Flashback: Almond’s Mercedes G500 & BMW 335

Time for another little throwback… Again I apologize for the lack of any relevant content lately. I haven’t had the time to pick up my camera to shoot anything, not that there is anything much to shoot… I think I also feel a little uninspired lately. There’s a lot of exciting things going on that the last thing I really think about is picking up my camera and shooting. In a few days, it’ll be exactly 2 months until we move into the new crib and then another 7 months until the wedding. So you can imagine that there’s a lot of things going on in my mind and the last thing I’m really thinking about is my car. Although, I do want to start driving it again.

This throwback is back to Almond’s two cars – his daily, winter beating Mercedes G500 – which you really don’t see much of, and his summer fun car – BMW 335 full of Dinan goodies the last I remember. The reason I decided to do a post on Almond’s cars is mainly because we’ve been talking lately about shoes and whatnot, so that naturally reminded me of the shot I took of his wife in her Louboutins – a popular shot that I took and one of my personal favourites. I believe Almond also ended up printing it in high res and put it up in his house!

Almond really is one of the most down to earth guys and is a very humble guy that I am happy to have met. I met him when I got a job at Apple – little did I know that we’d soon have lots in common – the love of cars, fashion, photography… The usual. When I found out that he had the G-wagon and the 335, I was excited and happy – not because he owned those particular cars, but because it’s hard to find someone that “loves” cars and shares the same passion as you do. I’ve met lots of people that love cars, but their love might have meant an upgraded shift knob or some altezza lights. Same kind of love, but different type of passion. The moment Almond said “BBS”, I said “Stop, you need not say more”. #NoHomo

Anyways, I decided to also try a different style of editing on Almond’s pictures. I’m not gonna lie, I’m becoming a huge fan of VSCO and their edits (thanks to Alex Mack for telling me about it after I told him I spent $1.00 on camera+ lol). It’s also becoming quite a popular edit among photographers and you see it lots for people/object edits, but I haven’t quite seen it flow into the automotive photography side just yet. We’re still in the “sun flare” and slight HDR look – which is still a great look, but I wanted to try something a little different. It seems to work for some shots, but not all even though I applied it to all. I’ll see how I feel about it as I try it out more…

Let’s start off with that infamous shot of his wife and her Louboutins and his G-wagon in the back…

The edit works well here. The depth of field and the red sole… drool.

I almost cried as I was editing this picture. I feel my eyes watering as I write this… I’ll just keep scrolling before I start tearing up again.

His G500

Massive wheels that look dwarfed by the size of the G500

Also brought along his 335…

Almond also let me take his fisheye for a spin as well.

And boy, did I have fun with that…

JC’s Corolla!

Downtown Calgary and of course – cranes.

Great profile. Perfect for a summer fun car.

Two of them together.

Oh God, here come the tears… Keep scrolling, keep scrolling….

Rolling shots for days

I never ended up editing this shot but with the new edit, it works well. One of my pet peeves are blurry pictures, but sometimes (just sometimes) it works…

And an end with part of the Calgary tower in the back…

Happy Monday!