Rainbows and Butterflies

Finally after weeks of waiting and agonizing while riding around shotgun with me, Ricky finally got his car back last night. We took it home at about 10PM. Bumper is on and everything is all fixed. We just need to put on his sideskirts and wing and it’s good to go. Anyways, we spent all evening waiting around for the car to be done. When we got back to his house, it was probably 10:30. When we got his wheels on and set everything I think we were done at like 12:30. Brutal haha

Enough talking! On to the long awaited pics

Raised up. Stock wheels. Oettinger bumper though. So good.

Wheels on and cleaning up.

Getting ready to pull in and set the ride height.

Oh man.

Fronts went all the way down and there’s about an inch or so from the front bumper to the ground.

Underglow lol. Nah it’s just his sidemarker dangling haha

Rear fitment. Can’t believe how perfect this is. Sits right between the wheel and tire like he wanted. We left the blue tape on just so we wouldn’t scratch the lip just incase.

Anyways – with less than 5 hours of sleep, Ricky came by this morning and we cleaned the car up, put the center caps on and did a bunch of other little things. Looks so good with the blue tape pulled off.

Enjoying some chocolate cheerios while Ricky washes his car for the first time since November I think.

So good.


If only the Civic was the same way as I had it two years ago. I kind of regret parting it out now 😦

Sun hitting the wheel.

Went for a quick photoshoot – same spot I’ve used many times cause it’s easy, no traffic, and nice view.

Can’t get over how sick this looks and still without the sideskirts and wing.

See. Nice spot

Close up of his fitment.

All done! Tomorrow we will be working on putting his skirts and wing on since there might be slight fitment issues, but it should work out all good.

Hoodrat Shit

Right after picking up my car and doing a quick shoot with Ricky – we headed over to Prashant’s and JC’s place. Prashant and Punit went out this morning to Montana to the border to pick up a shit load of tires, his new custom Regamasters from WheelFlip, a proper intake for his Integra and a shift knob for Jackie… They got back at around 6:30PM and we unpacked everything, cleaned his wheels and chilled for a bit.

Punit starting to open his wheels – he didn’t even open them at the border to make sure they were OK haha

Shit load of tires. You’d think we’re drifters.

Almost there… packed nicely at least.


Check out the lip on that shit. 16×9.5 +19


Went to take a quick snap of the group quick while they were unloading tires. Look at Prashant and his douchemobile AMG. I’m going to call him out every time I see it in my pics.

Another shot of the fresh new kit minus the carbon stickers I still need to put on.

Gopesh’s GTI – finally got to see this in the flesh. Looks sick as hell. It’s rare when the headlight tint works well and he pulled it off nicely. All that’s left is his APR exhaust and Oettinger rear bumper. Gonna be crazy.

Another shot of all the tires…

Prashant’s douchemobile tires. Nice and meaty.

Inside cleaning and waxing the wheels before mounting tomorrow. Hopefully I get some pics of it.

Done. More updates tomorrow hopefully!!

TE37 Goodness

Finally got around to meeting Nick (Thanks, Nick!) to pick up his wheels today with Ricky. I don’t usually buy used parts, but damn these are mint. With only around 3000km on them and the sick price, I couldn’t let them go. Afterall,concave white TE’s have been my dream wheel ever since I had the non-concave on my Civic. These are the one set of wheels that I won’t be letting go of.

Got home right away and cleaned the grease and 2011 dirt off of em and they were literally as good as new. We are almost on the homestretch to summer. Just a few more parts to go and “Snow White” will be good to go…

Shout out to Ricky for helping me out!