Two Mann Studios: Diana and Jason

Wanted to spam this everywhere. We just got the link to this last night and we were so stoked about it because it’s been about 2 months since we’ve gotten to see anything from the wedding. Erika and Lanny have finally finished all of our photos and just put together a quick slideshow for us and it is absolutely amazing.
If you’re looking for wedding photographers – look no further… Erika and Lanny are as good as it gets. I was extremely picky when choosing a photographer because I wanted to make sure they captured photos the way we (I) wanted and they delivered 100%.

I’ll let the pictures/video speak for itself… Brings back some good memories.

Video: illmotion Sunday School & Shine 2014

I know this has probably been posted everywhere already but I wanted to post it up just for good measure. Another great video from Corey showcasing a lot of the good “talent” if you will, at the show. God, I love how this show keeps getting better.


iM Film: illmotion Show & Shine 2014 from illmotion on Vimeo.