New VIP – Alfred’s M35X 

After almost 2 years of having parts sitting in my basement, Alfred finally got around to getting them put onto his car. He had all the air components (accuair, UAS) and his wheels – he lives in Edmonton and wanted Jackie to do his install so it wasn’t easy to just make a casual drive around town to get it done.

Alfred dropped it off on a Saturday, and Jackie was able to squeeze it in and finish it by Thursday night. It’s not an easy process and it definitely takes patience and care. Coilovers take an hour or two, tops for comparison…

Anyway – I wanted to check it out and see how it all went so when Alfred came into Calgary, I picked him up and we went over right away.

IMG_0776 copy

On the lift getting the final touches done…

IMG_0790 copy

Jackie puttin the wheel on… The suspense
IMG_0792 copy

We weren’t sure how it was going to look when we put it down, but it looked like it was going to be close.

IMG_0791 copy

IMG_0783 copy

The rears. God these wheels are so underrated.

IMG_0786 copy

The details in the center cap is amazing

IMG_0779 copy


IMG_0778 copy

Even more random was Trung’s S2000 sitting outside the shop lol. Always looks good

IMG_0793 copy

It was PERFECT when it went down. Literally – no modification to fenders or camber. It all fit like a glove.

IMG_0829 copy

Later on, Alfred stopped by my place before he headed home so I could snap some proper pics… Beautiful

IMG_0825 copy

Love the M body. If I could do it again, I’d probably use this chassis.

IMG_0821 copy

Some fitment pics. So much tuck.

IMG_0823 copy

Super close. It just fits right under.

IMG_0818 copy

IMG_0812 copy

IMG_0810 copy

Dat rear

IMG_0804 copy

IMG_0801 copy

Excellent job! Can’t wait to see what else Alfred has in store for this… Quality over everything.

Weds Kranze Cerberus III

Finally got a break in the day to whip the camera out and take some pics! Of course it would be of Alfred’s new wheels that showed up last week. He ordered them sometime late last year and they had just gotten to us now and just on time too! Cerberus III are beautiful wheels in person and the chrome finish is amazing. The wheels will be going on his soon-to-be VIP Infiniti M35… You might remember a while back I did a bunch of renderings of different wheels and it’s coming together slowly. He’s even got full air suspension on the way now too… I’m stoked to see this because if I hadn’t built the LS, the M would have been my next choice. So stoked that Alfred is building it the way he is – keeps it simple and just straight VIP.

On a side note: weather is looking amazing and not only is the LS out, but a whole bunch of others too… Which means photoshoot season!!! Hopefully I get something soon to show you guys. It’s been a long ass time since I’ve had something to share and the first few photoshoots of the year always happen to be the best ones.

IMG_0344 copy

The goodies

IMG_0312 copy

IMG_0313 copy

These shots were of the 20×10.5 wide wheel. Looks great

IMG_0315 copy

A shot of the dish.

IMG_0318 copy

Up close of the chrome.

IMG_0320 copy

More lip shots

IMG_0322 copy

The center piece. I’m also loving the center cap – which I was too lazy to grab out of the box, but they are super slick looking. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

IMG_0324 copy

Down a little lower so you can see the dish.

As soon as Alfred’s car is put together, you know there will be shots of it here. I’ll try my best to share the progress as he updates me!

VIP Toyota Avalon?

With my recent obsession with the Toyota Crown and begging Toyota from my little corner to take our Avalon and give us the crown in exchange… I thought of something crazy today.

On my way home from work, I saw a car behind me with LED DRL’s and at first I didn’t know what the F it was because the grill was totally different and I thought it was bad ass. As it got closer, I saw it was a Toyota and I was trying to think what it could possibly be. Then I remembered back to the auto show and that it was the Avalon. While it’s true that it’s pretty bad ass looking now – it’ll never replace the Crown. Instead, I thought – WHAT IF!? What if someone actually took the new Avalon and did something crazy with it. I don’t expect their to be crazy aftermarket support – but all you really need on a VIP style car is air and some big baller rims and maybe even a BBK if you have the luxury of having that option.

So I did it quickly in PS and I think it looks gangster. It’s similar to when people do up Camry’s – few are nice but there’s been maybe one or two that have been done right and I can appreciate that.

First one is on Weds Kranze Vishunu’s and Project Mu BBK. Second is on Weds Kranze LXZ. I just quickly picked some popular VIP wheels and slammed it. Kind of bad ass if I do say so myself…