World of Wheels 2015

It was a lazy Sunday today and there wasn’t much to do… I had a 2AM shift this morning at work for about an hour and then I went back home and crashed until 10AM again. We were debating going to World of Wheels when I changed my mind last minute and we decided to go to Village Ice Cream instead. While we were eating, Jimmy messaged me and told me he had some tickets. We were literally a few blocks away but I didn’t have my camera, so we finished up, drove all the way back home to grab it and then headed back to the BMO center to check it out. (Thanks Jimmy!)

I’ll admit that this was my first time going to World of Wheels – I was never really interested because it was more of a classic/muscle/bro truck scene – not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it just never made me want to go out and check it out. I totally love checking out all the other cars, I just don’t know much about them since it’s totally out of my “comfort zone”, if you will. These cars are in a totally different class than the ones I’m used to; these are older cars from before I was even born and they look better than cars that drove off the lot yesterday. They’re cars that have thousands of blood, sweat, tears, money and time poured into them, and while I can’t pick them out as easy I could in the usual scene I’m into, I can appreciate them just as much, if not more.

I won’t have much for commentary, but I did take shots of cars that interested me or even when I had the chance. I will say that this show was a damn tornado of people left, right, and center. It was tough enough to just move around and navigate, let alone get some good shots. Lots of times, I had to stand to the side to wait for crowds to pass before I could sneak in and get one good shot in a hurry. As some of you know, that’s my pet peeve at car shows: people standing around getting in the way of people that really care to look at the car… Anyway, there’s a decent amount of pictures here to give you a taste of what the show was like. Was it a good show? It was decent. Would I go again? Probably not… With that said, it was good to check out something completely out of my element!

IMG_7267 copy

The entrance to the gongshow…

IMG_7269 copy

The actual stunt car from Fargo.

IMG_7271 copy

Paint is immaculate on every single one of the cars… Love it.

IMG_7274 copy

IMG_7275 copy

IMG_7276 copy

Clean Z

IMG_7278 copy

IMG_7279 copy

IMG_7280 copy

Supercharged FRS. It was pretty much stock other than the supercharger, strut bar and lug nuts from what I could see…

IMG_7283 copy

Those side steps are sick.

IMG_7285 copy

IMG_7286 copy

IMG_7287 copy

IMG_7289 copy

IMG_7291 copy

This was a sick bike.

IMG_7292 copy

Chrome everything.

IMG_7296 copy

A beautiful new Corvette from Davenport on some gold HRE’s.

IMG_7299 copy

Superchargers on superchargers

IMG_7300 copy

A super clean GTI aired out on BBS’s in the Compact Tuning Lab

IMG_7301 copy

Up close shot of the BBS’s tucked and how it fits under the wheel well in the mirror.

IMG_7303 copy

A sick new GS F-sport on air

IMG_7305 copy

The accuair e-level set up in the corner of the trunk

IMG_7306 copy

The sweet tank set up.

IMG_7309 copy

Probably my favourite of the show was this A4 wagon aired out. The red was beauty.

IMG_7310 copy

IMG_7311 copy

So good.

IMG_7313 copy

IMG_7316 copy

An R32 with a massive turbo.

IMG_7318 copy

IMG_7320 copy

A crazy creme coloured 1979 Mercury Coupe with an LS swap. Sweet.

IMG_7321 copy

IMG_7322 copy

IMG_7324 copy

A very clean Camaro with an awesome shade of blue…

IMG_7325 copy

And also with an LS swap.

IMG_7328 copy

IMG_7330 copy

This thing was massive. I couldn’t get a side shot of it because the crowd just never cleared lol

IMG_7332 copy

A sick slammed Mercury with custom details all over. That hood and front grill…

IMG_7333 copy

Laid out. This shot would’ve been better without the bars and that wannabe pinup girl posing.

IMG_7334 copy

Super clean interior. Probably have to drive while wearing a garbage bag or something haha

IMG_7335 copy

IMG_7336 copy

IMG_7337 copy

A sick Ford model A

IMG_7339 copy

IMG_7343 copy

Over in the corner was VEX’s booth with two GTR’s up front. Diana and I joked about finally being in familiar territory LOL

IMG_7344 copy

Jimmy’s 240Z still looking as clean as ever since the last time I shot it…

IMG_7345 copy

IMG_7346 copy

Giuseppe’s Skyline also joined the VEX booth. His newest addition (canards) was also on for the show…

IMG_7347 copy

A rear quarter shot. That tip though

IMG_7349 copy

Another GTR ending one part of the VEX booth

IMG_7350 copy

A supercharged BRZ on the other side

IMG_7351 copy

Super clean. I need one in my life…

IMG_7353 copy

IMG_7369 copy

IMG_7366 copy

Another favourite was this Silvia with two sets of wheels and a 2JZ swap… Love those bronze TE’s.

IMG_7357 copy

Opposite of that was another clean RX7 – hard to come across these lately…

IMG_7359 copy

IMG_7363 copy

IMG_7361 copy

The back ends of the GTR’s

IMG_7370 copy

Raphael hanging off the tow hook of Giuseppe’s Skyline

IMG_7371 copy

Can’t forget about the Rockey Bunny spoiler.

IMG_7372 copy


IMG_7377 copy

Jimmy’s WORK Meister CR’s

IMG_7382 copy

IMG_7385 copy

Some bro trucks for you guys

IMG_7387 copy

This one was bad ass. I know absolutely nothing about it but I do know I would need a ladder to get in and once I was in, I would drive the fuck over everything. Is that ignorant? lol

IMG_7389 copy

Crazy suspension set up

IMG_7390 copy

Bags! Everything was on bags in this show it seemed lol

IMG_7391 copy

A crazy ass rod

IMG_7393 copy

IMG_7394 copy

This was probably the cleanest car there. It shined like no tomorrow…

IMG_7395 copy

The engine bay was SPOTLESS. It was like it was put together and then never driven.

IMG_7396 copy

Rear tank set up with hard lines.

IMG_7397 copy

Army tanks are cool too

IMG_7400 copy

And one last one was this aired out Chevy truck. I loved that the rust areas were all there too… Gave it character.

That’s the end for me! All in all – good show! Hopefully that keeps you guys entertained for a little while.

More Alcantara = More Wrap

Well, I made the mistake (or was it?) of going back into the garage and just sitting in the car again and I eventually found more interior pieces I could pop off and wrap again. I had some leftover material and decided to go out and get a little bit more while I was at it just in case I found more pieces… These pieces aren’t as big of a project as the first time I did it but it’s still something nonetheless.

I totally feel like I’m a pro at this now… Albeit these were simple pieces to wrap… lol!

IMG_7236 copy

The pieces I took off were the cluster hood and the two A-pillars. Not really noticeable pieces but still nice to do. I might as well just do the whole dash soon…

IMG_7238 copy

Leftover pieces…

IMG_7239 copy

The first A-pillar to wrap.

IMG_7240 copy

Cut out to fit.

IMG_7241 copy

Top portion wrapped and pressed.

IMG_7242 copy

The edges all done! I definitely learned a lot from the last time I did it so I was able to breeze through these without much issue.

IMG_7243 copy

The top part of the cluster hood

IMG_7244 copy

The underside. Trimmed around.

IMG_7245 copy

Here you can see where I cut out notches to wrap around the clips

IMG_7249 copy

My favourite part of the hood was the little indent that shows through the fabric.

IMG_7250 copy

All done and ready to go in! Took about an hour for all three…

IMG_7254 copy

In! Apologize for the bad photos… Tough to get a good photo in the garage and with it all black inside.

IMG_7261 copy

A further out shot. Now that  look at it, I think I will just find out how to take the dash apart and wrap it all… It’ll put the finishing touch on the dash for sure.

Crunch Time!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately… I’ve been pretty busy with work and now I’m pretty much down and out with the cold, thanks to Diana.

I haven’t been up to much lately… Parts have been put on hold for a bit until I can spend more of my days doing something with them. It all kind of works out though cause by the time I get all the stuff I need to finally put her down on the ground, it’ll be pretty much time to take out!

In the meantime, I have been adding things here and there in the garage – little things but still better than blank walls. I’m hoping to get shelves and benches this year to finish it off nicely but until then, this is where I’m at. I’ll hopefully have somewhat of an update by the end of next week with another piece to cross off the list. Nothing exciting so don’t get too excited :)

IMG_7221 copy

Put up a TV in the corner as well. It’s not hooked up now but once the nice weather comes, I’ll be hooking up a Google chromecast to it to stream to my hearts content while working on the car.

IMG_7222 copy

Also put up some artwork of the LS460 two years ago. Hopefully adding more soon!

IMG_7226 copy

I also put up the only three Hot Wheels that I have lol. An Evasive S2000, AE86 and I found this FRS at the dollar store a few weeks ago to add.

IMG_7227 copy

I miss this nice paint!

IMG_7231 copy

And the nice headlights with the shitty shovels. It’s so depressing seeing the garage all muddy and shitty right now haha

IMG_7233 copy

I also sat in the cockpit for a bit and found out I could easily pop out a part of the dash. I’ll be wrapping this soon too, I guess. I did have left over material from the last project but I’m literally short only about an inch to wrap it all. Kind of annoying but this time I might go as far as just wrapping the whole dash if I find it in myself to attempt removing it all.

IMG_7235 copy

And one last parting booty shot before I go. I would say another month and a half before it can come out and the weather co-operates! Crunch time!

The Case of the Pseudo Photographer

I thought I would take a moment and share this with you guys. Not car-related again, so just a warning.

As a blogger, I do daily checks on how my site is doing – how many hits, where are they coming from, how are they finding it, etc etc. You know, just to see if I can improve it somehow or by coming up with new ways of exposing it. Over the last few days (or maybe even weeks), I’ve been getting reference hits from this site called “”. Whenever I see reference links like that, I usually go check it out just to make sure it isn’t spam or anything. Well lo and behold, this website is, and I quote “dedicated to photographers that feel it’s okay to steal others’ work and post it as their own”. I didn’t know what it had to do with me, nor did I know why my website might have been linked on there, so I read on…

Turns out a “photographer” took a bunch of photographs from other well-known photographers, removed their watermarks, and presented them as her own. Where I come in (little ol’ me) is she stole the photo that I took of Almond’s wife in her Louboutins in front of his Mercedes G-wagon and played it off as if that was her. That’s the TLDR version. Here’s the link ( If you’re slightly interested in a few more juicy bits or how the story pans out, read on…

So over the last few days, I’ve been revisiting the site and checking the hundreds of comments. There is back lash, there is revolt, it is just messy. Although, rightfully so, in my honest opinion… Nobody should get away with it, and part of the reason I’m posting it is because this has happened to me on numerous occasions. It’s also the reason why I reblogged Stickydiljoe’s post on taking pictures and using them to try and get followers and e-fame. People take photos and post them for their own benefit or to simply come across like they own the subject or that they photographed it. That is the unfortunate truth about online media but to go to these lengths is just a shame. But I digress…

Anyway, a few days go by and I start to care less, the people of stopstealingphotos are doing justice on my behalf, I guess and there’s not much else I can do besides thank them. But wait, there’s more! A few days ago, another link showed up on my referrers section and it’s yet again another summary of the wannabe photographer and the twisted plot.

Again, I don’t expect any of you to care that much about this. In fact, I really don’t care that much either – perhaps it’s due to the fact that there are literally hundreds of other people doing “justice” already. The point of it all is still the same: don’t steal photos and claim them as yours, don’t bastardize them, and don’t become a pseudo-personality… It will bite you in the ass.

Below are some excerpts of the long and winding posts from bullshizer’s tumblr.


The photo above is a clip of her facebook profile where she cropped/removed my watermark in the corner and then posted saying that it was her. Not sure if you can read her reply to all the “Is that you” questions but it says: “Yeppers ya’ll… This was taken in Boca awhile back. Forgot to use it LOL! Love my red bottoms! :):):)” Give me a break… I wish I took that in Boca. LOL


Another excerpt where she gets defensive about it actually being her when someone calls her out and links her to my actual blog post. She even calls the girl a whore when all the evidence is right there LOL.

Anyway – thought it was amusing. I do keep up with it when I have time… It seems it’s slowly coming to an end though. Apparently the “real” Stacie Klein has control of her account again, denies it was all her and says that it was a childhood friend that hacked her account. Super twisted… But there’s some hump day entertainment for “ya’ll”.

(Some) Overdue Wedding Photos

With the recent slow down of car parts and posts, I’ve kind of been slacking in all departments – I’m on an Netflix Anime-watching spree lately and since it’ll be a couple more weeks till I get the last remaining parts, so I just end up lazing around. I’m basically just waiting for nice weather to come because it’s just around the corner… If I do what I typically do, then the car will be out by mid to late March but I’m not sure if I want to risk the rocks this time… But impatience always gets the best of me. We’ll see!

Anyway, as I was thinking of something to post to keep the blog alive, it occurred to me that I didn’t really post any post-wedding photos taken by Lanny and Erika from Two-Mann. I think when Diana and I received the pictures, we were so stoked that we just kept watching the slideshow and reminiscing so much that we didn’t do much with them after the fact. We still haven’t even printed them yet! As I was going through my e-mail, I noticed the link and decided to pick a few favourites to post as a space-filler until more relevant things come up. Out of almost 1000 pictures, I only picked 20 or so of my favourites.

Erika and Lanny can be found here:

I will say this again – I wish we could replay that wedding day all over again. Time goes by way too fast these days…


Morning selfies


Anxiously waiting for the guys to arrive for a lip sync battle


The girls killing it to Spice Girls



More selfies


Group shot!


I don’t know who this girl is.


My sister helping Diana put her garter on.

DJ_0418 as Smart Object-1

I think this was one of my favourite photos – the look on Sara’s face is priceless. These are the types of photos that I love.


Getting ready to walk!


Jonah holding the ring boxes


I think this photo was put up as Erika and Lanny’s favourite photo of the day. It was also put up for a bunch of other entries as well for wedding photography. Jonah let a bunch of tears out when we were reciting our vows. I love this photo because it’s not every day you see a little boy get caught up in all the emotion as he stands there with the rest of the groomsmen.


Our turn for selfies.


Big group shot.




I will admit though, Diana and I were all nervous about getting shots taken of us. We (especially myself) aren’t always on the other side of the camera and having shots taken of us was even more nerve-racking. How did we look? Are we posing right? Where do I look? That was stressful LOL




red bottoms or no bottoms.


Loved the use of light here.


And the last one (of many). Happy Tuesday!


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