share except for some older things that I haven’t posted and I think that’s good for now.

Lots of birthdays coming up and to add to that, Christmas season is also upon us. Malls are busy as hell and I don’t want to be near any of it as it gets closer to the day. Instead, all I’ve been doing is planning and waiting for my car parts. I’m having a hard time finding the Rocket Bunny V1 diffuser in stock and I keep getting the beat around with vendors with dates and availability. It’s frustrating as hell. You’d think for such a popular kit, I could have sourced it faster than my kit and wing… But it’s not even within my sight at the moment. Does anyone have a RB hookup? LOL

Anyway, I thought I’d share this gem that I had EJ (clctve.us) render real quick for me while he was doing my other one. Over this past summer, I wanted to get bronze ZE40’s SO bad. I was pretty set on getting rid of the red TE37’s and grabbing the ZE’s over winter but once I saw this render, I got a little less excited about them. Don’t get me wrong, the ZE40’s are still a sexy wheel but it just doesn’t seem to flow as well as the red TE’s. I do want to go a little more aggressive but that can wait until I get some of the more important things done on the car…

Well, I apologize again for the lack of updates – I might have even forgotten how to use my camera lol! Hopefully I’ll have something in the coming weeks…


FRS Face Lift Render

Note: I did not do the render. It was a talented member over on FT86Club that did it :)

A few weeks back I posted a bunch of spy shots of the FRS that was going out on a test drive with the front bumper all masked up which obviously hints at some changes. On the forums, a member was able to slightly make out some of the lines based on visual interpretation and come up with something that might resemble what the new FRS bumper may look like.

Of course, most people on the forum disagree but IMO, if you can’t create a better render yourself, you don’t really have a right to knock the work of a guy who tried.


Here’s the shot he used where he marked lines based on what he could see. Pretty darn close to me…


And the render based off of the lines. I personally think it looks pretty good. I would say 80% of the time, I’m never a fan of any new rendition of a next gen model but this looks particularly good if it’s any indication of what’s to come. It would be a toss up (personally) between the original bumper and the new one.

Either way, something new and cool to look forward to. I’m more interested in a next gen FRS/BRZ to see what new things come our way…

Pixel FRS V2

Sorry guys, it’s been super dead around here lately and I still have nothing to show for it, unfortunately. This isn’t unusual from any other year though – the weather is getting colder, the nice cars are being parked away, and there’s really not much for me to point my camera at anymore. That being said, all I have left to post during winters are unedited shots, the occasional cool “house” thing that I do, or new car parts whenever they decide to show up on my door step.

Until then, this is my official post announcing the lay-offs of all lifewithjson employees due to slowing demands. haha!

Anyway, since most of you already know what my car will eventually look like come Spring 2016, I can finally post this pixel rendition I did a few months back when I was still in the planning stages. I was keeping it under wraps until I had a more official rendition by Clctve.us as you saw a few posts back. My pixel rendition is too small to notice much of anything and so I never posted it. It really just gave me a good idea of what I would end up with and I liked it.

FRSnewbumperThe one thing I like about making pixel cars is that it’s relatively simple and easy to do. I’m still working on completing my vector project but haven’t had much time to sit down and learn – and to add to my troubles, I’m stuck on gradients so I’m pretty frustrated with it and that’s not helping my motivation to finish either… I will get done before summer comes though!

Anyway, as for an update for my car – it’s just sitting there and I’m not overly eager to get back in and drive it either. I guess that’ a good and a bad thing – it’s the worst feeling when all you want to do is drive and you can’t. On the other hand, I’ve been busy doing a whole bunch of other things that I don’t have time to think about driving it. However, I AM anxiously waiting for car parts as they should be here shortly. A lot of my parts were ordered at the beginning of August and it’s around the time that they should be here within the next month or so if all goes well. I think you guys are going to like what’s in store…

As far as that goes, I just wanted to give an update. I’m not dead – I just have nothing to share! Until the next post!

A Farewell Photoshoot: Tony’s Mercedes E350

Whoops – I completely forgot about this post this weekend so I apologize for the delay. I was in total lazy mode all weekend and didn’t really want to do anything. Anyway, here are the rest of Tony’s photos from last week. I think they turned out great!

As I said in the previous post, the lighting, colours and the car itself all worked out to blend in perfectly that evening. We’ll get to it!

IMG_4745 copy

This was the teaser shot I posted below.

IMG_4684 copy

The front end of the E-class is my favourite of all the line up during this generation.

IMG_4730 copy

Sunset, blue skies, clean black car… What more could a photographer ask for?!

IMG_4718 copy

IMG_4693 copy

Couldn’t miss the interior…

IMG_4561 copy


IMG_4656 copy

The body lines of the E-class coupe are very striking, aggressive and minimal at the same time. I’ve always had a soft spot for them but could never see myself in one.

IMG_4505 copy

Front end.

IMG_4502 copy

IMG_4490 copy

IMG_4485 copy

I think I know where I’m going to shoot my car next year… :)

IMG_4481 copy

IMG_4472 copy

IMG_4516 copy

IMG_4522 copy

IMG_4560 copy

IMG_4572 copy

IMG_4575 copy

IMG_4592 copy

IMG_4598 copy

IMG_4602 copy

IMG_4637 copy

White leather seats on an all black car – *thumbs up*

IMG_4617 copy

I particularly liked how this shot came out. I’m a huge fan of sun flare shots when done properly. I’m not a huge fan  of fake sun flare shots though and this one happens to be real. Don’t you just love when things turn out how you want them to?

IMG_4719 copy

IMG_4673 copy

I got a couple shots of JC’s car too since the lighting was too perfect not to.

IMG_4643 copy

The team off to the side helping out. It was pretty chilly that night so I’m sure you can appreciate the fact that Diana has a scarf, a peacoat and is still obviously cold lol.

IMG_4641 copy

One more of JC’s car off to the side.

IMG_4778 copy

We can’t forget the rollers!

IMG_4808 copy

And one last one overlooking the NW part of the city…