Photoshop: Wald Black Bison Lexus CT200h

Still no new content from me! Kind of a disappointing summer so far in terms of weather and photoshoots. We’ve barely had a summer and any nice weather – it’s like Calgary is slowly turning into Vancouver. Not that I’m complaining cause I could live with rain most of the year over snow. At the very least, that would mean we could still drive our cars here and there. I think in total, we’ve had about a week or two (at best) of actual hot, summer weather. The only summer that I feel like I had was when I was in Los Cabos.

Anyway – there are still tons of things going on and I’m bummed I have to keep ditching because other things keep coming up. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make a photoshoot this weekend for some long overdue content here.

In the meantime, I decided to photoshop the Wald Black Bison CT200h on gold WORK VS-XX’s to help wet his appetite on possible future plans. I personally think that this is the direction VIP is going now and it’s coming fast and furious. People are less afraid to do crazy shit and more willing to spend big bucks on customizing everything from fenders and rear valences to custom control arms, radiused fenders, and creating something completely new from an already existing body kit.Like every other trend out there, we are wanting to follow Japan’s footsteps and we’re always a few years behind. Japan has pretty much perfected the aggressive VIP styling now and if you look at the past Tokyo Auto Salon cars you can see big changes.

Now that most big name VIP companies are introducing aggressive kits, it’s sparking new interest here and I love it. On a side note – in a few short months, there are 4 LS460’s with the some of the most aggressive kits out there. Aimgain VIP GT, Black-Pearl Complete, K-Break Zero Custom, and K-Break Platinum. Before we get to that photoshop, let’s just take a look at the 4 biggest players in the LS community right now.

Nat’s Black-Pearl Complete kit front and rear paired with Wald side skirts and fenders.

Justin’s super fresh LS with the complete Aimgain VIP GT kit. Front is not on yet, but should be soon. Leon Hardiritt Friedens with Futura BBK all around. After fitting the Aimgain fenders, he realized it was actually smaller than stock so his wheels wouldn’t fit anymore. Since the LS460 has such a small market for suspension components, he turned to T-Demand. He not only got T-Demand front control arms… Instead, he just replaced them all. If you know VIP, you know that T-Demand suspension components can almost buy you another used LS… True baller status.

Dat’s newly acquired K Break Zero Custom bumper sitting pretty waiting for paint and install. Rears and sides not in pic.

Justin (also from Hawaii) comes out in full force with the K Break Platinum full kit. He is in the process of extending the side skirts to fit the long wheelbase model since there is no “L” version of the kit.

These are the 4 builds that inspire me to build the LS with the absolute best. Although it’ll be a while till I’m anywhere near their level, they are great builds to follow for sure.

Now onto the photoshop – this is where I feel that Wald did an incredibly good job with the Black Bison kit. The Black Bison kit for the LS is kinda, sorta ugly so I never looked at it again. It’s the perfect mix of aggressive and mild styling – if you want to go aggressive, but hold back a little longer – Wald made this for you. *Cough*JC*cough*.


Amazing rear valence design with quad tips. paint accent and rear fog.Wald-International-Lexus-CT200h-Black-Bison-First-Images-side-details

Great side profile that still retains the original lines of the CT without changing much. Wald always does a great job with the side skirts.wald-international-lexus-ct-200h-is-insane-photo-gallery-47245-7Finally – the front view. The biggest thing in the VIP community now is to incorporate LED lighting – and lots of it. Individual LED fogs running down the sides of the bumper with an aggressive front opening and side ducts. Still retains CT lines under the headlights and flows right through to the fender and continues to the rear.

What do you guys think? If you know JC’s contact – go and tell him to do it. Everybody needs a little peer pressure once in a while. 🙂

Random Shots – Calgary Auto Spa

Right after Michael’s shoot, JC and I headed over to Calgary Auto Spa’s new location for their grand opening party. We showed up a bit late and only stayed for 45 minutes or so, so I’m not sure if the turn out was bigger earlier or whatnot. When we showed up, the grill was still going and everybody was chillin’.

I apologize for not taking any pics – the cars were not really set up for pictures and they were parked all over the place. In retrospect, I should have taken pictures of the inside of their new shop but after a photoshoot in the sun, I didn’t want to take anymore. Instead, I took some shots of the douche parking jobs Steve, JC and I all did at the end. The Scions you see behind us came a few minutes later and they made us look like idiots LOL.


Regina George. Always looks so clean in pics… hahaha took up all that good space too. I think the Scion peeps were swearing at me.


JC’s Gretchen Wiener.


Steve’s RSX lookin’ clean as always.


A random shot of all the FR-S’s and xB’s behind us. The red one was nicely kitted with the Five Axis kit – it just needed wheels and a drop. The matte black wrapped one beside it was also nicely done, but the wrap is kind of getting old… not to say that it doesn’t look good though… And the white one had 19’s and I’m not even sure what wheels they were.

We need some more aggressive FR-S’s around here – with more quality aftermarket parts. Even though the Rocket Bunny kit has been done on tons of FR-S’s, no one can deny it looks bad ass. The FR-S has so much potential, there just aren’t many people willing to bring that potential out.


Another shot of our douche parking.


And one more cause I wanted to.

Mean Girls Photoshoot: Part 2 of 2

OK – pics from yesterday. I’ll be honest – I’m not particularly happy with any of the photos from yesterday. Not sure what it was… I think it was a combination of a bunch of things. 1) I’m not ashamed to say that I am fairly inexperienced at shooting multiple cars at once, let alone three cars at once and finding out how to position them. 2) When we wanted overcast, all we got was glare and JC’s car stood out like a rich white guy in the ghetto. 3) The locations were meh for me. Personally if the location doesn’t inspire me, the shoot ends up following the same path – not inspirational. The best shoots that I’ve done have always ended up being in new locations that really compliment the car. Not this time unfortunately.

Anywho – they turned out alright, but I’d like to do it again. I’ll probably equip myself with a polarizer for the next shoot to help out a bit. Next up will be Adam’s Civic and I’m really hoping to kill that shoot since his car is one of the cleanest looking in the city. I’m a big fan of his fitment even though it might not be everyone’s cup of tea – but I digress. You’ll see it when I shoot it.

Moving on!

IMG_3369 copyRooftop shoot. This was where I shot my car with JC’s car a few weeks ago. That shoot ended up being quite nice since it was two cars, but once you add three into the mix – headaches. LOL

IMG_3379 copyThis arrangement was a lot better.

IMG_3383 copy

IMG_3384 copyThis makes me wish I got a white fusa instead of a black one…

IMG_3400 copyWheel shot. So good.

IMG_3406 copyJC was able to get up onto the sidewalk to take some nice pics with the old scenery.

IMG_3414 copyThis was probably my favourite out of the whole shoot.

IMG_3425 copyQuick shot of Steve and Rich parked behind us. Peep Rich’s new headlight set up. Can’t wait to see it working.

IMG_3426 copySimilar set up to the roof top. Different location.

IMG_3430 copySide profile of Punit’s GS. I particularly love his wheel choice – great choice for the 3GS.

IMG_3439 copyUp close.

IMG_3449 copyAlso really love the rear and the way his fitment looks. The rear set up is super aggressive so it makes it look super beefy.

IMG_3459 copyFunny because I think I like the rear of my car the most too. Punit made the comment when we were shooting that he felt the same lol.

IMG_3461 copyThese little guys were all over the place at this location.

IMG_3478 copyAnother against the brick wall. Tried a little something different to have the GS rear in the shot. This was probably the best backdrop we had yesterday.

IMG_3482 copyShot of the LS again.

IMG_3483 copyFinally ending it with JC’s CT.

Overall – I feel like the shoot was missing something, but I’m content with the pics. Probably going to have to do another one until I’m satisfied. The most frustrating part of it all is having to move each car one at a time until you find a good position and if it doesn’t look good, you gotta move them again. PITA if you ask me…

I’ll make up for it with the next shoot!

Mean Girls Photoshoot: Part 1 of 2

First of all – Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. There’s no reason any dad doesn’t deserve to hear a little of your gratitude today. After all – you wouldn’t be reading this without him haha! The fam will  be taking him out to dinner later today, so during the day he wanted to do some yard work and stuff so I decided to spend some time doing a shoot. Finally with all three Lexus’s together…

Steve, Rich, and Gopesh came by and Jackie also came to chill for a bit since he’s in town for a few days. First we went to go wash the cars.

IMG_3315 copy

Gopesh cleaning his wheels and Punit beside him.

IMG_3316 copyQuarter shot of Punit’s GS450h

IMG_3317 copyDirty wheels. Hasn’t been cleaned since Driven, I think haha

IMG_3318 copyGopesh’s GTI looking great

IMG_3319 copy

IMG_3320 copySteve’s RSX – slammed.

IMG_3321 copyRich’s WRX peeking out in between the two cars.

IMG_3322 copyThe LS

IMG_3323 copyJackie came in Barb’s TSX while she’s in Vegas.

IMG_3324 copyAss shots

IMG_3325 copyJC’s super clean CT200h

IMG_3327 copyAnother shot of the LS.

IMG_3328 copySteve and Barb also just came back from Hong Kong not too long ago. I asked that they find me some fake Louis Vuitton belts so I can strap down the tank in the trunk. I don’t usually like faking the funk, I wasn’t about to spend $800 on two belts that no one will ever see in the trunk lol. All I have to do is paint the logo matte black and it’ll look good as real LOL. They look pretty legit though if you aren’t inspecting them up close. hahaha thanks Steve and Barb!

IMG_3330 copy

IMG_3331 copyPunit made Gopesh clean his wheels… ahahaha

IMG_3332 copyFoamed up.

IMG_3333 copyRollin’ out. I managed to get all the cars in this shot except for Punit’s haha

IMG_3339 copyAgain – I should’ve stopped the camera down a bit more to get more wheel spin… but it’s tough when I’m doing it with one hand outside my window and driving at the same time.

IMG_3348 copyRolling shot of Punit’s GS. His car looks beastly from behind.

IMG_3349 copyTraffic…

IMG_3359 copyOn the bridge!

IMG_3360 copyBlue skies, super green trees everywhere… It was supposed to rain but it never did. I was actually wanting overcast for most of the day and it never came. The exact opposite happened haha…

To be continued with the shoot!