Mean Girls Photoshoot: Part 1 of 2

First of all – Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. There’s no reason any dad doesn’t deserve to hear a little of your gratitude today. After all – you wouldn’t be reading this without him haha! The fam will  be taking him out to dinner later today, so during the day he wanted to do some yard work and stuff so I decided to spend some time doing a shoot. Finally with all three Lexus’s together…

Steve, Rich, and Gopesh came by and Jackie also came to chill for a bit since he’s in town for a few days. First we went to go wash the cars.

IMG_3315 copy

Gopesh cleaning his wheels and Punit beside him.

IMG_3316 copyQuarter shot of Punit’s GS450h

IMG_3317 copyDirty wheels. Hasn’t been cleaned since Driven, I think haha

IMG_3318 copyGopesh’s GTI looking great

IMG_3319 copy

IMG_3320 copySteve’s RSX – slammed.

IMG_3321 copyRich’s WRX peeking out in between the two cars.

IMG_3322 copyThe LS

IMG_3323 copyJackie came in Barb’s TSX while she’s in Vegas.

IMG_3324 copyAss shots

IMG_3325 copyJC’s super clean CT200h

IMG_3327 copyAnother shot of the LS.

IMG_3328 copySteve and Barb also just came back from Hong Kong not too long ago. I asked that they find me some fake Louis Vuitton belts so I can strap down the tank in the trunk. I don’t usually like faking the funk, I wasn’t about to spend $800 on two belts that no one will ever see in the trunk lol. All I have to do is paint the logo matte black and it’ll look good as real LOL. They look pretty legit though if you aren’t inspecting them up close. hahaha thanks Steve and Barb!

IMG_3330 copy

IMG_3331 copyPunit made Gopesh clean his wheels… ahahaha

IMG_3332 copyFoamed up.

IMG_3333 copyRollin’ out. I managed to get all the cars in this shot except for Punit’s haha

IMG_3339 copyAgain – I should’ve stopped the camera down a bit more to get more wheel spin… but it’s tough when I’m doing it with one hand outside my window and driving at the same time.

IMG_3348 copyRolling shot of Punit’s GS. His car looks beastly from behind.

IMG_3349 copyTraffic…

IMG_3359 copyOn the bridge!

IMG_3360 copyBlue skies, super green trees everywhere… It was supposed to rain but it never did. I was actually wanting overcast for most of the day and it never came. The exact opposite happened haha…

To be continued with the shoot!

JC’s Birthday – Random Snaps

Just decided to throw some random pics up I took from my phone (again) only because I don’t have much content still. Planning on shooting Adam’s Civic soon with his new wheels and Sasa’s brothers’ Ferrari when the weather is nice. Maybe I can get to one of them this weekend – fingers crossed!

JC’s birthday dinner was on Tuesday evening at Without Papers – a pizza place in Inglewood which was pretty good. Just took some shots in the lot we parked in because we ended up parking next to a sick Audi wagon dumped on HRE’s…


At JC’s crib waiting to roll out.

IMG_20130611_201019 At the lot. Punit and Gopesh in there as well. IMG_20130611_175704

A shot with the two Audi’s we parked beside. I didn’t get a single shot of it, but believe me – it’s sick. Fitment was on point.IMG_20130611_180003

Mean girls action. Asses on both the cars are all good.IMG_20130611_200708 IMG_20130611_200851 IMG_20130611_201008

Volkswagen: Close to Home

The events prior to going to Zero Limit and checking out the status of my car was doing a shoot of a Tiffany/Mint Green coloured GTR and going to Volkswagen for the annual “Close to Home” mini show that we usually go see.

I’ll post the Close to Home event first – seems more fitting to do so and I don’t know why either. It’s at the Fifth Ave VW dealership so it doesn’t end up being too big but big enough for everyone to come chill and have a good time. There’s BBQ, some games to play and of course – voting and awards. We went quick to snap some pics and then we went off to the shop.

I personally hate taking pics of cars when their owners are planted in a lounge chair directly behind or beside the car. It makes it awkward for probably the both of us – so why do you do it? I’m staring through the viewfinder, you’re staring into the camera and really, all I want is a picture of your car – not you smiling in it too. That is one of the reasons why I didn’t get as many pics as I could have. That, or a huge group of people are standing behind some nice builds like their guarding it or something. Don’t be that guy.

Anyway – here’s what I got. And I’ll put this out there right now – I know practically nothing about the Volkswagen scene. I do appreciate and love that shit, but I can’t name specifically anything made before a GTI MK5. LOL

IMG_2304 copy

IMG_2305 copy

This was interesting. I can dig it.

IMG_2307 copy

Oldschool van

IMG_2308 copy

Don’s Golf R on Volk LE37’s. An interesting look for sure – completely different than what you would normally put on a VW, especially since it’s more of a “JDM” wheel. It looks far better in person than the pics that I saw though. Love the colour of the car though.

IMG_2310 copy

This one had a Porsche BBK on it.

IMG_2311 copy

Another interesting look. VW guys can always pull off the craziest shit and no one will ever say anything.

IMG_2312 copy

IMG_2313 copy

This was probably my favourite car of the show. Simple, bagged, nicely staggered wheels and to the point.

IMG_2315 copy

Another one of my favourites. GTI MK6(?) on EDIT 0.05’s by 3DSM (Thanks to Zeev for correcting me on these).

IMG_2316 copy

IMG_2318 copy

Hippie interior. Like.

IMG_2320 copy

This VW had a sick rootbeer paintjob. Super clean and paint matched centers on his wheels.

IMG_2321 copy

An interesting look. Fully vinyl’d and coloured on. Fitment is awesome, I think it would’ve looked a lot cleaner without all that but whatever.

EDIT: I’ve been correct – thanks to rodman. The car is actually plastidipped and has been that way for about 10 months. First car I’ve seen upclose that has been fully plastidipped.

IMG_2324 copy

Moving onto the oldschool beetles.

IMG_2325 copy

Loved this colour.

IMG_2326 copy

And this…

IMG_2327 copy

No idea what this was but the paint was amazing.

EDIT: Another informative comment by Don Camacho – this is a Karmann Ghia. It later won the people’s choice air cooled car that day. Thanks Don!

IMG_2328 copy

IMG_2329 copy

IMG_2330 copy

IMG_2331 copy

IMG_2332 copy

IMG_2335 copy

Closing out with an engine shot.

Tomorrow – the Tiffany GTR!

Zero Limit Chillin’

Well today was a fun filled day. Spent the morning at my uncle’s 65th birthday party at a brunch at the Royal Inn which was delicious. I loaded up on food, had some good times with the family and went on my way to work. The past two weeks have been hectic as hell and the next two weeks will be exactly the same. I’ve been MIA on the blog for a little bit because I’ve been doing a lot of staying late or coming into work on the weekends to finish up a project. When I’m not at work, I’m hustling to get things done on the car to get it ready for Driven which is on May 11th. It’s crazy. I’m crossing my fingers that my wheels get here this week and I’m expecting all my air components on Tuesday. I’ll have a little less than two weeks to get it together for the show, and even then it won’t be completed the way I want it to be. Paint issues drive me crazy but it’ll have to wait until next year…

After a few agonizing hours at work, I decided to stop by Zero Limit – Jackie’s shop – to hang for a bit until I had to go again. There was a bunch of stuff going on all at once… Such a nice feeling to start getting into the nice weather and just doing car stuff again. I mentioned before that Jackie’s shop is looking to become a new hangout and today was the first sign of it – all of us gathered doing different things and just having a good time. Thanks again to Jackie for accommodating all of us and just letting us chill. It’s good business LOL!

IMG_1843 copy

When I pulled up, Brad was working on his EM1 and was replacing his rad.

IMG_1846 copy

K20 Swap…

IMG_1854 copy

Love it.IMG_1852 copy

IMG_1849 copy

His cage was freshly powdercoated a battleship grey and he finally got his interior seats in.

IMG_1850 copy

Beside that was Nikki’s Yaris getting her Air Runner suspension installed.

IMG_1851 copy

Laid out

IMG_1856 copy

Outside the shop was a ricer meet all on its own. Aldo’s S2000 waiting to go in to get some work done as well.

IMG_1858 copy

Zero Limit! Hit up Jackie for all your needs.

IMG_1859 copy

Back to Nikki’s Yaris. I was interested in taking a look at how it was set up. Mainly because I wanted to see how it would be compared to mine and also to see the build of the Air Runner system. Very nicely built.

IMG_1862 copy

Placement of the pressure gauges inside. Just mocked up.

IMG_1866 copy

The front of the Air Runner set up. The struts were nice too. IMG_1867 copy

The tank and the Viair compressor. Simple set up.

IMG_1863 copy

Here’s a full shot of Jackie’s shop. Super roomy and clean.

IMG_1865 copy

His brand new alignment rack.

IMG_1868 copy

Later – Steve, JC, Rich, Barb, and Punit showed up. Looks so good with a bunch of different colours… We used to only have white and black haha

IMG_1870 copy

Steve’s RSX completed finally. The rear was painted finally.

IMG_1871 copy

Rich’s WRX on his Advans as well with painted lettering on the tires.

IMG_1872 copy

Barb’s TSX. As I was taking this shot, she was yelling at me not to take the shot. Made me want to take the shot even more. It’s back to stock now and 4×4 status. Barb – everyone deserved to see this.

IMG_1875 copy

Wait what’s going on here? Rich told me to show finger gap and that shit is loose. (That’s what she said).

IMG_1876 copy

Bossman arrived from picking up some stuff to do the air install. His second cracked lip took more damage here haha. Not that it mattered at this point.

IMG_1878 copy

He decided to go around and back in. Looked and sounded great. The gold Advan RG’s are such a perfect combo with red.

IMG_1880 copy

Errol took his GTI in to get some things fixed up on the alignment rack.

IMG_1881 copy

Rich and Barb hanging with their dogs.

IMG_1882 copy

He was shaking the whole time and Barb said he was just being a bitch. But I don’t believe her. I have a knack for sensing abuse. I sense that I will get abused after she reads this.

IMG_1883 copy

Brad’s car just finishing up and getting the bumper back on.

IMG_1884 copy

Front interior shot of his EM1. Baller spoon carbon bucket seat.

IMG_1885 copy

Things going on all over.

IMG_1887 copy

With Brad’s Civic off the hoist, Aldo’s car was up next.

IMG_1889 copy

IMG_1891 copy

Aldo was getting his coils installed and his J’s exhaust. Still my favourite exhaust ever.

IMG_1892 copy

Jacking up the rear to get it on the hoist.

IMG_1893 copy

Steve and Aldo taking off the old system.

IMG_1894 copy

While they did that, my feet hurt so I went to go sit in Brad’s car. I couldn’t even see over the steering wheel, let alone even see over the dash…

IMG_1895 copy

I’ll end it here with this artistic shot. Actually – it’s not artistic, it’s just underexposed and it looks cool because it’s in a shop with silhouettes. I didn’t get a chance to stay to see how Aldo’s car turned out, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing it soon.

This is only the start of summer! Hopefully have some good content going forward – this week should be full of updates for me. Stay tuned!