Richard & Wenlei’s Wedding – Part IV

The finale to the wedding! Let’s see what happened towards the end of the night, shall we?

Chillin at the table.

My uncle David guarding his pasta for the games to follow.

Richard & Wenlei giving their thank-you speech of the night.

Here we see Randy still sober and confident in himself. Being sober allows you to be quite insistent that you won’t get drunk. Tonight was my personal goal to get Randy drunk. We’ve drank before at birthday parties and such but no matter how many shots we fed him, he just never got drunk. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this guy tipsy. He’s a big guy so I know it would take a lot. He’s holding a shot of Maotai, and this can only be brought from China. Wenlei’s parents brought a bunch back with them and I know this was my chance.

Let’s just do a mental count of how much he’s drank up until this picture. Since most of us were driving and all of us had glasses of wine that we didn’t want to finish – we gave it to Randy. That puts the tally at 4 glasses of wine. Still nothing.

In this picture, we’re at 5 shots of Maotai – 4 of them are finished and he’s got one left. He had 2 before this. I was sure it was coming…

Let’s take a break and check in with Ricky to see what he’s up to. Oh, let’s pull out a checklist here. Checkered dress shirt: Check. Bow tie: Check. Little cup of tea: Check. Pursed lips: Check. Pinky out: Check.

He qualifies as a Chap.

OK back to the tally. So he’s finished all the shots of Maotai. He’s got two glasses of wine left. 6 glasses of wine now and 7 shots of Maotai.

Note: The smell of Maotai can make you drunk. I hate it.

Here’s another shot of Maotai with Kevin – Richard’s best man. 8 shots of Maotai, now.

Last glass of wine. You can guess what’s going to happen next.

Another break to watch Richard and Wenlei cut the cake.

A little mess doesn’t hurt.

And the last you’ll see of some lovey dovey stuff on this blog.

OK, maybe a little more. Some games. Re-enacting The Lady and The Tramp scene.

Wenlei getting directed by Richard to feed him cake blindfolded.

This game involved Richard smelling the lineup you see here and to pick out Wenlei. Yes, he did it.

Their first dance as a couple.

Here we go. The moment that I have been waiting for for a looooong time. LOL

After all of the games, I went to go sit down at the table and Randy wasn’t there. They mentioned he went to the washroom and he was gone for a while. When Ricky went to go check on him he was just sitting on the toilet in the stall saying that he just needed some alone time. LOLOLOLOLOL

Mission Accomplished, everybody. The giant was drunk. And he puked three times. Face in hands. Defeated.

Ricky taking every opportunity he could to document the moment.

Again, Ricky mocking Randy. I don’t blame him because when Ricky was drunk, we made fun of him quite a bit too hahaha

And the final picture of the night. The bouquet toss. Let’s just say that Diana didn’t catch it. SUCKAS (jk lol)

That’s it for the wedding coverage! We’ll be back to our regular car content going forward. Congratulations, Richard & Wenlei!

Richard & Wenlei’s Wedding – Part III

Let’s continue with this wedding coverage. Part III starts now…

There were two girls playing the wedding music over in the corner of the ceremony area and they must have been maybe 12-15 years old but they were great. A nice change over CD music lol

Richard anxiously waiting for Wenlei to show up. Just watching him made me anxious and probably the whole room too. That has to be one of the hardest things to wait for, even if it only takes a few minutes.

Erica and Kayla walking down and bringing the rings.

Erica passing the ring off to Stephanie.

I think she’s coming…

Yup. Wenlei and her Dad bringing her down the aisle for the first time in her wedding dress.

Wedding vows – no matter how funny or non-serious they are, always make my tear factories jerk a little bit. I’m an emotional guy. Almost couldn’t see through the viewfinder…

Just kidding…

I thought this was a great picture. They were signing off for their marriage or some legal jibber jabber. The look they’re giving each other is priceless. It’s like they’re saying “Great. Now I’m stuck with you”… hahahahaha jokes

This was the only picture I ever got of the whole wedding where they were actually looking at MY camera for MY picture. Thank god it turned out too or else I would’ve been pissed. All I’m sayin’ is that when you go to a wedding, you’ll get 5 seconds of their undivided attention before they move onto the next person. Use those 5 seconds wisely or else when you ask them again, they’ll probably cut you off at 2 seconds and you really won’t get a good picture.

A toast.

Got a great picture of my family with the two of them.

All of the gentlemen with Wenlei. Also note: Raymond demonstrates that gravity does not just seem to increase around girls. It seems to happen around guys to a certain degree as well.

See here for my reference:

The photographers wanted to go outside to take some family pictures. It was pretty cold as you can see here, depicted by the females in little clothing.

No, this is not their baby. Asian + Asian does not equal Caucasian baby. A couple that had walked out of the restaurant beside Q Haute was watching us take pictures and the Dad ran over and handed Richard the baby telling him it’s theirs now. Pretty funny and nice of him to do that. A good photo op for sure.

Here, we see 3 people. Two of which cannot take pictures. Hint: I am not one of them.


Walking back upstairs. Decided to get some funny shots. Duck faces all around in the back there.

I thought this was hilarious. Ricky had a speech to make that night and he was going on all day about how he was nervous and how he wasn’t going to cry because it wasn’t a “crying” speech. He even sent himself an email with a subject of “Speech – good luck” for himself HAHAHA

One of the cool drinks they served at the restaurant. I wasn’t a fan but it’s cool!

Ricky giving his speech. If you look carefully you can see tears coming from Richard. Not to call him out or anything because I think I had some too.

I know Ricky is going to hate me for this but I got a shot of him doing what he said he wasn’t going to do. At the moment this picture was taken – I was actually $10 richer.

Earlier, I made a bet with Ricky that no matter how much he denies that he was going to cry – he would cry. When you make a personal speech that talks about memories at an event like this – you’re going to cry. It’s the nature of the beast. You can’t deny nature, Ricky. By his second paragraph – Ricky’s middle name was “Waterwerks”. Good job.

Randy was up next and while he didn’t choke as much as Ricky did – it sounded like he got a throat tickle or something 🙂

It looked like Ricky warmed Richard up because by now, he was using his napkin to stop the flow.

A toast after Randy’s speech. Another one in the bag – nice speech!

Leslie was up next and truthfully – I was expecting to get a whole bunch of emotion from hers so I sat this one down. Surprisingly, she did a good job with her speech with no crying. I think crying was the topic of the night for our table – choosing who was going to and who wasn’t.

And finally – the last speech of the night by Wenlei’s Dad. While I didn’t understand a single word of Mandarin that exited his mouth, the translation done by their cousin made it sound like it was a gooder.

OK PART III DONE. One more to go!

Richard & Wenlei’s Wedding – Part II

Let’s continue part II with this wedding…

After all the fun and games in the morning, Randy, Diana and I made our way to the restaurant – Q Haute, to setup some things and make sure everything looked good and was ready for the people to come.

The setting of the tables. The florist was there before us and set up the center pieces, table numbers and all the other little things you see here. It was a nice atmosphere.

My place. Just a side thought – I don’t get why I need 3 forks when I can just use one for all my meals. Everytime the fork comes OUT of my mouth, it’s clean anyway. If there were 85 people and 3 forks per person, that means there were 255 forks out. If everyone had just used one fork, there would have been 140 less forks to clean. I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like fancy restaurants and rich people only like to use things once. /Rant

The center pieces to the tables. Bird cages with flowers inside… once again, a nice touch for the atmosphere.

Diana doing work. It’s rare. But it happens. LOL

Our coordinator for the afternoon. Kudos to you for knowing everything in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.

The “check in” table with little details.

I just want to say that I’m pretty picky with details. With everything. I’m a stickler and kind of a wannabe criticizer and I find that little details like these are almost always the most overlooked aspect of a wedding. They are the things that people will look at and use to remember the wedding. I’m no wedding expert, but I liked the little things around the restaurant.

One of the photos placed around the restaurant. I’d like to note that I really enjoyed their engagement photos. Personally, I’ve rarely seen engagement photos that make me feel the way they felt at the time. Not only is it difficult to find a great photographer, but it’s difficult to find a great photographer to capture the moment and display it well.

Again, a nice little detail.

The menus for the night.

Their cake maker putting the finishing touches on their cake.

I didn’t notice this till a little later, but it’s a nice caricature of Richard and Wenlei drawn on the big chalk board along the stairs. Even added the Rolls Royce symbol lol.

The great waiters and waitresses that we had that night getting a briefing of how the night was going to go. Rare to get a team of awesome people serving you.

Another shot of the cake and a little touch of humor.

After we finished setting up, we played the waiting game. Randy was on his tablet studying. Again – kudos to you, Randy for being able to take the time out and study with all this happening. I was too anxious and all I did was place stuff on the tables LOL. At least he studied a bit… wait till you see what happened to him later on in the night haha

Diana rocking the Loubs. My favourite shoe – it’s like lingerie for the foot and I hate feet. Unless they’re in these.

My beautiful.

A peak at how the guests would sign in. There were a bunch of leaves and hearts and each person would sign their name and it would be placed around the tree. Neat idea.

Part III to come soon. The wedding starts soon…

Richard & Wenlei’s Wedding – Part I

Sorry for the lack of updates. Haven’t really had much time to do anything. We’ve had family come from all over for the wedding that you’re about to read about (if interested) and there’s just been a lot of other things going on like putting my car away for the winter. Anyways – I think I have a handful of pictures to keep some content going for a little while. It may not be car stuff, but it’s definitely something worth blogging about. Whether it tickles your pickle or not is not my business. If you’re willing to stick around and read a bit and look at some fun pictures – you might get a little taste of the little differences an “Asian” wedding is compared to the ones you’re used to.

Anyways – on Sunday, September 30th 2012 was my cousin Richard and his wife, Wenlei’s wedding. Whenever a wedding comes up, there’s actually a lot of preparation that one has to go through to get ready for it – even if you aren’t part of the wedding. You need to find the proper attire, you need to make sure you’re dressed to the nines, and even the hours leading up to the day, you have to make sure your hair looks good, your clothes are ironed, and your makeup is did. While we probably weren’t under the same stress and pressure as Richard and Wenlei, I can say it was still a pretty hectic day.

The day started off early – we had to be at their house by 8:30AM for some of the little morning rituals that go on before the actual dinner…

8:00AM – Diana is getting ready and I’m hanging around sulking cause she’s taking forever. Girls always know they take forever, but they always wake up last. What’s your deal?!

A quick Instagram photo before the day starts. Also while I was waiting for Diana to get ready.

We arrived at Ricky’s house at 8:30AM – his car was all ready since he was the chauffeur for the day. We placed the “Just Married” sticker on his rear windshield and they tied some cans to the rear of his car for some noise.

Ring the doorbell and this stud greets us with his bow tie and all. Check out the groom lurking in the back.

Leslie – Richard’s sister who flew in from Florida for the wedding, pinning the flower to Richard.

Ricky taking a shot of Richard, his brother Raymond, and his best man, Kevin.

Ricky showing Richard some love. #nohomo here, guys.

Anyways – we were chillin for a while because the makeup for Wenlei was a little behind schedule. I don’t remember what time it was, but we finally got the call that it was good to come over. We hopped in our cars and braced ourselves for some games.

The cans at the back of Ricky’s car. Louder than you think it is.

Their place is really only about 3 minutes away and we didn’t even drive faster than 60km/h and the cans got pretty banged up. Even lost one on the way… Almost hitting my car.

Here’s where it gets a little different. During an Asian wedding, when the groom goes over to the bride’s house – he is greeted by the brides family/friends and is required to pass a series of tests and games before he’s allowed to see her. It’s kind of a test, if you will, to see if the groom is ready and willing to take on all that is before him. The tests can be anything like questions about the bride, strength tests, eating tests – you name it.

The groom can and should enlist the help of his friends/family to complete the tasks. If he or the party can’t complete the task, he has to pay up with red envelopes filled with money. The first test was a “food test” – 4 little cups with different types of food in them. Hot sauce, bitter melon, lemon, and honey. Anyways – it’s a quick taste of what a marriage is like.

Next test – which Richard passed with flying colors on, was some questions that he had to answer about her. Favourite dessert, first kiss, etc

The party behind him waiting to see the results.

One of the last tests was for Richard to find her misplaced shoe somewhere in the house in 2 minutes. Unfortunately, they were unable to find it and they either had to pay up with those red envelopes or do 20 pushups. With the help of Ricky – they split it in half and finished that task.

Finally – we were allowed in the house. Just when Richard thought it was over, he had one last test. To sing a love song before being allowed in.

Ricky, Kevin and I rushed in to the rescue. I suggested Backstreet Boys – As long as you love me. Ricky pulled up the lyrics on the phone and we jammed out like it was 1999. Unfortunately, Ricky and I displayed our ability to sing the song far too well and ended up looking like girls. Doesn’t matter – the door opened.

Richard placing the shoe on Wenlei’s foot. Finally after all the tests. What takes place after this is the tea ceremony for Wenlei’s parents. Richard and Wenlei serve tea to her parents and close family in exchange for their blessing.

Once the tea ceremony was done at their place, it was back to Ricky’s place to do the same thing with his parents and close family. Smart-man Ricky decided to park on the driveway and forgot he had cans on the back of his car. Of all the people that had to hold the cans up while he backed up was Randy the Giant. The tallest dude was forced to bend down when someone like Diana could have done it with her back straight. LOL

Ricky, being the gentleman that he is, opens the door for Richard and Wenlei. In return, Richard decides to give him a red envelope and pay him for his duties. Look how grateful he is.

Richard fixing Wenlei’s collar. Note: It was a pretty nice day – a little windy but nothing to get in the way of the wedding.

What ended up of the cans. Two left and all stuck under the car with a total of 6 minutes of driving. Maybe we’ll stick to pom poms next time?
Anyways – the tea ceremony proceeded with our side of the family which I won’t bore you with. I’ll end it here because this is where we went to the restaurant, set up the little things, and got ready for guests. Stay tuned!