No Such Thing as Too Much TE37

Finally got some shoes for the FRS in yesterday. Thanks to Ben at AJR for hooking them up off of his BRZ and to Jackie Law for helping me out with getting them. It’s actually a pretty funny coincidence again that I got these wheels at the time I did… I wasn’t actually planning on getting wheels until the new year, but I happened to be talking to Jackie about wanting wheels and he told me Ben might be selling his TE’s. TE37’s and Meisters were on the top of my list with the Advan GT’s and Volk ZE40’s trailing behind… But I didn’t think they would look good without aggressive aero. ANYWAY – this also happened at the same time back when I had my STI – I was talking to Jackie about wanting a Voltex wing for the STI and Jackie said the same thing – “Ben might be selling his wing”. At the end of the day – I just happened to get lucky with timing and talking to Jackie and Ben wanting to sell! LOL

But either way – it’s always been a pleasure dealing with Ben, as his parts always come pretty much mint and always at a price that I’d be stupid to pass up. So here they are!

IMG_5165 copy

Diana actually got the day off yesterday due to power outages at the school so she was able to pick the wheels up for me! Again… Perfect timing! I need to buy the lotto…

IMG_5169 copy

Love that concave.

IMG_5170 copy

A shot of the SL stickers. Ben actually made his own stickers because these wheels came with red SL stickers, and as you can guess… Red stickers on a red wheel kind of doesn’t make sense.

IMG_5172 copy

SL stickers.

IMG_5173 copy

IMG_5174 copy

I liked this shot. The red just popped so perfectly with the light and everything. This is my third set of TE37’s and you’d think by now that I would have learned not to sell them… I PROMISE not to sell these wheels this time.

IMG_5176 copy

9.5″ wide.

IMG_5177 copy

One more shot of that concave that makes the TE37 so awesome.

IMG_5180 copy

A fairly moderate fitment for the FRS but I should be able to fit a 255 or 265 under the FRS fenders… So we’ll see next year! Now they’re put away to collect dust until next year…

Keepin’ it OG: Jimmy’s Datsun 240Z

Back logged on the posts – mainly on purpose because I don’t have much time to shoot this weekend so I gotta make sure I spread them apart… I was also trying to get to the write up on the weekend but we had awesome weather so I was in the garage mudding, sanding, and painting trying to get it finished before winter. Took a little longer than I expected, but I should be done by next week! I’ll post pics – it’s nothing special cause it’s got absolutely nothing in there but it’ll get there.

JC and I got the chance to go out and shoot Jimmy’s 240Z last weekend and what a great shoot it turned out to be. It’s a little different because it’s so old school, yet so modern at the same time. The combination of the classic Japanese body mixed with Work wheels that also have that oldschool JDM flavour makes this a very fun shoot. One thing that stands out about a lot of the classic Japanese tuner cars is that their body design has truly become iconic and timeless. Even in today’s design standards with fancy body kits, GT wings, big and wide wheels, these cars – much like Jimmy’s 240Z – stand the test of time and still really don’t need much to turn heads. Even today, this car is considered a gem and what many people fail to realize is that although it is a car that is older than a majority of the readers (myself included), there is nothing like sitting in a car so simple yet so matured – even by today’s standards – and just driving.

For those of you that have been around for the last year or so – you might remember the shot I took of Jimmy’s 240Z in his garage the day we went out to shoot all his Lexus’s. He had just acquired it at the time and he was working on getting it up and running smoothly and reliably. Fast forward to today and it’s definitely running like a beaut and there are just a few things that Jimmy wants to finish up… But only time will tell.

The best thing about this shoot (from my photography perspective) is that it’s an awesome colour. If you look at most of my shoots, the cars are almost always black, white, or a colour bordering close enough to black or white that it’s not much different. Albeit, this is not the original paint – it was repainted by the previous owner – but even the original orange underneath this would still be an awesome colour to shoot.

But that’s enough talk from me… Onto the pics!

IMG_4779 copy

One of my favourites from the shoot… Dem curves. A nice roller as an appetizer!

IMG_4534 copy

When we rolled up, Jimmy was just getting the car ready to go.

IMG_4537 copy

Out on the sidewalk, Jimmy’s VIP Lexus LS430 sitting on new step-lipped WORK VS-XX’s and gold hardware. Much better than the Work Gnosis HS203’s IMO. These wheels make the car pop way more.

Peep that shoot I did last year here:

IMG_4539 copy

IMG_4540 copy

En route! Typical cockpit in JC’s car that you see from our photoshoots.

IMG_4544 copy

First stop was at a construction-type area. The car would truthfully pop anywhere though.

IMG_4549 copy

It was when I was shooting the car here that JC and I both said that this car is just so timeless (like mentioned above). The design – although very retro – still has lines and design features that any car lover would have trouble resisting.

IMG_4559 copy

IMG_4566 copy

A nice shot of the Work Meister CR01’s in the custom finish.

IMG_4580 copy

The profile shot shows more of the awesome lines of the 240Z. Because the car has no specific aftermarket coilover option, the suspension has to be put together using a lot of custom work. Jimmy does a lot, if not most of the work himself and like his LS430, the pick and quality of his parts do not get overlooked.

His suspension consists of custom Zeal function T coilovers that were made to fit the 240Z, paired with Whiteline poly bushings, ST suspensions sway bar kit, and TTT Roll center adjusters to get it sitting how you see it today.

IMG_4594 copy

PoorForm Car Club that Jimmy founded in 2009.

IMG_4598 copy

A few detail shots of the car show a lot of things many of the modern cars don’t have nowadays. It’s the details the matter!

IMG_4584 copy

A better shot of the wheels up front and the Fairlady badging. Behind that sits Endless ME20 brake pads and Project Mu brake shoes. And getting everything going is an OS Giken TS2A extreme lightened clutch. No jokes here.

IMG_4600 copy

A close up shot of the BRE spoiler adding a little more aggressiveness to the back end.

IMG_4610 copy

I wanted to get a closer shot of the wheel’s custom finish. The anodized bronze is amazing in person and it’s really something pictures don’t do justice. Paired with the gold bolt hardware and the silver face, it all just glimmers so perfectly.

IMG_4607 copy


IMG_4613 copy

That paint!!!

IMG_4617 copy

Jimmy was gracious enough to take me for a ride to our next location… I’ve ridden in my fair share of older vehicles, and can now add this one to that list. The interior has a nice feel to it – classic, simple, refined – really all that you need in a car like this. No fancy gadgets, no blinking lights all over the place – just the feel of a raw car.

The 240Z is fitted with a custom 6-2-1 header, custom exhaust system and an A’pexi-i N1 Evolution-R muffler to end it off the back. One of the things that modern day cars will NEVER get back (In my humble opinion) is the raw sound and feel that you get from a car like this. The L24 engine just purrs and growls at the same time – the closest we ever get to that most of the time is a fart can and we can thank cherry bombs and Canadian tire for that.

IMG_4629 copy

A classic “Work Wheels” shot from down low… *cough* Work Wheels look here *cough* :)

IMG_4632 copy

A shot of the interior. Like I said – simple and everything you actually need in a sports car.

IMG_4639 copy

IMG_4646 copy

A wooden Nardi wheel to go along with the OG theme.

IMG_4649 copy

IMG_4651 copy

Check out that classic radio. Not even a cassette player.

IMG_4656 copy

A closer look at the heart of the 240Z – the L24.

IMG_4660 copy

Tomei oil cap. Shiny shiny.

IMG_4663 copy

An overhead. Some other details of the engine, for those that are interested:

Dela camshaft

Mikuni 44mm triple carbs

Mikuni intake manifold

Koyo race radiator

Tomei oil pimp

Tomei valve springs

Nismo fuel pump

… All courtesy of Jimmy’s informative text message :)

IMG_4674 copy

IMG_4694 copy

Just looks so mean from the front.

IMG_4701 copy

A shot of the rear. Although it’s not as wide as today’s car, it’s just as good. Everybody is about stance and wide shit these days, that it’s nice to see something so simple put together so nicely.

IMG_4710 copy

Closer shot of the Meister CR01’s – 16×8 and 16×9.

IMG_4724 copy

And one last one to finish it off. That front end is just so elongated giving it a more sporty look and feel. I love it.

Boom! Happy Monday!

Video: illmotion Sunday School & Shine 2014

I know this has probably been posted everywhere already but I wanted to post it up just for good measure. Another great video from Corey showcasing a lot of the good “talent” if you will, at the show. God, I love how this show keeps getting better.


iM Film: illmotion Show & Shine 2014 from illmotion on Vimeo.

LRD VDR: Trung Nguyen’s Track-Prepped Honda S2000

One of the craziest cars that attended the illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine was Trung Nguyen’s Voltex-equipped, HKS-powered Honda S2000. Around this city, it’s quite rare to see an S2000 anymore – unless of course you’re hanging out with the YYC S2000 crew, but if they aren’t around, an S2000 is not so common. On top of that, just seeing a fully track-prepped S2000 with really good quality parts (and money) paired with it is almost like looking for a Unicorn. There used to be a couple around town – Jackie Law’s S2000, which is now in BC and Nick Chow’s S2000, which has been sold and in another city to name a few… But to be fair, the S2000 is an impractical car – they were made to be at the track… That’s how they were bred and how they were meant to be used. If I do ever see one, it’s always an older guy that looks like he’s going through a mid-life crisis, but you just know that deep down he doesn’t really understand what the S2000 is capable of or what it was meant for. But I digress… That is a whole other story in and of itself for another time.

Now… I’ll just put it out there that I have not personally met Trung since he lives in Edmonton but I have spoke with him on numerous occasions about his car, my car, parts, and whatever might come up. He had been working hard to get the car ready for the show & shine, drove it down and then flew back out, leaving the car in Nick’s hands. We ran out of time with the shoot so regretfully, I didn’t get a chance to take as many shots as I had originally wanted. However, I do know that Trung has some significant plans for the S2000 and I’ve already called dibs on shooting it as soon as he’s done for next year – and I promise I’ll have a whole boatload of shots that we can all ogle over.

Whenever I shoot cars like Trung’s, it sounds odd but I get inspired to get great shots. A well-built car with every aspect in mind and no corners cut deserves every bit of my being to showcase it. Trung, with the help of Nick, built the car so meticulously and so carefully that I’m sure any of us can appreciate every inch of this S2000. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but you’ll see pretty quickly why this car demands the attention that I speak of.

IMG_4293 copy

Early morning and we met up at Nick’s house. Could you imagine waking up to a garage like this? I would probably wake up 30 minutes earlier just so that I could give myself an extra 30 minutes to stand in the garage and battle myself on which car to take that day.

IMG_4297 copy

Nick’s GTR

IMG_4296 copy

And Trung’s S2000 right beside it. I’m sure for the few days that it was sitting there, Nick had to have been reminded of his J’s Racing S2000 and perhaps wanted it back for a bit…

IMG_4300 copy

We quickly left and went en route to a location as per Nick’s suggestion…

IMG_4311 copy

And boom – let’s get it started. Trung’s build is literally black on black on black. Black Advan GT’s, Black body, full carbon sticker-less Voltex Type 7 GT wing Voltex diffuser… All of that with greenery behind it made it work perfectly.

IMG_4316 copy

Close up shot of the Voltex front bumper carbon lip with amazing quality weave.

IMG_4320 copy

One of the photos I had posted on Instagram – LRD VDR LURKING.

IMG_4326 copy

These next shots were Nick’s idea as this couple was walking by with their dogs. Nice candid…

IMG_4327 copy

Worked out well for National Dog Day last Monday too! haha

IMG_4335 copy

Close up of the rear of Trung’s set up with the Advan GT’s in matte black which I am beginning to grow quite fond of lately. I was having a first world problem moment after the photoshoot with Nick and JC about what wheels I want for the FRS. The GT’s look amazing on cars with aggressive aero and if the wheels themselves are in an aggressive size, but not so sure how they would look on a lowered, stock-bodied FRS… The debate continues…

IMG_4344 copy

Close up shot of Lord Vader. Beastly.

IMG_4348 copy

Trung very quickly made his way into the level ONE fam. One thing I never got a shot of, and perhaps you can make it out if you stare long enough is the set of rare Mugen MS-R buckets in the cockpit…

IMG_4350 copy

IMG_4361 copy

A front quarter shot of his car shows a closer look at a lot of very expensive aero – perfect for his track days.

IMG_4368 copy

IMG_4342 copy

Another perspective on the wheels and fitment

IMG_4383 copy

Shot of the rear again. Side note: The span and base of the Type 7 wing is MASSIVE compared to my old Type 5 double decker if you’ve ever had the chance to compare or see it in person, it’s crazy.

IMG_4388 copy

A shot of the beautiful rear that made JC and I hate our cars exponentially more as we drove behind it that day.

IMG_4394 copy

A closer shot of his rear J’s Racing fenders

IMG_4405 copy

Another of the front – which is now my iPhone wallpaper…

IMG_4408 copy

A closer shot of the front fenders and some custom work. They are Challenge fenders that have been widened and re-radiused to +30mm by Circuit Garage. The extension piece on the front bumper was custom and fit on there to finish it off.

IMG_4410 copy

More black on black action (no racist) – a charcoal colored Endless BBK behind the GT’s and AST 4150 Coilovers to bring it all together.

IMG_4418 copy

Did a closed hood/engine shot that I thought worked well since Trung’s engine was not overlooked either… I don’t think I’ve ever used this technique cause I thought it was always cheesy, but it worked in this case lol.

IMG_4423 copy

Inside sits the powerplant backed by the HKS GT Supercharger – which at this point in time has made the most power known globally at 372WHP.

IMG_4428 copy

A closer shot and you can just barely see the T1R header which flows out of a Berk exhaust out back.

IMG_4332 copy

Placing this as the last shot you’ll see until I get the chance to shoot it again – most likely some time next year, but it’s in the books now. I wish we had time to do the rollers but I’ll make sure it’s an epic shoot the next time we go out with Trung’s S2000!

Hope you enjoyed!

Install: TOM’S LED Tail Lights

Another (more significant) part to cross off the never ending list for the FRS. I was pretty pumped for these tail lights (I mentioned before that I get excited over mirrors and lights) because the day I found out I was getting an FRS, I knew I wanted to get rid of the altezza-looking tail lights ASAP. I don’t know as a fact, but my personal opinion is that Subaru had some sort of hand in designing them based on their tail light ideas for the Impreza hatch… Or I’m just full of shit and bitter about lame looking tails lol.

The tail lights weren’t such a predicament for me to decide on because I’m a fan of all red and not a fan of the fancy designs of other manufacturers like Buddy Club – AKA Aventador tail lights. Valenti makes the second best looking tail lights IMO but still not for me. TOM’S tail lights are very subtle and have a nice layout for the LED’s so it’s not too gaudy but it does make the back end of the FRS look a lot nicer – especially black or white FRS’s.

I ordered them off of FT86speedfactory and got them within a week of ordering and with so many places selling TOM’S tail lights, or FRS parts in general, it’s super easy to just find some random site and to purchase something that doesn’t have the proper warranty, or it’s a replica, or it’s just not legit. Kind of lame but I guess that’s what happens when you want to mod a car with a huge aftermarket world to choose from…

IMG_4459 copy

Anyway – I picked the tail lights up at UPS at lunch (Thanks Punit for holding them for me) and headed over to JC’s after work to install them quickly. It’s a fairly easy install but JC has been hounding me about getting TOM’S tail lights since I’ve been shopping the dealerships too so I thought he’d appreciate the install part too.

IMG_4460 copy

Ta daaaa!!!

IMG_4461 copy

Nicely packaged!

IMG_4463 copy

An upclose. I plan on keeping the plastic on like a true Asian to prevent scratches.

IMG_4466 copy

A shot of the holographic TOM’S sticker – to prove authenticity…

IMG_4467 copy

JC working on moving the panels and liners aside.

IMG_4471 copy

Up front, I took the under portion of the dash apart because you have to change out the relay to work with LED bulbs or else you’ll get intermittent or odd flashing patterns.

IMG_4472 copy

Shot of the stock relay. Kind of a bitch to get out.

IMG_4479 copy

Another shot of the cool sticker lol

IMG_4480 copy

Some JDM instructions.

IMG_4481 copy

Punit supervising like he always does…

IMG_4494 copy

And then he got a hold of my camera and started snapping pics. I’m usually never on this side of the camera so even looking at this is weird for me. LOL

IMG_4498 copy

Both tail lights in! They fit like a glove and perfectly as well. No gaps or anything.

IMG_4499 copy

Trunk closed.

IMG_4500 copy

I was just kidding about keeping the plastic on (for those of you that shook your head at me). LOOKS SO GOOD

IMG_4502 copy

A bad shot but that’s with the lights turned on. My favourite part of the light are those LED “C’s”.

IMG_4509 copy

Close up of the tail light.

IMG_4512 copy

JC Instagramming and Punit looking for some app that we’ve never heard of. Now that I think about it, he still hasn’t told us what the app was or what it does and he searched for a good 10 minutes…

IMG_4517 copy

Apologize for the dirty car since it rained yesterday but that’s not the point. The point is how much better the back end looks now that those clear lens tails are gone.

IMG_4518 copy

Punit’s GS over there somewhere.

IMG_4522 copy

A close up of  TOM’S etching underneath each of the tail lights.

IMG_4525 copy

Felt bad that I snapped a pic of Punit’s car and not JC’s… So here you go.

IMG_4528 copy

Got back home and took a few more shots in the garage. Another with the lights on.

I should also add that these are the USDM spec tail lights and not the JDM ones. Why the USDM over JDM, you ask? I chose it ONLY because the blinkers are red on the USDM version where as the JDM version blinkers are amber. The other difference (which didn’t matter to me anyway) is that the side portion that you see up top lights up in the USDM spec and it does not light up at all in the JDM spec. So really – I chose it because I like red more than amber lol.

IMG_4530 copy

A couple more…

IMG_4533 copy

And a shot with the blinker on. The red just matches everything better IMO…

Onto the next one… Soon, I hope!


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