#lifewithjson – Year in Review Part 4/4

The season finale! Part 4 is more of a “Jason gets a schwack load of car parts”… But it’s still worth it 🙂

IMG_5165 copy

Jackie was able to help me out and I bought a set of TE37SL’s off of Ben at AJR. I also bought the Voltex wing on my STI off of Ben because of Jackie… Good times.

IMG_5169 copy

9.5 +40 for you “specs?” dudes.

IMG_5174 copy

IMG_5181 copy

I decided to make the trip up to Edmonton to shoot Scott’s car.

IMG_5184 copy

No I didn’t – that’s a lie. I was up there for work and instead of roam Deadmonton (no offense to my fellow Edmontonians – I love West Ed), I decided to reach out and shoot while I was there.

IMG_5217 copy

Scott came out with his S2000 and it was a good shoot indeed…

IMG_5237 copy

Ass so fat you can see her back from the front.

IMG_5308 copy

IMG_5508 copy

IMG_5523 copy

T’was a sunny fall afternoon…

IMG_5526 copy

Off to the next shoot!

IMG_5656 copy

We went all the way out to the boonies for this one…

IMG_5642 copy

Arif and his EK.

IMG_5752 copy

#PumpkinSpiceLatte was the hashtag of the day for this one…

IMG_6137 copy

This shoot was a seriously last minute shoot… And it turned out incredible. It’s funny how things work out… There have been shoots that we’ve been planning for months and when we finally get to do it, I’m just not feelin’ it. I don’t know what it is, but there are certain cars that just beg to be shot and work for the camera. Then there are other cars that are like “I want a photoshoot” but get all shy and cover their tits because they don’t feel comfortable… That’s how I would compare my bad photoshoots to my good photoshoots LOL. Almond’s car worked the camera hard that night if you know what I mean…

IMG_5898 copy

This is also going to sound super weird but during Almond’s shoot, I felt like I had a “level up!” moment. What I mean by that is there have been moments during my time as a photographic being where I felt I took on a new approach and saw things differently than I usually did. I was inspired, I had new angles, I thought of new ideas and looked at the car differently through the lens.

You’ll probably be able to see a significant difference from all of the photoshoots I’ve done during these “Year in Reviews” to Almond’s photoshoot. I changed my style and edit, I changed practically everything about how I shot this car.

I know it’s sounding nerdy, but I just thought I’d put my two cents in while I could. Anyway – LEVEL UP

IMG_5941 copy


IMG_6129 copy

This shot was so perfect. The colors, the car, the everything. PERFECT.

IMG_5990 copy

Look, JC has also leveled up and is multi-tasking with his cellphone and a lens.

IMG_5948 copy

Loved this one too. So artsy fartsy.

IMG_6139 copy

Also tried on the TE’s one day just to see what it would look like…

IMG_6155 copy

IMG_6143 copy

I was also convinced that day that I hated red and was looking for new colors for weeks. I have now come to the conclusion that I might like it. I’m very indecisive… We’ll see how it pans out when it’s all put together and on the ground.

IMG_6230 copy

Mike’s Karmann Ghia was definitely one of the most unique shoots I’ve ever done and I loved it. It’s not everyday you see one of these…

IMG_6254 copy

IMG_6261 copy

IMG_6303 copy

Another shot where the light just worked so perfectly for us.

IMG_6480 copy

Gas station hang outs…

IMG_6482 copy

Who rocked the Cholo pattern better? Just kidding.

IMG_6662 copy

December is the month for new parts!

IMG_6674 copy

A sigh of relief fell over me as I took the stock junk ball off.

IMG_6688 copy

Another big purchase was coils. I can’t wait to get these bad boys on.

IMG_6679 copy

IMG_6716 copy

And finally – a nice gift from my good friends JC, Punit, and Gopesh, my sister Julee and of course my wiferz Diana. Also can’t wait to slap this bad boy on…

IMG_6718 copy

Done! And that’s a wrap for 2014!! Happy New Year!!

#lifewithjson – Year in Review Part 3/4

And along came part 3!

IMG_3946 copy

The illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine was a huge hit again this year. It never ceases to amaze me just how many good quality cars are out there that don’t ever show their face. YYC has a lot to offer and you get to see most, if not all of it all on one day during this show. The best thing about this show is that it doesn’t cost $50 to SHOW your car and it doesn’t cost $20 to SEE the cars. It’s $5 per entry to show and free admission. The rest of the day is just a good time – this is really what it’s about and that’s why so many people come out to it.

IMG_3920 copy

Days and/or nights before, there are tons of people just getting their cars ready and cleaning up for this day. I love the anticipation build up and finally getting to see all the goodies.

IMG_3963 copy

The best thing about the show is that EVERY type of car is welcome and gladly attends. People love to see these types of cars outside of their element and you certainly don’t get that at Driven… Just sayin’

IMG_4100 copy

The crew that manned the booth that day. Busy busy busy.

IMG_4014 copy

Even the crew from BC came down to the event. Hard hitters…

IMG_3957 copy

Trung’s S2000 from Edmonton even joined in. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s too good of a show to miss for you local peeps…

IMG_4131 copy

We shot Terence’s BRZ as well later that summer…

IMG_4148 copy

Supercharged in all its glory

IMG_4183 copy

IMG_4260 copy

IMG_4209 copy

And of course the fill up shot.

IMG_3728 copy

Another one of the more memorable highlights this year was the opportunity for me to shoot Bill and Mario’s Ford Focus’s for Performance Ford Magazine. That day also came together perfectly and the shots turned out great with the red and yellow cars on the green and blue landscape. Nothing beats color.

IMG_3701 copy

IMG_3754 copy

IMG_3743 copy

JC’s car – I’m pretty sure he was on his phone off to the side. Looks like his car is in a dreamy field of unicorns and butterflies in this pic…

IMG_3604 copy

IMG_4110 copy

Derrick also got his hands on a level ONE decal… It was nice to add a new addition to the family. Well deserved too – he recently just finished dropping a K20 in there by himself… It probably took him longer to put on this sticker than to swap the engine for some reason…

IMG_4112 copy

And a lot of tape…

IMG_4116 copy

IMG_4297 copy

It was not the last we were going to get to see of Nick, nor of Trung’s S2000 because this time they were together!

IMG_4293 copy

Perfect combo?

IMG_4300 copy

And this time, we were shooting LRD VDR

IMG_4405 copy

In all its glory.

IMG_4320 copy

IMG_4332 copy

Another one of my favourites from this year…

IMG_4446 copy

And it was so long before I got anything new for the FRS, so Arif was kind enough to hook me up with the JDM frameless rearview mirror.

IMG_4458 copy

IMG_4459 copy

The FRS was back into JC’s garage again for a little more treatment…

IMG_4460 copy

I decided to get the TOM’S tail lights because I hate the stock tail lights so much!

IMG_4463 copy

Full red on black is best.

IMG_4502 copy

In no time, they were on and instantly my car looked 100x better.

IMG_4522 copy

IMG_4528 copy

IMG_4534 copy

Then at long last I got the chance to shoot Jimmy’s Datsun 240Z. The color and condition of this car was amazing – not to mention the Work CR01’s in that custom finish

IMG_4537 copy

Jimmy’s LS430 also sitting out front…

IMG_4539 copy

IMG_4559 copy

IMG_4617 copy

One of the perks about shooting these cars is I get to get some shot gun rides in them. I don’t care if I don’t get to drive them, but the ride is enough for me.

IMG_4724 copy

IMG_4877 copy

Then we decided to do a little get together with Ryan and his EP3 again since he changed his wheels for the 100th time.

IMG_4878 copy

IMG_4919 copy

Oh would you look at that… JC on his phone.

IMG_4921 copy

This time, Ryan had mag blue TE37’s to change up the look.

IMG_5011 copy

IMG_5038 copy

Three down, one more to go!

#lifewithjson – Year in Review Part 2/4

Part 2 – here we go! Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hope everyone gets what they wished for!

IMG_1442 copy

This is a nice way to start part 2 – Giuseppe’s Skyline. This was a shoot that was delayed for oh-so-long and when the day finally came, we knocked it out of the park. Like I mentioned earlier, this as and still is my favourite shoot I’ve ever done. Giuseppe’s car obviously played a big role in it, but that day just came together like bread and butter.

IMG_1462 copy

Rich off to the side watching for the po po in the airport tunnel…

IMG_1561 copy

And that airport tunnel helped me produce this. It was just so awesome seeing an OG car look so immaculate under that light.

IMG_1670 copy

Seeing double.

IMG_1694 copy

The supervisor crew with some extra help.

IMG_1749 copy

And the man himself! Punit and I actually just enjoyed a nice hand made pizza at his Italian market last weekend… Good stuff!


And then we made a trip to Vegas for my bachelor party weekend where we took pictures with asses…


Turned up in the hotel room with our staple food of 60 nuggets and fries…


Which also became my breakfast the next day…


Which was followed by the only good drink I could down after the night before…


We drove Ferrari’s…


and Merc’s, Lambo’s and everything in between early the next morning with headaches…


We paid for (too many) transportation vehicles…


And when we thought we had enough, we turned up again…


Some of us got too turnt and passed out at McDonald’s…


We separated our dollar bills to make “tipping” easier…


One of us thought hanging off the top floor of the Riviera was a good idea… And we rinsed and repeated for the next two days.

IMG_1753 copy

Upon our return, we shot Raj’s Nissan Skyline. It was good to be home…

IMG_1817 copy

I eventually helped Raj make this into a canvas as well

IMG_1834 copy

IMG_1882 copy

IMG_1908 copy

Diana chillin in the back seat…

IMG_2009 copy

And before we knew out, our “extra JDM point items” came in and we decided to slap those on too

IMG_2011 copy

Took this…

IMG_2015 copy

IMG_2024 copy

And went to this…

IMG_2036 copy

Up next was JC’s JDM window visors

IMG_2040 copy

From peeling that blue sticker to reveal that nice shiny chrome…

IMG_2048 copy

To this finished look!

IMG_2082 copy

I slapped the LEVEL one decal on the FRS even though I was bone stock.

IMG_2084 copy

But didn’t care. I’ll make up for it next year 🙂

IMG_2100 copy

It was Punit’s lucky year cause we also got a chance to shoot his Integra too. Somehow Derrick and JC got conned into putting his LEVEL one decal on while Punit sat there.

IMG_2127 copy

But it was a nice touch for the shoot

IMG_2147 copy

Punit even agrees.

IMG_2159 copy

IMG_2201 copy

Gas station fill ups. Punit rocking the Roshe’s he picked up from Vegas too.

IMG_2221 copy

Dirty mirrors break my heart. From that point on, JC never came to a photoshoot with dirty side mirrors…

IMG_2223 copy

En route to our next shoot that day…


IMG_2383 copy

Which was Nick’s GTR

IMG_2465 copy

IMG_2417 copy

I think I took this candidly while sitting in JC’s car. Random.

IMG_2332 copy

Nick took me for a quick spin in the GTR to the next location. So good!

IMG_2369 copy

IMG_2653 copy

Our third and last photoshoot that day was Jackie’s 4Runner on Volk TE37’s

IMG_2623 copy

Out of my element but I was able to play along…

IMG_2585 copy

And we’ll end it here with the man from Zero Limit himself. Part 3 coming up!

#lifewithjson – Year in Review Part 1/4

2014 has come and gone – and what a year it’s been! This has been one of the busiest years of my life – built a new house, got married, got a new car all within a span of a few months. Although it was stressful, it goes by way too quick and when you look back on it all, it was done in a blink of an eye. I’m sitting here thinking about when I first started this blog back up in November 2011 and the general direction of the blog is the same – I want to show you all that I can capture through my camera and anything worth showing. Most of you that come here are interested in the cars and the photoshoots and I try my best to deliver. Obviously during the winter months, there’s literally nothing to shoot except for “behind the scenes” or new parts that I’m gathering for the next season. I usually do a year in review around this time to just summarize everything that has happened in the year, to see how things have changed and to look back on some things that can trigger the “oh yeah! I remember that!”.

I also want to say that I love how much this has grown and I appreciate every comment and email that comes my way. I love that I can inspire you, I love that I can give you ideas, and I love that I am some of your guys’ daily go-to. My original intention was just to showcase two things I love the most: cars and photography and the reason I keep blogging is because people like you still keep visiting! The best thing is to hear “I’ve been following your blog since the beginning, and I love it”… Thank you, thank you, thank you! As long as I have a car and a camera, I’ll keep blogging!

Anyway, now that the speech is out of the way… Let’s get started…

IMG_0152 copy

It was a chilly and snowy March morning… This was one of the first snaps of 2014.

IMG_0175 copy

During the winter months, I had applied the Mode Luxe pin stripe on the car. God this thing was a boat – it barely fit in my parents’ garage.

IMG_0215 copy

About a month later, the Mean Girls were reunited for a little install I could not wait for any longer.

IMG_0188 copy

JC on his phone. You’ll actually see him on his phone multiple times throughout the year in review. Anyone who can guess how many times wins a chocolate bar.

IMG_0192 copy

The LS was getting a new exhaust!

IMG_0379 copy

When I finally brought the LS out, I brought it over to Jackie at Zero Limit to get an oil change…

IMG_0370 copy

And while we were there, I also took a snap of what you would later see as probably one of my favourite photoshoots of 2014… Giuseppe’s Nissan Skyline.

IMG_0350 copy

I never blogged this pic because Giuseppe wanted his new wheels to be a secret… But above that, Punit’s GS was getting his air suspension installed as well.

IMG_0739 copy

IMG_0721 copy

First photoshoot of the season was Tony’s dumped IS.

IMG_0645 copy

IMG_0488 copy

Oh look – on his phone.

IMG_0493 copy

IMG_0469 copy

JC and Diana being supervisors.

IMG_0766 copy

Another rainy and muggy day – had Punit’s GS in my garage beside the LS. Looked too good.

IMG_0762 copy

Gopesh and his GTI outside

IMG_0759 copy

IMG_0747 copy

Worked on getting the pinstripe on Punit’s GS that day.

IMG_0798 copy

The first beyond meet of the year – I don’t usually go anymore but there is always a pretty good turn out lately.

IMG_0969 copy

Next shoot up was Justin’s (also dumped) TSX.

IMG_0910 copy

White is right.

IMG_0899 copy

IMG_0892 copy

IMG_0865 copy

Diana and JC doing their job again.

IMG_1024 copy

Not too long after that, I got rid of the Lexus and picked up an FRS. The LS was a impulse buy and I haven’t missed it one second. The FRS on the other hand is probably my favourite car of all the ones I’ve owned.

IMG_1034 copy

Fitted it with my plate.

IMG_1027 copy

IMG_1188 copy

Another nice day and shot Tim’s bike before he sold it that same day.

IMG_1438 copy

Also did a shoot for Punit’s GS finally. JC on his phone – what’s the count now?

IMG_1389 copy

Another good shoot in the bag that day.

IMG_1261 copy

Ending part 1 here. Part 2 coming up real quick!