More T1R Exhaust Pr0n

Just took a few more detail shots of the exhaust while it was still minty and clean.

I didn’t get a chance to record a sound clip cause it’s kinda late and I didn’t want to be a bigger ricer on the block than I already am… I’ll try to get it later on during the week when I get home earlier.

I’m totally loving the new sound. I’m sure everyone can agree that an exhaust is one of the best mods you can do!

IMG_8590 copy

Under shot of the dual split canisters

IMG_8596 copy

Close up shot of the welds.

IMG_8600 copy

The angle of the tips flow perfectly with the bumper. Didn’t even need any adjustment.

IMG_8601 copy

Up close of the gradient burn. A nice touch

IMG_8604 copy

Another shot of the mufflers and the T1R badging

IMG_8605 copy

And and up close of the new T1R tip with the slotted interior. Looks a lot nicer and refined than just plain outlet.

Install: T1R Dual Sparrow Exhaust

After a long wait, my exhaust finally came through! Thanks to Nick and Ben at AJ-R for bringing it in for me! As always, appreciate the awesome service and products!

I was debating exhausts for a long time and admittedly, I really wanted the Amuse exhaust – but it’s not written in the stars for me yet. There are a lot of choices out and variants out there that it can be overwhelming to choose something. I haven’t really seen many people other with the T1R dual sparrow exhaust except for the test cars that Ben has. It’s a good looking piece and it sounds good too.

I was waiting all week for it and before we left the house for dinner, I got a call saying that it came at around 530PM. Diana and I headed over and picked it up and in a few hours, the guys (JC, Punit, and Rich) all came over to help install!

IMG_8532 copy

Car up on jacks… Rich vaping… Top Gear on! We were ready to roll.

IMG_8534 copy


IMG_8537 copy

Nicely wrapped.

IMG_8538 copy

Shiny shiny!

IMG_8539 copy

The new T1R tips with the slotted insides. I didn’t get a good shot now that I think about it… I’ll take better shots soon and post them up.

IMG_8545 copy

This was the first time I saw Rich’s car in person since he’s had the new wheels on. The LE37’s look way better and they’re 19’s too

IMG_8547 copy

The hatch club.

IMG_8548 copy

IMG_8549 copy

The piece all laid out ready to go.

IMG_8552 copy

Rich unbolting the mid section

IMG_8554 copy

Punit grabbed the camera and started taking shots. Always a good time when I get to see a different perspective lol

IMG_8555 copy

IMG_8556 copy

The old system. Heavy and ugly lol

IMG_8559 copy

Rich and I positioning the mufflers into the hangers

IMG_8562 copy

Rich was bolting up the center portion while the mufflers hung.

IMG_8563 copy

Just a little shot of it

IMG_8564 copy

Since there were more bodies than there were tools, JC polished up the new pieces as we were removing the old pieces and watching some Top Gear.

IMG_8566 copy

More polishing…

IMG_8567 copy

All shined up!

IMG_8569 copy

Punit tightening up the last few bolts

IMG_8573 copy

Took a walk-around to check out some new additions… JC’s VIP’d Out table. Looks wicked.

IMG_8576 copy

Punit and his Integra. He hasn’t brought this thing out in a long ass time. It was nice to see.

IMG_8577 copy

The FR-S and Diana’s Fit…

IMG_8578 copy

JC’s CT200h on fleek. There’s still a few changes coming for him… I’m stoked to see how that turns out too.

IMG_8579 copy

Squad goals.

IMG_8581 copy

All Fast and Furious-like…

IMG_8585 copy

And one last ass shot to end it off. I chose the T1R system specifically because I loved how the mufflers split out rather than have one center piece. Looks a lot more aggressive.

I’ll try to do some sound clips soon and post them up!

Quickie: FR-S Poses In Sleet

I just remembered that I haven’t had any official shots of the FR-S since I’ve had it out! My package didn’t come this week so the updates will have to wait a little longer. The tracking says it’s in Calgary, but who knows when I’ll get the call to pick it up…

Anyway, Diana and I were over at my parents for dinner and I wanted to go back up to the spot where we shot Almond’s M3 to take some quick shots. When we left our house, it was lightly snowing but looked sunny where we were headed… It ended up following us and there was a mix of sun and snow/sleet as I began to shoot. An interesting mix for sure and it’s no surprise that Calgary would have two different types of seasons at once.

Just a few quick shots – didn’t get too many cause the car was getting dirty as I was shooting and it wasn’t working out too well. I did get a few decent shots though

IMG_8469 copy

Diana got a shot of me while I was wiping the car down quickly to get it somewhat clean for a few shots.

IMG_8475 copy

Here is when the snow started blowing all over the place but you can see the sun was shining super bright.

IMG_8483 copy

The snow made for a nice effect though… Not complaining.

IMG_8499 copy

Diana just taking selfies and staying warm.

IMG_8506 copy

The more I look at this car, the more I love it. I’ll admit, I usually got bored of my cars pretty quickly but I still love it the same as when I picked it up.

IMG_8511 copy

I </3 your Winjets. OEM FTW

IMG_8526 copy

The lines of the FR-S are still the best IMO. Those hips don’t lie!!

Anyway, hopefully I can update you guys again soon!

Extras: Civic x NSX

Been a while since I had time to get on here again. Time is hard to come by nowadays… Anyway, I found a few more extras from Ben and Chris’s shoot where I took some shots of their cars together. Not a whole lot, but enough for some content :)

I’ll hopefully have some updates on the FRS soon… I’m awaiting one more piece to the puzzle after almost 2 months of waiting… If I’m lucky, it’ll be here near the end of the week and I’ll be installing on the weekend! Until then, enjoy some shots of two of Victoria’s best together.

IMG_8057 copy

IMG_8060 copy

IMG_8063 copy

IMG_8416 copy

IMG_8404 copy

Right Out of the Showroom: Ben’s Acura NSX

Numero Dos! Finally getting around to doing Ben’s NSX post… I know that Ben has been anxiously waiting for a photoshoot and to see the pictures. The pictures should already do all the talking, but let me reinforce them by saying that his NSX is hands down the cleanest and mintiest NSX I have ever seen. In fact, it is probably the most pristine car that I’ve ever shot – and that’s saying a lot. His car literally looks like it drove off the showroom floor that same day I shot it and that always makes for good photos.

The cars on the island are very different from the cars in Calgary in the sense that there is no need for 3M film to protect from rock chips, there’s no fear of damage from salt or snow. There’s an abundance of rain, but poses little threat to the condition of the car compared to snow and salt in other parts of Canada. It’s funny because when I saw the car and how pristine it was, I asked “is there 3M on this?!” and Jackie replied with “No! We don’t need that kind of stuff here!” like I was a fool for asking lol!

The NSX is a car that can turn heads with very little effort – whether you like cars, love cars, or know nothing about cars – the NSX carries almost the same presence of a Unicorn, if you will. Everyone knows what it is, but when you really see one, you can’t help but stare. Ben has built his NSX to really live up to that reputation and you’ll know what I mean as you scroll through the pictures. If you’ve ever seen his car in person, I’m sure you wouldn’t disagree either.

IMG_8296 copy
You know the deal by now… A nice roller by the lake.
IMG_7913 copy
This shot in particular was probably my favourite… The backdrop of the lake as well as the crows flying around even sitting on the bench make for a fitting scenery to match the Berlina Black paint.
IMG_7924 copy
The front end of the NSX is still well beyond it’s time… It rivals many of today’s fronts by miles.
IMG_7927 copy
The exterior of Ben’s NSX includes clean, aesthetic changes as well – His NSX is originally a ’91 but he’s done an ’02 front end conversion.
IMG_7933 copy
The headlights are OEM 2002+ headlights… Again, still better than most headlights made today…
IMG_7940 copy
The classic Volk GT-7 help make Ben’s NSX stand out from the rest. He actually plasti-dipped them before the shoot to replicate almost a matte mag blue versus the original gunmetal and chrome.
IMG_7955 copy
We went on a mini touge run up Mt. Tolmie to get a good view of the Island from the top. Victoria is well-known for it’s beautiful views.
IMG_7963 copy
A better look at the car as a whole – he’s also got 2002 sideskirts as well. They work well the Downforce lip and bumper.
IMG_7969 copy
We walked to the top so that I could see – it’s quite the view too! I wish it was a little sunnier but the overcast worked well for the photoshoots. I think the last time I was in Victoria was almost 20 years ago…
IMG_8000 copy
Inside Ben’s office sits a mint Spoon wheel bolted in with titanium bolts – which comes at no surprise…
IMG_8002 copy
You can see that the center console of Ben’s NSX is extremely simple and clean. He installed an audio delete console and also installed a Bluetooth player that will play music off his phone.
IMG_8012 copy
Another view of the absolutely mint headlights.
IMG_8020 copy
The engine also looks like it’s barely seen the road. The engine work is minimal with a Taitec exhaust paired with Pride headers and test pipe and an HKS intake.
IMG_8016 copy
Over all of it are GT-Spec strut bars.
IMG_8026 copy
Another menacing view – my favourite… Especially when you’re driving in front.
IMG_8043 copy
A view from the rear shows the Downforce rear as well. Another cool tidbit about Ben’s car is his license plate – he saw that someone was selling it in Vancouver and made the trip over and bought it right away. What luck…
IMG_7985 copy
Ben purchased the NSX about 5 years ago – it has been through a few owners that have luckily kept it in the best condition possible and it has also always resided in Victoria. Keeping this close to home!
IMG_7986 copy
Front and center!
IMG_8038 copy
One more for good measure
IMG_8075 copy
It’s hard to get a bad picture of Ben’s NSX. It’s just so damn clean that it would put most black cars to shame… Even my 2014 FRS is not as clean as this lol.
IMG_8083 copy
Forgot to mention that Ben’s hood is also a Seibon NSX-R carbon hood painted to match the rest of the car.
IMG_8096 copy
This photo spot in particular is probably familiar from Chris’s shoot but it worked so well for both of them. The scenery is amazing and I made sure to ask Jackie to bring me to all these spots, as Calgary offers nothing of the sort lol.
IMG_8099 copy
Seeing double. It’s funny because when I ask people to set up for this type of shot, they are confused about what I’m doing until they see the final product.
IMG_8143 copy
The black against the green… Awesome.
IMG_8161 copy
And last one down low to show just how low the NSX sits. Thank you to Ben for allowing me to shoot your car and for also being a good sport for all the shots! Hopefully you all enjoyed this as much as I did shooting it!


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