Photoshoppin’ Dreams

Yesterday I was all depressed because I found out that the Cockpit LS in the post below this had a one off kit. So far – two of the kits that I’ve loved and wanted to get have been one off which is a total bummer because it seems like I’ll never come across the right kit. Not that I’m in a hurry to get one or anything because it won’t be for a while, but I’d still like to know that there’s something that I can look forward to. Back to the drawing board for me…

And at the drawing board, I spent a little time chopping some more things together. It’s a little weird because it does piece together a bunch of different brands together, but I tried to make it look as close to the Cockpit LS as I could. It sort of works but not sure how I feel about it.


The Black Pearl-1 bumper with custom fogs (from the Cockpit LS), Aimgain fender ducts, and Wald grill/sideskirts. Don’t mind the backwards Lexus logo – I flipped the original image to work with my picture and was too lazy to flip the emblem too lol.nofogs_zpscd5bd969And another with the exact same things except no Cockpit fogs – instead I kept the Black Pearl-1 LED fogs instead. Both look pretty damn cool.

It has a nice aggressive look to the front and it slowly gets more subtle as you move to the rear. That’s something that I want in a kit – but the lines of the LS460 make it difficult to find a kit that works well since it’s so curvy. Oh well – I’ll keep dreaming and looking.

Bastardizing the LS

Here’s what I’m thinking for the LS… A bunch of my favourite parts put together. I know it’s kind of bastardizing the LS but I feel it’s the only way it’ll look complete and well rounded for my taste. I guess you could say it’s like an S2000 being built with J’s, Voltex, ASM, and Mugen all in one.

No one has really pieced together multiple pieces before but I think if done right, it should look legit. I’m going to try and take that leap of faith and see what it gets me. At the end of the day, all I can really end up with is a weird looking LS. lol

My project for later tonight is to try and photoshop it all together. Stay tuned.


Aimgain front bumper

Aimgain Fenderswald2

Wald Rear Spoilerwald3

Wald Rear Roof Spoilerwald

Wald Side skirts – I just love that touch of chrome at the rear

Artisan Spirits Rear Half Lip

2013 Wald Lexus LS

Stumbled upon this thread on Club Lexus – prototypes and mock ups of the new Wald Executive kit for the 2013 LS. My only gripe about the Wald kit is the rear center piece. It’s designed to look like a functional piece, but it’s actually nothing. It looks kind of cheap when it’s painted because I feel like “something” needs to be there besides just horizontal bumps. Black is the only color that can pull it off cause it’s dark, but on white and silver – it looks unfinished. To me, anyway…

Kind of funny because around this exact time last year I was posting prototype pics of the Varis widebody kit hahahaha

On a side note – I’m not a HUGE fan of the new LS. The styling on the front fascia is awesome with the new grill and the headlights. Other than that – it’s nothing extremely spectacular. When JC was buying his CT, we sat in the LS and it was almost exactly the same as the previous gen. The only difference being the front dash design was a lot nicer with a much bigger nav screen and an analog clock. Most other features were in the same exact spot and did the same exact thing.

The exterior also doesn’t look as big so it gives the impression that the LS could be as big as the GS. Not complaining though – I’d still take a 2013 in a heartbeat.

wald 1

Lip spoiler. Looks really good when finished especially on the previous gen. It accentuates the body nicely.wald 2

Does anyone see it? Is it not unfinished??wald 3

wald 4

wald 5

Nice lip.wald 6

wald 7

wald 10

Finished product. I wish the sideskirts were like their old executive line ones with the chrome piece coming out the side, but this looks pretty good too.wald 11