50 Shades of M-Power: Jimmy’s BMW M3

The first shoot of the season is here!

This last weekend I shot Jimmy’s new BMW M3 – he slapped quite a few goodies on the car pretty quick which is no surprise. You may also remember his Lexus LS430, and his Datsun that I shot last year. There is no cutting corners on Jimmy’s builds and that is what sets him apart from similar builds. A lot of the M3’s you see are usually beat and under-cared for, and let’s not forget about the fact that most of the drivers are … *cough* douchebags. I know – some of you are probably reading this and you probably drive a BMW and you’re thinking to yourself “Man, I ain’t no douchebag!” and that may very well be true… I just want to say that I wasn’t the one that created that label so don’t hold me to it.

But we’re not here to talk about douchebags and labels, we’re here to talk about Jimmy and his M3 and him not being a douchebag.

IMG_9204 copy

Like always, I met up with JC at his place and then we swapped cars to meet downtown. You know how you always love to see your own car rolling but there’s rarely ever a chance for it to happen? Well it’s great!

IMG_9218 copy

We started off promptly…

IMG_9223 copy

Right away you notice the intercooler in the front opening.

IMG_9229 copy

Dat bump doe

IMG_9232 copy

IMG_9234 copy

Rear fitment of his matte black 57 Motorsport G07EX

IMG_9242 copy

Close up

IMG_9252 copy

IMG_9260 copy

Another shot of the two. Step brothers

IMG_9264 copy

A nice shot with the Saddledome in the back…

IMG_9275 copy

Better shot of the stance.

IMG_9279 copy

IMG_9284 copy

Awesome full Dixis Spirt titanium exhaust.

IMG_9289 copy

IMG_9304 copy


IMG_9324 copy

Cool shot I got while we were heading out for rolling shots. Reflections are always awesome when you’re driving past glass windows/doors.

IMG_9365 copy

IMG_9438 copy

Bridge run!

IMG_9477 copy

IMG_9522 copy

Done! Overall – a good first shoot in the bag! More to come soon!

Taste the Rainbow

 … Kind of.

I’ve been wanting to attempt this project for some time now – and me being the Ti-burning pro that I am (sarcasm), I decided to give it a go. I wasn’t too worried about messing up because if you do get the colour wrong, then you can easily polish it off and try again. (You might be hitting yourself in the head for paying an extra $200 for a burned finish that can be wiped off with simple polish now). I did detail the process of colour change when you’re torching a while back when I did my exhaust tips on the STI. It basically goes from brown > purple > dark blue > light blue > silver. Once you get to silver, you have to start over by wiping it away – it doesn’t just cycle through the colours again. Another thing to keep in mind is that the colour changes due to the heat rising so you want to stop applying the torch BEFORE you get to the colour you want, otherwise it’ll keep changing even after the heat is off and you’ll likely go too far.

It’s not a painful task but it does take patience and a steady hand so that you get an even burn. I unfortunately didn’t get to take any pics from my SLR but Diana did snap some of me while I was doing it and then I took some from my phone as well.

IMG_9333I cleaned and prepped the surface first – polished it with some aggressive polish to get water spots out and then I cleaned the surface with methyl hydrate.


You can start to see the color showing up as I go around.


This was my first attempt – I got better as I went but I made sure to start on a part that would never be seen when it’s on the car just in case. It does get hot so hold it somewhere that you can have a steady grip. You also want to be careful once you’re done not to let it rest on anything because it’ll melt it pretty quick and you’ll ruin your finish for good.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

An shot I took and posted on instgram. You can kind of see the spot where I could’ve applied more heat where it’s still sort of purple. I went back and fixed it after.


A quick shot from underneath. IMG_9285And from the side… Voila! It makes it look way better now when you’re behind the car because you can see the canisters hanging. The extra colour is a nice treat.

More LED’S!

Small little update on the FRS – nothing too exciting since I’m pretty much done for this year. Like I mentioned before, I don’t want to spend money on things I’m going to end up changing or removing it later anyway. Hoping that over the winter, most things will fall into place but until then it’s time to enjoy summer!

Lots of things coming up this month and I’m starting to get a few photo shoots in here and there whenever I have time. Admittedly, I’m getting to the point where I just want to cruise and relax while my camera has taken a back seat. It’s not that I don’t like taking pictures anymore but I think I need a break… Who knows, maybe my mind will change when I see what this season has to offer.

Anyway, I ordered a set of switchback LED’s from Autolismo in BC and they got here in two days. I’ve been wanting to change out the front ambers to LED’s because I wanted to match the GT86 headlight LED’s. It’s difficult to find a set with the right color – lots of white LED’s are not actually white and have a tint of blue/purple to them. Philips LED’s (thanks to JC) have been awesome and provide that pure white but there is no viable option for switchbacks. I was assured by Thomas from Autolismo that these are pure white and should suit my needs. Just some quick photos:

IMG_9144 copy

The old amber bulbs. Had I not gotten the GT86 head lights, I probably would’ve just left these alone.

IMG_9146 copy

The new bulbs. Thomas sent me the newer models which were brighter than his previous ones so I was stoked to see them.

IMG_9147 copy

Comparison – not that you care what the new bulb looks like compared to the old one.

IMG_9150 copy

A within 5 minutes – the front end looks way better. The white is truly a pure white and matches the LED strip from the headlights nicely.

IMG_9152 copy

One last shot. Sorry – not shots of the amber switchback. Nobody cares for that anyway. :)

Volkswagen Close to Home 2015

Time for a more civilized post with some good lookin’ vee-hick-ulls. If you’re a fan of Euro/VW stuff, then this Close to Home show that Fifth Ave Volkswagen puts on every year is going to make your panties wet.

It’s a cool little get together of everything Volkswagen/Audi that displays a small segment of the little surprises that Calgary has to offer when it comes to these platforms. Every year, there’s always something different and there’s always something that will turn heads. It may not be everybody’s thing but I feel like this side of tuning has become accepted as it’s own little niche, and everyone that shows up to these shows know what they’re about. Those that have never seen anything like it are intrigued but never turned off. That’s the cool thing about the VW/Audi community, in particular – nobody REALLY gets it, but everyone accepts it. It’s just too wild not to appreciate… And for the most part, it’s done in good taste.

It was a quick Sunday for me though – I usually go, snap some pics and head out – it’s a fairly small show but good to see some familiar faces.

IMG_9085 copy

We met up at JC’s so that we could roll there together. Gopesh’s car all clean from the Edmonton drive. Still waiting on centercaps…

IMG_9086 copy

It’s not how you drive your car, it’s how you stand by it… This guy is always in the way.

IMG_9088 copy

JC’s hwip

IMG_9087 copy

Corey also came along – what a pleasant surprise, given that he is a South boy and lives too far to hang out most of the time. I am digging the bronze on white.

IMG_9089 copy


IMG_9092 copy

IMG_9093 copy

Pretty cool camo-theme

IMG_9094 copy

Clean and bagged R32. I feel for those fenders.

IMG_9095 copy

Funky GLI

IMG_9096 copy

More bagged goodness

IMG_9097 copy

This was a cool car. Everything looked like it was in it’s “work in progress” phase. Check those fenders

IMG_9098 copy

IMG_9099 copy

Pretty comfy seats with plenty of bolsters to keep you in your seat during those tight corners and built in ventilation for those hot summer days.

IMG_9100 copy

Mint Beetle in a Tiffany color scheme

IMG_9101 copy

IMG_9103 copy

Mike’s Ghia looking good as usual

IMG_9105 copy

Loved the wheels on this GTI. Reminded me of the Gram Lights velvet red finish

IMG_9107 copy

Pretty neat wood grain valve cover. Not sure but it looked like it was done by hand too.

IMG_9108 copy

This was one of my favourites – the gold VIP modulars are super clean.

IMG_9111 copy

An up-close… All gold everything. Good choice, sir.

IMG_9112 copy

IMG_9116 copy

This was dope. I love the matte cream/tan on older cars.

IMG_9117 copy

Another Karmann Ghia – it’s interesting to see the huge difference in this compared to how Mike has built his.

IMG_9120 copy

Rich’s S6 also all clean after that trip back from Edmonton.

IMG_9121 copy

Josh’s S5 bagged on Meisters. First time actually seeing it in person for me.

IMG_9122 copy

And of course, Gopesh’s GTI up front and center.

IMG_9124 copy

Another of Josh’s S5

IMG_9127 copy

And one more for good measure. I love the look of A5/S5’s on Meisters. So perfect!

IMG_9130 copy

IMG_9131 copy

IMG_9133 copy

A shot of three – excuse my naming – hippie vans. I mean no offense by it because I think they’re cool as hell. Tents on top and everything.

IMG_9136 copy

Here’s a shot of one of them and the interior. Check that couch!!

IMG_9139 copy

IMG_9142 copy

Josh’s girlfriend, Trudy’s S4. Nice line up near the front – S4, S5, S6.

That’s pretty much all there was at the Fifth Ave show. Always a good turnout and cool to walk around! Hoping to get a shoot in this weekend, so stay tuned!

780 Season Opener – The Meet

The second and last part to the season opener is pictures of the season opener itself…

An early disclaimer right now – I didn’t take many pics at the meet like I had expected to. To put it simply, the meet was a gong show – it was unorganized, crowded, uncontrolled, and every other word in the dictionary that describes a mess. The first year that we went down, it was fairly tame and it did get somewhat busy but not to the point where there were people circling the meet like it was a runway or trying to find parking in-between other cars in random lots. This year was probably 5 times worse than that and it was stressful just being there.

We were originally told not to be there until 7PM because we would not be permitted to park. We got there at 7:09PM and the whole place was flooding from every intersection. No big deal.

When you finally find a parking – somewhere between a wall, a garbage can, a Grand Caravan across from Save On Foods, or in a lot no one would ever walk to – you would find yourself in a sea of people, unnecessary revving, burnouts and reckless behaviour. I didn’t care too much about what type of cars there were there, it’s just a meet after all, just a gathering of people that love to do things to their cars. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining but instead of it actually being a cool hangout, it ended up being just a get together for people to show off, rev their engines, and basically do a good job of losing the respect of onlookers that have no idea what this scene is about. It’s too bad because there were a handful of nice cars/people that probably really want to show up and hang out but gets ruined due to unnecessary behaviour…

Needless to say, we didn’t stick around too long and many others left pretty quick after realizing it was a mess. Overall – everything else about the trip was decent – but I think we all agreed that it’s probably the last time we head up for the meet again.

On to the pictures…

IMG_8897 copy

I was lucky enough to find a parking right beside a wall. Shitty that it rained right before the meet so my car was dirty as hell and right in the path of the sun. Worst combo.

IMG_8898 copy

A shot from where I parked… As you can see… Tons of people…

IMG_8899 copy

We found JC’s doppleganger – lol almost right down to his previous wheels. He caught me slippin’ though

IMG_8900 copy

Rich parked not too far from me in a spot that wasn’t even a parking spot lol

IMG_8902 copy

A pretty simple FRS on subtle TE37’s and C-West lip kit

IMG_8903 copy

A pretty dope blue Mini Cooper.

IMG_8904 copy

This was an interesting Veloster. Mainly because of the wing mounted on the back…

IMG_8905 copy

Never seen this one before and it looks to be mounted in an interesting way but the ricer in me kind of liked it. It’s very Rocket Bunny-esque.

IMG_8909 copy

A super clean Bimmer

IMG_8912 copy

A clean EVO X on RPF1’s and a Voltex wing out back.

IMG_8914 copy

This 350Z was super clean – love the black on black TE37’s.

IMG_8915 copy

An interesting looking FRS. SARD seat covers, C-West kit, Winjets, VIS hood… Interesting that he stayed on stock wheels.

IMG_8916 copy

One group of the rev-happy kids… No chill.

Side note: didn’t see Punit and Rich photobombing this till I edited it lol

IMG_8917 copy

A super clean R34 GT-R.

IMG_8919 copy

Yes, even Bentley’s roll to these. I wonder if he found a parking…

IMG_8921 copy

Ron’s awesome R32 on bronze/bronze Work Meister S1R’s. Loved this.

IMG_8922 copy

An interesting look for a Ford Fusion – can’t say that it’s the most popular platform to mod, but a cool look.

IMG_8923 copy

A clean 350Z on CR-Kai’s

IMG_8924 copy

Cool looking kit car

IMG_8925 copy

A blast from the past with a Civic built entirely from body kits from Super Street ads in 1999. The paint was still in good condition on the front bumper…

IMG_8926 copy

An S2000 with a whole bunch of things going on. Looks like he put a truck’s LED light bar in the front bumper. I did like the wheels though…

IMG_8927 copy

Over by the Tim’s corner was a group of clean ass cars. These were probably my favourite. Evo VIII on bronze TE37’s. Perfect.

IMG_8929 copy

This was best of show for me. The color was beautiful!

IMG_8933 copy

And the choice of bronze TE37’s was the perfect combination. Super classy – bravo sir.

IMG_8934 copy

A shot of the long ass line that backed up on one of the roads.

IMG_8936 copy

An RX-8… But wait…

IMG_8935 copy

Crazy swap.

IMG_8937 copy

Awesome to see a new IS bagged. Love these things.

IMG_8939 copy

This dude was circling since I parked… Which had to be at least 30 minutes. Not sure if he was looking for parking or if he actually just wanted to drive around.

IMG_8942 copy

Clean Evo VIII on Advan TCIII’s. Loved the color.

IMG_8943 copy

Scott’s wild S2000 all put together since the last time I shot it.

IMG_8945 copy

Awesome bagged truck

IMG_8946 copy

IMG_8948 copy

Rowdiness. Not sure what was going on here…

IMG_8949 copy

Another sick truck dropped right down to the ground

IMG_8950 copy

Ethan’s static IS-F static on CR Kai’s. Love white wheels on everything.

IMG_8952 copy

Another new IS but on velvet red Gram Lights. Loved this look too – super clean. This was the last car I took a pic of before we left the mess… I mean, meet.

IMG_8954 copy

Getting ready to roll out… Fillin’ up

IMG_8955 copy

IMG_8956 copy

IMG_8957 copy

IMG_8959 copy

Right as we finished, another Calgary crew rolled in. Brandon in his DC5 on regamasters

IMG_8960 copy

IMG_8961 copy

Kelvin’s super clean DC5 with aggressive white TE37’s. I love white on white, so I’m biased but I love this look so fucking much.

IMG_8962 copy

IMG_8963 copy

Alan’s TL!

IMG_9016 copy

Diana captured a good shot of Arif rolling on the way home

IMG_9053 copy

I was able to capture some shots of Brandon’s car

IMG_9073 copy

And one last one to end this with Kelvin’s RSX rollin’

All in all, like I said before – the best part about the trip to Edmonton is the trip there and the trip back. Next up – The Volkswagen Close to Home show. A little more lowkey after all this madness :)


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