Jackie Tong’s VOLK-equipped Toyota 4Runner

Happy Hump Day Post!

Once again getting around to posting up one of the last shoots that I did a while back – I’ll admit that after this, I’ll most likely be MIA most of the time because it’s crunch time everyday until the wedding. (Are you sick of me talking about the wedding yet?) We have about 3 weeks left and the days are just too short while the tasks are too long! I’ll try to pop on here once in a while to post some extra little things that I’ve had on the go just to keep it from dying out, but please bare with me until I get back in the groove.

Enough about me – more about Jackie Tong and his Toyota 4Runner. Jackie – most of you locals probably know by now – owns Zero Limit Automotive. I shot his NSX last year which has recently been given the forced induction treatment, and now his Toyota 4Runner with newly equipped Volk Te37′s, new off-road suspension (that was not installed yet during this shoot) and some extra goodies to make this dirt queen look good on and off the trails. In the short amount of time that Jackie has had Zero Limit Automotive – many great cars have come in and out of that shop and he’s played a big role in getting a lot of the cars you see today out on the road – my LS460L air install was one of many. If any of you have any automotive needs – Jackie is your man. It’ll also help him fund the addiction we all know too well – our cars. :)

This was quite a different realm of photography for me… Sure, it’s a car but it’s on the side of a big ass pile of dirt. What angle do I take? I’m so used to taking pictures of cars that love kissing the pavement, not being so high up off the ground…

IMG_2581 copy

As you can see, although the car is clean in these pictures, Jackie doesn’t really care. That’s the way it should be.

IMG_2629 copy

To add to that, Jackie has thrown on a set of Volk TE37′s – no he doesn’t switch them off when he goes out on the trails. Most people would jump straight to the conclusion that it’s not worth it to put on “real wheels” to do such things. Not Jackie… His wheel game is on point.

IMG_2585 copy

The man himself.

IMG_2592 copy

Given the abuse that Jackie puts his 4Runner through, it’s in wicked condition.

IMG_2598 copy

IMG_2593 copy

IMG_2595 copy

IMG_2602 copy

IMG_2646 copy

Everything is so shiny!

IMG_2605 copy

IMG_2610 copy

IMG_2618 copy

Rich came over in his new S6 but unfortunately due to his ground clearance, he was not able to compete with Jackie…

IMG_2623 copy

This was actually my favourite shot – probably because it falls along the lines of how I usually shoot, but mostly in part because his 4Runner is in such good condition. Black is just beautiful.

IMG_2632 copy

Wait a second – not only does Jackie have 4 TE37′s, he has 5! Love this look so much.

IMG_2640 copy

IMG_2645 copy

IMG_2647 copy

IMG_2650 copy

IMG_2653 copy

That’s it for my first off-road SUV shoot… Next up is his Tundra once he gets that done and I don’t think it’ll take too long either.

Must be nice to be rich is all I have to say.

Until next time!

Brazzers: Nick Chows Nissan GTR Bangzilla POV

I’ve been extremely behind on posts lately – it’s been hectic and the true countdown is on before the wedding. There’s about 3 weeks left and it still seems like there is so much to do! It’s difficult to find time during the evenings now because most of that is taken up by more planning. I’m now writing this on my lunch break at work because that’s the only down time I have during the day it seems. Oh well… Let’s see if I can pound this out in the last 15 minutes I have left.

I was super stoked to finally shoot Nick’s GTR – I know when he picked it up he said it was going to be a slow build and that was only about a year ago. Since then, he’s added a few more goodies – and if anyone knows anything about GTR parts, you’d know they don’t come cheap. The GTR in and of itself is a automotive masterpiece and it’s hard not to appreciate something of this caliber and class whether you like Japanese cars or Nissan or cars at all. Nick’s cars have always had a certain appeal to them – done up with precision and nothing but the best parts and the best workmanship that he could get his hands on. It’s hard not to be influenced by his path to building great cars. In fact – lots of the cars (including mine) that you see on my blog have in one way or another had Nick somehow get his touch on the build. One example is Danny’s STI hatch that you may recall or even his previous car – the VIP Junction Produce Lexus GS – a car and style that really was quite a different feel to the automotive culture here at the time and is now spreading like a wildfire.

Nick has been in the game quite a while and has a wealth of knowledge that any one could appreciate – whether you’re starting out or have been in the game as long or longer than he has. A funny side story – when I had sold the STI, I was set on getting a 370Z – which he swayed me away from and into an LS460L – which btw I had no regrets owning. After the LS460L, I was once again determined to get into a 370Z and a second time I was swayed away from it and into an FRS I went. During this shoot we briefly discussed the funny story of how this all unfolded and he said “I will forever prevent you from getting into a 370Z”. I’m not gonna lie – I STILL want a 370Z but I don’t think it will appeal to me as much once I own it. Who knows, maybe my next car will be a 370Z if I don’t tell him…

Anyway – back to the GTR. Nick was extremely patient looking for a GTR and he had been looking for the perfect white one even before I owned the LS. We chatted back and forth and sometime in between, he finally found one and in great condition as well… And so the story begins…

IMG_2485 copy

Starting off with the rolling shot!

IMG_2313 copy

The GTR looks great from every angle. It’s one of those cars that you can just walk around and just love every curve. I know that sounds creepy, but anyone who loves their cars knows they can watch their car all day if they could…

IMG_2318 copy

Sometime last year, Nick was able to cop a set of Advan GT’s in gloss black. A popular wheel for GTR’s and rightfully so – they look right at home.

IMG_2320 copy

Even the headlights are fancy

IMG_2322 copy

IMG_2323 copy

IMG_2325 copy

Not too long ago, Nick fitted a T1R exhaust to help give the GTR some more rumble.

IMG_2332 copy

On the way to the next location, I rode shotgun and he took it for a quick rip. I’ll admit that in the extremely short time that I sat in it and the one quick pull, it felt faster and stronger than the Ferrari F430 I drove around the track in Las Vegas. There was no comparison… Of course, two different cars but just such a big difference in terms of that feel of power.

IMG_2352 copy

Shot of the rear set up. I believe the rear tires were 305… Love it.

IMG_2362 copy

Them hips.

IMG_2404 copy

lol Derrick snapped a shot of me moving the car into the right locations.

IMG_2416 copy

Shot of his front set up.

IMG_2417 copy

Took a shot from inside of JC’s car. Punit and Derrick bonding over their love for Integras…

IMG_2418 copy

Rolling out

IMG_2431 copy


IMG_2444 copy

IMG_2447 copy

Another shot of the tips.

IMG_2450 copy

Close up of the Advan GT’s and engraved spoke.

IMG_2455 copy

Beautiful Varis lip in all it’s glory. Nick actually ordered this the same time I ordered my SSR’s for the LS460 and he didn’t receive it until way after my wheels landed… Quality takes time. After my Varis STI, I’ve had a soft spot for all things Varis. I can’t wait to get started on the FRS with it either…

IMG_2465 copy

Awesome JDM Nismo cluster as well. It currently reads all in Japanese but it’s a very nice addition to the cockpit.

IMG_2467 copy

Of course, Nick hasn’t forgotten his Honda roots either with Asimo hanging from his rear view.

IMG_2504 copy

On the prowl

IMG_2574 copy

Pull up to this at a red light. PS – we smoked it in JC’s CT200h. No biggie…

IMG_2301 copy

IMG_2339 copy

I was ragging on Nick about black wheels on a white car – that’s the worst combination to shoot because like I’ve mentioned before – you either over expose the car and you get a shot of the wheels or you underexpose the car and see nothing but black holes where the wheels should be. I was lucky enough though that I got enough light – even though it was overcast – to light both up properly. The one downside to shooting in overcast is that when you have simple coloured cars – they don’t pop as much as they should.

IMG_2369 copy

IMG_2383 copy

One of my favourite shots from the shoot is this from up top. I absolutely love the look of the GTR (as well as many other cars, in fact) from up top. It’s not an angle you see too often).

IMG_2512 copy

And voila! Another one in the bag. I wasn’t too stoked on the overcast that day because I feel like this car can really shine when it’s sunny out. My plan is to grab Nick again when we have another awesome day and do this more justice.

The Return: Punit’s Acura Integra

I think the most epic weekend for photoshoots happened this past Sunday for me. Based off of my previous post – I was banned from the house pretty much all day so I had to find something to do. Luckily JC wasn’t working and the rest of the gang were also game to show up. Also interesting because there was a diverse line up – super exciting. If you follow me on Instagram then you would’ve seen the line up… If not, then it’s going to be a good surprise for the upcoming shoots :)

I’m juggling a lot of balls right now with the wedding since we’re just about a month away – to be honest though, I should start focusing more of my time and energy on finishing up that stuff rather than do photoshoots…….
Ha what the heck am I talking about? As long as I have my camera and a few free hours on the weekend, I’ll be shooting cars!

Anyway – the first shoot of the day was none other than Punit’s Acura Integra. If you recall my post of Punit’s Lexus GS450h, I mentioned that the last time I shot his Integra was years ago when I had first met him. Between now and then I’ve taken random shots of his Integra parked here and there but never a proper shoot and as I write this, I’m still wondering why I never got around to it.

The day has finally come though! Punit just recently finished up his Integra and brought it out for a long overdue photoshoot.

IMG_2088 copyI took Diana’s Fit because I had just polished and waxed the FRS and I didn’t want to ruin the finish because it was set to rain.

IMG_2090 copyAnd just when I thought I would’ve been the most stock car at this photoshoot, Derrick goes and brings his Corolla. He is currently working on an engine swap on his Integra so it was a legitimate reason to bring this.

IMG_2092 copyAnd of course, JC’s whip.

IMG_2093 copyPunit showed up shortly after and he had a level one decal to throw on before we started the shoot…

IMG_2096 copy

Derrick and JC placing it appropriately.

IMG_2100 copyOf course Punit just sits in the damn car while we do all the work. Doesn’t even undo his seatbelt.

IMG_2103 copyFinally got it on… Most of the credit goes to Derrick lol

IMG_2106 copyAnd here we go… It’s been a while since I’ve had this through my lens.

IMG_2116 copy

One of the biggest changes to Punit’s car is his new wheel set up. In particular – he’s now rocking a 5 lug conversion with a rare set of slightly concave white TE37′s. The set up is now more functional than his Regamasters were with the crazy camber and this set up is way better IMO.

IMG_2127 copyThe white on red looks awesome

IMG_2135 copyThe rear end hasn’t changed much. It’s still my favourite gen Mugen wing.

IMG_2146 copyBreaking necks and snapping iPhone pics

IMG_2147 copyPunit himself snapping some pics…

IMG_2151 copy

IMG_2156 copy

IMG_2165 copyIf you take a closer look, you’ll see that the 5-lug conversion Punit went with also came with NSX brakes…

IMG_2159 copy

IMG_2169 copy

IMG_2189 copyThe interior is also a little treat when you get inside. In the back you can see the S2000 cluster conversion…

IMG_2193 copyAnd if we take another closer look – you’ll see that his full hatch is carbon. A little attention to detail goes a long way if you know how to look for it.

IMG_2201 copyQuick shot filling up before moving onto the next location.

IMG_2206 copy

IMG_2211 copyA closer look at his Te37′s and fitment. I love this look so much.

IMG_2217 copy

IMG_2218 copyA quick shot of the full interior. Still looking mint.

IMG_2221 copyJC and his dirty ass mirrors again. That guy just can’t get his shit together (LOL)

IMG_2222 copyGetting ready to rollout

IMG_2223 copyDerrick creepin…

IMG_2270 copyAnd I will be the first to admit that I was not on my A-game for this shoot. While I do enjoy shooting overcast, I’m now better adjusted to shoot in direct sunlight. Overcast (IMO) just doesn’t make rollers pop like I want them to. Who knows – that’s probably my weakness that I need to work on but this happened to be the only good rolling shot I got of Punit’s car.

In my defense, we didn’t have much space to work with but I did promise him one more shot at more rolling shots the next weekend to get something even better!

Hopefully I’ll get more shots at the same time too – either way… That’s another shoot in the bag!

Diana’s Bridal Shower

This is outside of the norm for my posts – I have one once in a while – but I thought I’d make a small little post.

**Sappy Jason ON**

I was out all day with the guys doing photoshoots while Diana and her friends/family had a bridal shower at our place this afternoon. Timing was perfect – three photoshoots lasted us from 11AM to 4PM then JC and I went to eat Ramen for a quick dinner.

I got home and they were just winding down and the decorations were actually super nice. Excuse the lack of furniture in our house… I didn’t get a chance to take any pics of the decoration but it was awesome.

IMG_2657 copyA quick group photo of the girls that were still there when I got home.

IMG_2680 copyWhen everyone left, Diana went over all the awesome gifts she got and the one thing in particular that I enjoyed the most was this box that said “Advice for the Bride”. All the girls wrote little things on the hearts and I personally enjoyed each one of them.

My three favourites of the pile (there were tons) were these three.

1) Don’t drive stock cars

2) Never stop saying I love you

3) Don’t go to sleep mad at each other

I just wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to all the girls that help put this together for Diana (Julee, Cindy, Thy, and Derrick – not a girl). It means a lot to Diana and myself to have a great group of people that we know care about us and are willing to spend time helping us out. You guys are the best! Anyone that makes Diana happy, makes me happy too! Just about a month until the big day!

**Sappy Jason OFF**

FRS Paint Correction!

Finally had some time to do some paint correction on the FRS. Ever since I took it home from the dealer it had a major case of the swirls all over the car – kind of a bummer cause “usually” all the cars I’ve bought have had great paint with very little paint issues. I guess this is what I signed up for when I bought a black car… At the same time, black is the best looking color when it’s free of swirls and freshly washed and wax.

Last weekend I made a trip to Carzilla and picked up some new additions for my arsenal. On a side note – anyone who is serious about their paint and caring for it NEEDS to go to hit up Carzilla locally. There hasn’t really been a good place locally to pick up some good, brand name products. Not only do they have some sick products, the customer service is top notch. They spent a lot of time telling me about a lot of the new products they have and combinations. I was going back and forth between a few waxes and when I couldn’t decide, they gave me samples to “try before I buy”. I’ve only been there that one time but I’ll be a repeat customer for sure.

IMG_2050 copy

Starting off. The lighting isn’t the best in my garage right now and it’s hard to tell – black looks fine under this light but trust me it was bad.

IMG_2053 copy

Washed and ready to go.

IMG_2055 copy

My cheap mans attempt at trying to showcase the swirls in the paint. It’s barely noticeable in this pic but you have to take my word for it… It’s bad haha

IMG_2057 copy

Picked up a bottle of Menzerna PF2500.

IMG_2058 copy

Also a new pad and the little samples. One on the left is Victoria Wax and the one on the right is another product (I forget the name) for black cars.

IMG_2059 copy

Polishing the rear quarter

IMG_2061 copy

Finished the back end. So good!!

IMG_2062 copy

A shot of the paint reflection.

IMG_2063 copy

Another… Diana’s car in the back.

IMG_2070 copy

All done! Nice and wet!

IMG_2073 copy

As you can also see – a shitload of construction going on around us 24/7 so it’s ALWAYS dusty. Such a pain…

IMG_2074 copy

Nice and good from the back.

IMG_2075 copy

No more swirls!

IMG_2082 copy

Also decided that while I was at it, I’d throw on the LEVEL one decal. I know – my car is still stock as shit but it’ll give me something to work towards… Ironically, this is the most difficult decal to get “level” by yourself… LOL

IMG_2084 copy

Ended up getting it and it’s perfect! Better than new!

Shout out to Carzilla for the awesome products and the service. The recommendation of Menzerna PF2500 and the orange cutting pad is awesome!


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