Walk a Mile in these Louboutins

FINALLY the day that I’ve been waiting for has finally come. I’ve been sitting on the wheels for months now and I couldn’t do anything but look at them and maybe even just mount them while the car is on jack stands so I can use my imagination. Huge thanks to Alex Markovic for hooking me up with a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports and as always, Jackie at Zero Limit for squeezing my impatient ass in and getting the tires mounted and balanced in a jiffy.

I’m really only waiting on one more part to finish the car up for now and to have it in a worthy-looking state. There are so many other things to do but I would rather drive it with simple, and good mods rather than piece it together with random shit. The sucky part of having a car with such an extensive list of available aftermarket mods means lots of shit left right and center and only a few good pieces in-between if you look hard enough and put them together carefully.

Anyway, back on topic – right when I got home from work, we made the trek out to get shit done.

IMG_7421 copy

Finally the wheels were able to be pulled out of their boxes.

IMG_7423 copy

Diana helping gather them in the Fit.

IMG_7424 copy

En route!

IMG_7425 copy

7.5 hours, 3 tanks of gas, and something like 5000km later, we ended up at Alex’s house to pick up the tires. (That’s an extreme exaggeration, but him and I literally live on the ends of the city and it was probably a 50km trip one way LOL). I did owe him some shots of his (extensive) car collection, but I was in a hurry to get to Jackie’s shop before he went home, so I only got a few… His Integra that everyone is so familiar with sitting off to the corner.

IMG_7426 copy

Project Mu + Volk CE28 = winning

IMG_7427 copy

Under the covers is his newest addition… to his hefty collection of 5(?) cars. He’s well on his way to owning the whole Honda family.

IMG_7430 copy

Tires joining the wheels on our journey

IMG_7434 copy

Finally made it to Jackie’s and he got to work right away! Again – huge thanks to Jackie for helping me out and dealing with all my changes in schedule and then getting work done ASAP. I can always count on JTONG.

IMG_7436 copy

First tire on.

IMG_7437 copy

Dat red.

IMG_7440 copy

Almost done!

IMG_7442 copy

Can’t wait to start testing these tires out hard!

IMG_7445 copy

Now that they’ve been put together, back home!!

IMG_7449 copy

A shot of my lovely helper. Diana has always been awesome for joining me on these trips and dealing with all the car shit that I do and go through.

IMG_7450 copy

Finally home two hours later and I’m ready to slap ’em on ASAP. The car has not moved from that spot for nearly 5 months.

IMG_7451 copy

Mounted on and ready to be dropped.

IMG_7452 copy

BOOM. I must say, at first I wasn’t too happy with the red but I am learning to like the combination of black and red. It’s a nice combo.

IMG_7454 copy

A shot from the front quarter

IMG_7459 copy

My favourite part of the car is from the back… I think it’s always been. I’m an ass dude… Fitment is pretty good.

IMG_7460 copy

Took it off the driveway and didn’t scrape or rub… It’s always kind of scary trying to get off your driveway for the first time after lowering your car… You never know what you might hit or scrape.

IMG_7464 copy

Took it for a quick drive and noticed a few things that I need to adjust quickly… The front right passenger is clunking a bit so I gotta tighten things up, the front is a tad higher than the rear, and the alignment is way off so all my lights on the dash are on… Other than that, she rides pretty much like a dream. The coils are a bit stiffer than stock so it’s a nice ride and it’s way nicer to drive on wider tires to feel more planted. It was probably a 2 minute drive, but I’ll most likely be dreaming about it tonight.

I’ll be checking it tomorrow to see if I can fix the little things up and adjust it here and there… She won’t be coming out of hibernation just yet – I just wanted to stretch her legs a bit – so it’ll be a few more weeks before I take it back to Jackie’s for an alignment and then she’ll be out and about!

Jackie Tong’s VOLK-equipped Toyota 4Runner

Happy Hump Day Post!

Once again getting around to posting up one of the last shoots that I did a while back – I’ll admit that after this, I’ll most likely be MIA most of the time because it’s crunch time everyday until the wedding. (Are you sick of me talking about the wedding yet?) We have about 3 weeks left and the days are just too short while the tasks are too long! I’ll try to pop on here once in a while to post some extra little things that I’ve had on the go just to keep it from dying out, but please bare with me until I get back in the groove.

Enough about me – more about Jackie Tong and his Toyota 4Runner. Jackie – most of you locals probably know by now – owns Zero Limit Automotive. I shot his NSX last year which has recently been given the forced induction treatment, and now his Toyota 4Runner with newly equipped Volk Te37’s, new off-road suspension (that was not installed yet during this shoot) and some extra goodies to make this dirt queen look good on and off the trails. In the short amount of time that Jackie has had Zero Limit Automotive – many great cars have come in and out of that shop and he’s played a big role in getting a lot of the cars you see today out on the road – my LS460L air install was one of many. If any of you have any automotive needs – Jackie is your man. It’ll also help him fund the addiction we all know too well – our cars. 🙂

This was quite a different realm of photography for me… Sure, it’s a car but it’s on the side of a big ass pile of dirt. What angle do I take? I’m so used to taking pictures of cars that love kissing the pavement, not being so high up off the ground…

IMG_2581 copy

As you can see, although the car is clean in these pictures, Jackie doesn’t really care. That’s the way it should be.

IMG_2629 copy

To add to that, Jackie has thrown on a set of Volk TE37’s – no he doesn’t switch them off when he goes out on the trails. Most people would jump straight to the conclusion that it’s not worth it to put on “real wheels” to do such things. Not Jackie… His wheel game is on point.

IMG_2585 copy

The man himself.

IMG_2592 copy

Given the abuse that Jackie puts his 4Runner through, it’s in wicked condition.

IMG_2598 copy

IMG_2593 copy

IMG_2595 copy

IMG_2602 copy

IMG_2646 copy

Everything is so shiny!

IMG_2605 copy

IMG_2610 copy

IMG_2618 copy

Rich came over in his new S6 but unfortunately due to his ground clearance, he was not able to compete with Jackie…

IMG_2623 copy

This was actually my favourite shot – probably because it falls along the lines of how I usually shoot, but mostly in part because his 4Runner is in such good condition. Black is just beautiful.

IMG_2632 copy

Wait a second – not only does Jackie have 4 TE37’s, he has 5! Love this look so much.

IMG_2640 copy

IMG_2645 copy

IMG_2647 copy

IMG_2650 copy

IMG_2653 copy

That’s it for my first off-road SUV shoot… Next up is his Tundra once he gets that done and I don’t think it’ll take too long either.

Must be nice to be rich is all I have to say.

Until next time!

Hybrid Bags Part 2… And Some Rocket Bunny

During the weekend I had the chance to drop by Zero Limit to get an oil change for the LS and see how the progress is with Punit’s GS and the air install. There’s rumors that it should be done this weekend… We’ll see!

IMG_0347 copyGot VIP parking right next to this gem.

IMG_0350 copyPunit’s car on the hoist. A nostalgic view for me from last year… Also a nice surprise was Giuseppe’s Skyline sitting right under Punit’s car. Always a nice sight to see and I was surprised to see some new shoes! I love the look that Giuseppe is going for with the Skyline lately.

IMG_0353 copyOver in the corner was my old set of Meisters. I miss these so much but I’m glad to see it still around and used on some good cars…

IMG_0354 copyA shot of Giuseppe’s rear over fender and new wheels.

IMG_0356 copyAss shot. Love the Rocket Bunny addition…

IMG_0363 copyAnother shot of the SSR Sp3’s. Love that dish.

IMG_0359 copy

IMG_0360 copyUp close of the Rocket Bunny lip spoiler

IMG_0361 copyAn appropriate sticker.

IMG_0362 copyAnother familiar site to me. All the lines and wires hanging all over just waiting to be finished!

IMG_0370 copyAnother shot of the Skyline. Can’t get enough of this… Maybe we’ll go for a photoshoot this year!!

IMG_0371 copyA shot of Punit’s bags. There were a few set backs with his bags that delayed the install and ultimately the completion of it but I believe it’s all sorted and slated to be done by Saturday if all goes well!

IMG_0372 copyShortly after, the LS was put onto the rack for the oil change.

IMG_0375 copyIt’s not often that I have pics of the LS aired up. I don’t like looking at it any other way than aired down lol

IMG_0379 copy
And finally – Jackie doing his thing and taking care of the LS. Probably the only place I’ll be taking my cars from now on. As long as Zero Limit is open, Jackie will be getting my business!

Hybrid Bags. Coming Soon…

Well the time has come for Punit to get his bags installed. I’ve been bugging him ever since he got the car to bag it but he’s been going back and forth with his Integra and GS so it wasn’t a priority at the time. It’s going to be great to have another bagged VIP Lexus around the city. Now the only one left is JC *cough*.

Speaking of JC – he’s been gracious enough to send me these pics since he’s visiting Jackie at Zero Limit most days after work to chill and check out the progress. I’ve been busy as shit and barely have time to even do my own things after work so huge thanks to JC for providing me blog content 🙂

I know we’re all crossing our fingers that the GS is done soon and you all know a photoshoot will be in order as soon as it is. Weather has been great lately and it’s just getting better now. I already have a few cars I have in mind that I definitely want to shoot ASAP so just hold tight a little longer and the blog will be bangin’ again.

photo 1His bag set up…

photo 2A familiar site to me. The lines are all run…

photo 3Jackie sorting it all out.

photo 4The mock up

photo 1The planned layout… Lol

photo 2I hear Punit is doing a hidden layout… Should be interesting to see!

photo 3

photo 4The final picture I got from JC today. More progress pics to come soon!