Limited Edition: Chris’s Boosted J-Swapped EG

At long last! The first of my two photo shoots from my visit to Victoria, and the first one up is Chris’s boosted J-swapped Civic… It’s quite different from the everyday K-swaps that are ever-so-popular in the Honda community. How could I have passed up the opportunity to shoot one of the island’s cleanest and most unique builds? I couldn’t – and the best thing about Chris’s car is that it’s a car that you’ve probably never even heard of unless you’re close to him or his friends.

I’ve seen Chris’s cars through pictures that Jackie has sent in some of our chats and could really only admire through those pictures. It’s one thing to appreciate a well-built car through iPhone pictures, but it’s a totally different feeling to see it up close and admire the work that has been put into it. My trip to Victoria was well worth it and the two cars alone show that the island literally at the end of Western Canada does have something to show, and they aren’t any half-assed builds either.

Chris hasn’t really had a true photoshoot that has been shared on social media or anywhere for that matter, and it’s surprising because a build like this deserves recognition. Chris is a super low-key guy and I get the sense that he really just does what he does because he enjoys it and nothing more. Him and his wife, Tiffany, were super friendly and accommodating while I was there – I’m looking forward to coming back during the summer!

Enough of my chatter… I’m sure you guys are dying to see this as much as I am dying to show you!

IMG_8221 copy

We’ll start off with a roller to get this going like always.

IMG_7793 copy

The best thing I found out about this build was that it was Chris’s first car that he purchased back in 1997. Great builds take time and patience and this is another great example of exactly that…

IMG_7803 copy

The biggest head turner of Chris’s Civic is the massive J-series engine from a TL Type-S bulging from the center of the hood and a Vortech charger connected right beside it…

IMG_7805 copy

Part of the LEVEL one family.

IMG_7807 copy

Password JDM canards on the front bumper to help make the front end aggressive.

IMG_7812 copy

Chargespeed wide fenders

IMG_7813 copy

IMG_7826 copy

Even from the side, Chris’s EG is mean as hell. You can see the piping from the hood, the canards and First Molding lip flow to the Chargespeed fenders and the lines flow all the way to the rear Spoon wing.

IMG_7838 copy

With the hood opened, Chris replaced all of the stock plastic bolts for some better hardware…

IMG_7840 copy

And the custom Vortech power plant in all it’s glory.

IMG_7843 copy

The J-series straight from the 2003 6-speed Acura TL Type-S.

Another cool tidbit about Chris’s car is that this obviously hasn’t always been the only engine Chris has ran… This is actually his fourth engine. His first engine was a D-series, the second one was an turbo LS, his third was a built B16 turbo, and now a boosted J-series. Quite the progression, if you ask me!

IMG_7853 copy

The back has been gutted for room for his Auto Power drag cage.

IMG_7857 copy

For you diehard Civic fans out there, you might have noticed by looking at his front bumper that it’s not a typical EG front bumper… Any guesses? Look carefully – if you scroll down, you can confirm your guess or find out if you’re stumped…

IMG_7859 copy

The answer is – the vents are from a 99-00 EK bumper. Chris actually does body work and molded those in himself and they look seamless as you can see from the above two pictures. You’ll also probably notice the Vision type DC mirrors swapped in too.

IMG_7876 copy

Another look at how aggressive and beastly this car looks from afar…

IMG_7943 copy

Jackie and Chris swapped cars to get to the next spot so he could give me a ride in it. The car is currently pushing about 400whp and in a light and small chassis like the EG, that’s no joke. Jackie mentioned that it was difficult to get traction in the lower gears but once it gets going, it goes…

Side note – you can see the JDM EG6 cluster as well.

IMG_7889 copy

The Spoon SW388 wheels suit any classic Honda perfectly and this is no exception.

IMG_7895 copy

Here you can see a perfect shot of how massive this engine is in the EG chassis.

IMG_8116 copy

IMG_8127 copy

We ended up finding a nice spot near the entrance to the area after the Ferry that made for good spot lighting.

IMG_8134 copy

Some behind the scenes shots… The group is trying to find the best dual lane road to take rolling shots on. Turns out Victoria doesn’t have many dual lanes but we ended up finding some good stretches of road! Sneak peak at my next subject… :)

IMG_8135 copy

The chariot for the day was Jackie’s lowered TL on some spacers that even rubbed! LOL… Jackie is notorious for just dumping everything.

IMG_8335 copy

A pit stop and another preview shot of the second photo shoot to come…

IMG_8342 copy

These rolling shots were next to a nice and peaceful lake. Suited these shoots perfectly.

IMG_8357 copy

IMG_8401 copy

One last shot to end it for Chris’s car. I will admit that I do have a few more, but I will have to revisit those later and repost them up when I get the chance. I know Chris and Ben have been itching to see the shots… The other shots will serve as a good refresher later!

Cherry Blossoms & Selfies

Next stop on the list was to get some sick shots of Cherry Blossoms. Admittedly, this was the first time I’ve ever really seen them in person and in full bloom like this. I was adamant that we find the BEST spot for these so we searched Google and surprise surprise – one of the links was something like “25 best spots to see Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver” LOL. I ended up settling on Burrard Station where they were everywhere! Tons of good ops for pics too… First of all, I apologize because this post lacks car content but contains lots of awesome pink flowers.

Here we go!

IMG_7661 copy

The entrance to Burrard station. You can already see how awesome this is.

IMG_7663 copy

The best view.

IMG_7664 copy

Diana and Shereen taking selfies

IMG_7668 copy

IMG_7678 copy

Cherry blossom petals everywhere

IMG_7680 copy

Some random shoes hanging up on one of the branches

IMG_7681 copy

IMG_7687 copy

A cool shot I got of Diana with a petal falling.

IMG_7693 copy

Some jumping shots

IMG_7699 copy

IMG_7706 copy

Rare shot of Diana and I lol

IMG_7703 copy

Thought this was a cool shot… Matched her scarf perfectly.

IMG_7717 copy

The next stop was Stanley Park to check out the view

IMG_7721 copy

This dude chilled with us for a bit

IMG_7748 copy

Then we stopped at the hollow tree…

IMG_7751 copy

If you’re interested in the history…

IMG_7754 copy

A full on shot. It doesn’t look like it here, but people used to back their cars up into the trunk for pics and stuff but there is a big rock in place of that entryway to prevent that now…

IMG_7758 copy

More big trees with cool looking moss all over…

IMG_7759 copy

IMG_7762 copy

The next day, I hopped on the ferry to Victoria bright and early to meet Jackie and crew for some photoshoots!

IMG_7769 copy

A cool little 1.5 hour ride. It was cool for my first time in about 20 years…

IMG_7779 copy

Hipster shot.

IMG_7780 copy

As I was walking around the ferry, I went into one of the shops and had to get a shot of this lol

IMG_7785 copy

The next posts you can look forward to include Ben’s NSX… Which is SUPER mint btw. Looks like it came right off the showroom floor.

IMG_7786 copy

And finally, Chris’s J-Swap Civic… Stay tuned!

Visit to AJ-Racing!

We are finally back from our BC trip! So I have some updates and some good photoshoots coming your way too! It was nice being away for the last 5 days and getting a nice break from work for a little bit… But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and it’s back to reality for me tomorrow.

We landed in BC on Thursday night and just settled in that night. The next morning, we were up early and started our adventures…

I’ll start it off with the first stop on our trip! AJ-Racing! Ben at AJR is the one that I purchased the Voltex wing for my STI for and also my TE37’s for the FRS, so I really wanted to check out the shop and snap some pics.

IMG_7587 copy

Sara – Diana’s cousin – picked us up from the airport and we were on our way back to their house…

IMG_7589 copy

Diana’s Uncle and Aunt were gracious enough to let us stay in their house for the few days that we were there for.

IMG_7591 copy

It rained pretty much every day that we were there… Lives up to it’s “Rain City” name…

IMG_7592 copy

Our first stop was AJ-R. Eric was awesome about chauffeuring us around on Friday to all the places we wanted to go. AJ-R was quite the drive from Surrey, so without him we wouldn’t have been able to drop in.

IMG_7593 copy

Inside, I met Ben and he invited us into the shop to take some pics. Unfortunately, Ben did not have his BRZ nor his GTR because they were getting some work done… However, there were two cars in particular worth taking some quick snaps of. The first one is this C-WEST x Rocket Bunny FRS on Advan GT’s

IMG_7594 copy

It’s also boosted. Super clean!

IMG_7595 copy

IMG_7597 copy

A shot of the Advan GT’s under the RB fenders and the TRD fender fins…

IMG_7598 copy

Above it was a Fiat getting some work done.

IMG_7599 copy

Their work tables… Ben said the shop was way messier than usual, so take my pics with a grain of salt if you’re judging the shop by them…

IMG_7608 copy

Off to the side was Jackie’s S2000 getting tons of new upgrades. I will not post the shots until it’s officially completed… But here’s a few teaser shots.

IMG_7610 copy

His new set up on custom candy blue Volk TE37’s with AP Racing brakes peeping from behind. Jackie also ditched some of the low for some functionality on meatier tires.

IMG_7613 copy

In the other corner was a pretty clean ITR. That was pretty much it for the shop cars that day. Unfortunately, Ben got his BRZ back the next day and I didn’t get a chance to go back…

IMG_7616 copy

Up in the store front was more goodies – a racing simulator set up.

IMG_7617 copy

On the wall was a bunch of familiar cars from Calgary – Nick’s S2000 here…

IMG_7618 copy

In the center was suspension on suspension on suspension. Cusco, ALEX… I wanted to pick up the Cusco front brace so bad! But no place to put it…

IMG_7620 copy

Here – a wall of goodies behind the glass cabinets. Some items for sale, some not…

IMG_7621 copy

Carbon goodies and Asimo dolls.

IMG_7622 copy

Here is a collection of Spoon/Ralli Art pieces…

IMG_7624 copy

Here is some T1R stuff. Peep the Titanium T1R lugs…

IMG_7625 copy

More goodies…

IMG_7627 copy

Up top was some scale models of awesome cars. Not for sale unfortunately… I know, because I wanted to buy it.

IMG_7630 copy

JDM goodies here. NSX-R horn button was a goody here.

IMG_7632 copy

The trophies that they’ve collected over the years

IMG_7633 copy

Some wheels on display

IMG_7634 copy

On the other side of the braces were coilovers – Ohlins, T1R, Cusco…

IMG_7635 copy

And right beside that was the wall of exhausts, pipes, intakes..

IMG_7636 copy

Here is the T1R sparrow exhaust for an STI

IMG_7637 copy

A T1R Titanium exhaust

IMG_7638 copy

A rack of some awesome magazines.

IMG_7639 copy

The one that caught my eye was this one… I also wanted to buy this but no-go on this one too…

IMG_7640 copy

A collection of racing suits on the other wall.

That was pretty much all the stuff that was going on at AJ-R. I regret not being able to come back, but it was still nice to check it out. It was reminiscent of Speedtech back in the day and it makes me miss a place to chill and just do all things cars… Thanks to Ben for letting us hang out and take some pics!

Moving onto the next part of our day…

IMG_7645 copy

Eric took us down to Gastown for some brunch and to check out some hipster places to eat.

IMG_7646 copy

We ended up at Catch 122 for some brunch where all items are $12. That’s a steal!

IMG_7648 copy

Simple menu with lots of good eats

IMG_7651 copy

Checking out the menu.

IMG_7653 copy

I ended up getting the Dirty Breakfast. Duck Confit, Potatoes deep fried in Duck Fat, two sunny side up eggs with homemade maple glazed beans. Pretty dece!

IMG_7655 copy

I don’t remember what Eric got but I think it was Eggs Benedict with Duck.

IMG_7654 copy

And Diana got a pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich.

IMG_7656 copy

After that, we just walked around and checked out some stuff. Tons of cool little shops that Calgary lacks. Despite all the rain, I still want to move here…

IMG_7659 copy

One last shot of Diana in a cool alley near where we parked… I’ll have the next set up soon!

2015 International Auto Show

It’s that time of year again where we make our annual trip to the auto show to check out new whips and for Diana to get free things – it’s a good compromise.

Lots of cool cars like always – super busy but always a good time to hang with the dudes. Thanks to JC for the free tickets! The car pics will start after our little pre-show caffeine load up.

Diana and I decided to head to Cafe Blanca before the show to check out the new ways of making hipster coffee. I had to take some pics cause it was hella cool. It’s called Siphon Coffee and it’s an elaborate way of making coffee and it’s currently the only cafe in Calgary that does it this way. Didn’t look like too many people in the cafe knew about it but it’s definitely worth trying once… Check it out:

IMG_7470 copy

Siphon coffee starts off with a flask and a heated element underneath – the red base in the pic. It’s quite the chemistry-looking set up.

IMG_7471 copy

Next, a glass goes on top. The bottom flask is filled with water and there is a siphon in the center that connects to the top.

IMG_7474 copy

As the bottom flask heats up, the water rises and transfers into the top glass.

IMG_7476 copy

From there, coffee grinds of your choice are measured perfectly to match with the amount of water and then added to the heated water in the top glass.

IMG_7478 copy

Here she is using a wooden stick to remove the gasses that form at the top of the coffee.

IMG_7479 copy

Once the gasses are gone, the mixture falls back down into the bottom flask since there is no more heat to hold it in the top glass.

IMG_7481 copy

Once it’s separated, you have your coffee grounds in the top of the glass and fresh siphoned coffee in another flask! The difference between this way is that you get a really natural tasting coffee where it’s not sour or bitter. Once the process is complete, the smell of the grounds is significantly different from the siphoned coffee. It’s pretty cool!

IMG_7483 copy

And here we enjoy the siphoned coffee. Awesome little place to try out. /end foodie post.
Now onto car pics!

IMG_7485 copy

We start the show with the new Dodge Viper. I love that Dodge has kept the general look of the Viper that we are all so used to. The fender lines, even the center stripes.

IMG_7487 copy

A pricey Dodge Charger SRT at $80,000. Nice bronze wheels and huge Brembo brakes right behind them.

IMG_7492 copy

A very awesome B6 Alpina with those classic Alpina wheels.

IMG_7493 copy

Front end is amazing.

IMG_7498 copy

IMG_7504 copy

Rolls Royce… Once again, there’s a house sitting right there.

IMG_7507 copy

Awesome Bentley

IMG_7508 copy

A matte wrapped Acura TLX lowered on Vossens. It was dece… I’m not a fan of the new Acura models for some reason. They’re more mature-looking.

IMG_7512 copy

IMG_7516 copy

IMG_7517 copy

Had to get a shot of one of the twins – BRZ.

IMG_7519 copy

Front end shot of the Nismo 370Z. It was tough to get a shot of the full car because all the fanboys were crowding it along with the GTR over to the left. The abuse these cars go through is crazy…

IMG_7525 copy

One of the cooler cars there was this race-built FRS. Scion always has interesting ricer cars in their booth for people like us.

IMG_7526 copy

Awesome wheel and brake set up with Volk CE28RT’s and AP Racing brakes behind.

IMG_7528 copy

JC and Punit decided it was worth pointing the imperfections out on a car that actually gets tracked lol. Disrespect.

IMG_7531 copy

Rear quarter shot. Valenti tails and what looks to be a Tomei type 80?

IMG_7533 copy

IMG_7536 copy

In the back of the Scion booth was a Rocket Bunny-esque Scion Tc on velvet blue Gram Lights. Pretty cool.

IMG_7540 copy

Over in the Honda booth was a pretty cool Fit all snazzed up.

IMG_7541 copy

The front end was pretty awesome with the Mugen front. I love how they’re starting to pay more attention to good-quality parts and bringing them to shows like this.

IMG_7542 copy

Another shot of the Mugen front.

IMG_7544 copy

Race set up inside.

IMG_7545 copy

A $30,000 Mazda3 hatch… Not sure I would ever pay for that though.

IMG_7546 copy

A classic take on the VW Beetle.

IMG_7548 copy

The new Nissan Titan with the new Cummins engine inside. Thing was huge.

IMG_7549 copy

The Juke – always a cool looking car.

IMG_7552 copy

The Mercedes AMG GT. Reminiscent of the SLS but without the gullwing doors.

IMG_7558 copy

The Mercedes S63 – Another bad ass car.

IMG_7561 copy

And it continues with the Audi RS7.

IMG_7560 copy

IMG_7563 copy

My favourite of the whole show was Infiniti’s Q80 Concept. It’s sad that the Calgary show doesn’t get to see many of the concept vehicles like the FT-1, but this was awesome.

IMG_7564 copy

Front end was definitely cool.

IMG_7565 copy

Awesome LED headlights

IMG_7566 copy

Another shot

IMG_7568 copy

And the rear. Super futuristic looking which will probably not carry over…

IMG_7569 copy

The Lexus RC-F. Super awesome looking in person. Reminds me of all the hype that came out when the IS-F was released.

IMG_7572 copy

Love the spindle grill on all the Lexus vehicles.

IMG_7574 copy

The CT200h. JC you need this front end in your life lol

IMG_7575 copy

The RC350. Still equally as cool as the F model.

IMG_7576 copy

Ass shot. Lexus did good on both the front and rear of the RC-F.

IMG_7578 copy

The guys entertained with a touchscreen that did nothing. lol

IMG_7581 copy

Super badass Camaro Z28. I would rock the shit out of this thing.

IMG_7582 copy

Same with the Corvette. Chevrolet is killing it.

IMG_7585 copy

We’ll end the show with Punit and the typical car show picture. This is so he can post it on his social media and look cool.

Hope you enjoyed!

Tire Stencils AKA Ricer Stencils

Finally adding a few finishing touches to the car with some simple tire stencils. I’ve always liked the idea of the tire stencil – especially the IDLERS one on RWB Porsches, and as much as I like the look, it just wouldn’t make sense to put on my car. So I decided to just use a typical “tire brand” stencil and be done with it. My co-worker is huge into crafting and she has this machine called a Cricut that cuts out designs and stuff for scrapbooking and other fancy things so I mocked up the Michelin stencil in photoshop and sent her way to cut out on some cardstock for me and it turned out perfect!

So once I came home, I took the wheels off, Diana masked up the wheel and tire and put the stencil on and I just sprayed it as she held down. It’s tricky at first because you want to make sure it lines up but after the first tire, it’s super easy. I think it would’ve been even easier if it was cut out on vinyl like the Speedhunters one but ah well… Hindsight is always 20/20.

Quick pics from yesterday:

IMG_7465 copy

IMG_7466 copy

Diana putting it on.

IMG_7468 copy

Within 20 minutes, we were done and we got the wheels back on. The height of the coils in these pics were still off since I’ve adjusted them multiple times, drove around, and then re-checked and re-adjusted as needed. I’ll get some updated shots of the height once I get an alignment and everything.

IMG_7469 copy

Bad shot from the rear quarter but you get the idea…


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